this is a list of things that i want to do before i die.  everyone should have one of these and should constant work to add more and knock things off.

  • sail the islands off of greece
  • go to china
  • get my M.S.Ed
  • run a half marathon
  • run a full marathon wahooo
  • buy my own car
  • buy a house
  • see Ireland with my family
  • go back to Luxembourg
  • go to the summer olympics
  • get a goldendoodle and name him miz short for mister belvedere gimlet
  • learn to sail
  • go to opening day of oktoberfest again
  • meet kate spade
  • own a chanel bag
  • learn to make french pastry (croissant to be specific)
  • tour wine country (in france, california, and italy)
  • go to africa
  • go to india
  • taping of chelsea lately
  • go on a safari
  • learn to surf
  • learn yoga
  • play tennis
  • spa day with AMC at Bliss
  • vegas with AJH

2 responses to “.the.list.

  1. Whit

    I will go back to Ireland with you even though I am not family. Hey we can go anywhere on you list!

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