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we all know by this point that i LOVE HBO’s show girls.  yes i can see the comparisons to sex in the city and i do see how perhaps it is just a updated version.  but i was in high school during sex and the city’s hay day.  my mother, who had a birthday yesterday!, controlled a majority of what i saw on tv (why i never watched dawsons creek).

regardless, GIRLS and lena dunham speak to me.

remember that lovely woman who gave birth to me, the one who did not allow me to watch dawsons creek b.c joey and dawson slept in the same bed, well she is now worried that i like GIRLS.

here is what i woke up to this morning:

my response:

this might rival the time my grandmother asked me if/when i was going to produce grandchildren and i grabbed the turkey baster and said as soon as i can get some sperm…

my family must be soooo proud.  and im seriously about the mood stablizers.  everyone should be on them.  they make you more happy open loving and free


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you have have seen this via twitter:

referencing this picture:

if you were ever concerned with where my life is going/why i am single this picture should explain all of it.

to add to its greatness it was taken at 10 am.  before i started drinking for the day.

i would just like to say if you like this, JUST WAIT.  if this makes you question why you read this blog/are friends with me/where you went wrong as my parent then i am sorry.  well sorry i am NOT sorry b.c i had a great time.

if you like where this picture is going then hold on to your seat.  more of Liz Lemon’s bachlorette weekend is on its way.

if you do not know the glory of liz lemon here are some memorable quotes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i cannot find the clip i want and i have wasted 30 mintues and am not gonna be late for work.

as always life is hard…

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you may or may not know that i have a obsession with the history channel.

my obsession started back in high school when a friend (i guess we will refer to him as a boyfriend) would watch it all the time.  i started watching it as well and my obsession was born.

during college (once i had my own room b.c my roommates never appreciated the true quality of the history channel) i would spend my hang over recovering to the hc.

i have talked about my love here and here and!/anne_mariehugh/status/69466857714880512 if you need to catch up.

my ALL time favorite show on the history channel is ANCIENT ALIENS.   (i belive there is a MARATHON on this sunday!)

back to the real meaning of this post.  I KNEW the world was not ending on saturday at 6pm b.c DUH according to the nostradamus effect is coming next year.  this show is about as amazing as ancient aliens.  i suggest you order both on DVD so that you can be well rounded and knowledge like me.

SIDENOTE: i do not really buy into the world ending in 2012 but it really entertains me to inject it in to conversation and make unsuspecting people think i believe it.  i would play this trick on the a$$hole ALL the time.

you really need to watch both of them NOW!

anyway back to the fact that the world did not end.  to celebrate lisa and i went out do dinner after mass on Saturday night.  we went to Luna Mya.  they just opened in a new much larger location in ghent.  it was amazing.  along with the new location they have a much larger menua close friend (we will call him the radiologist b.c that is his profession) met up with us to celebrating the non-ending of the world.

i had the skinny margarita and a white sangria, lisa had the skinny mojito and the radiologist has a regular mojito, i ate the tamales and they were BEYOND!

i think the radiologist is one of the funnest people i know, besides myself.  he was very eager to meet lisa b.c we are serious twitter friends and he gets to read all about #lisamhughes.

i was a bit upset as the night did not have an awkward factor at all.  i was hoping for a 8 or 10.  it was like maybe a .5

the main highlight of the weekend was i finally won a tennis match!!!  thank god the world did not end on Saturday b.c i would have gone out a BIG LOSER.

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so i am poor.  not like i am a homeless bag lady selling my womanhood on the street poor but about 1 week away from that. i am also a hoarder.  you know like on the show hoarders (see clip below).  the women who wake up one day and cannot believe they have 100 cats living in their house and 50 of them are dead.  thankfully we do not have cats as i think they are GROSE and my two dogs are neutered so i know they will not reproduce. in attempt to curb the enviable outcomes of my current path i decided to clean up my act yesterday.

i organized a workspace in my parents home (aka the rented house that has amazing wood paneling in my room and the room my new desk is in).  oh my new desk.  well since i am so poor it is a card table.  you know like the type you see kids selling lemonade on.  CLASSY.  but no fear i have tape a picture of the desk i would really like behind it.  (there will be no picture),

i also threw out 2 garbage bags of cr*p.  you know, birthday cards from the past 10 years, homework assignments from high school.  receipts from who knows what.  why do i keep all these things?  like most things in my life i blame LISA.  yes, i come from a family of hoarders.  (this is a slight exaggeration, as we have not lost the tv, or a dog)  but seriously we are hoarders.  why would i want to throw out that top that no longer fits, it was $80 and might come back in fashion in 30 years and then i will be SOOO upset i gave it to good will.  and oh that dress that i used to love with the stain… well maybe in 10 years they will come out with a technology to get the satin out… RIGHT?

WRONG.  this type of thinking needs to stop now!  i had a major wake up call watching Hoarders on A&E

Vodpod videos no longer available.

today, after doctor and observing for school (yes there will be a W.D.T.W.T.?) is going through my clothes!  look out good will shoppers of south eastern Virginia your options are about to get a WHOLE lot better!

plus i can think of it as totally helping all the people of my city dress a bit classier as their current attire makes me think that i am the only person who knows we are living ON THE EAST COAST!

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everyone has rituals.  i hold mine near and dear to my heart.  things such as Saturday morning tv in bed, hot coffee moments after i awake, and quietly reading are a few things i believe no weekend morning can go without.

enter intrusions…

i feel like lately no matter what i do or where i am i cannot seem to doing my “me” things.  currently i am dog/house sitting and they do not have an electric coffee pot.  they have a french press that after 4 days of trying i have given up on.  so my saturday morning is spent cuddling my cold tervis tumbler of iced coffee.

(you can also see this on sticker shop unlimited’s facebook page)

there is also no dvr.  if you follow me on twitter (you should) you know that i have been complaining about this for a while.  but seriously.  how am i suposed to watch my shows???  its not like i have time every night to watch all the tv i like! to remedy this i went home last night and attempted to catch up on some of my “smutt”.  thankfully no one was home for the first 45 minutes so i was able to start my smutt fest without explanation.  after securing a bowl of chips and salsa i sat down to discover that K$ and his tv addiction had over ridden a number of my recordings.  i was left with a week worth of chelsea latley, mad men, and real housewives of DC.  (thank god mr. match and i made a point of watching jersey shore on thursday).  i guess i will have to catch the rachel zoe project on repeat.

i was able to watch housewives of dc.  for a recap much better then i could ever write see gawker ( Richard Lawson ) and his recaps are the only reason i am still watching this BORING train wreck.

mad men was good as always and lisa watched the last 10 min with me.  we then turned on chelsea lately and that is where the real fun began.  i was able to catch bits and pieces of this over the week so i was more interested in making sure i saw all the round tables.  lisa does not get chelsea.  i have given her both dear vodka it’s me chelsea and chelsea chelsea bang bang she read about a page in both.

lisa did enjoy the show but had one remark that she said every time we started a new show and she did her monologue.  “oh why does she look so bad?  what is going on with her hair?  ugh she is such  a pretty girl in the opening credits!”  i attempted to tell her that its been a rough summer for chels who has been vacationing and having vodka fueled parties at her rental and only did she and thug understand with i compared her to AJH but 15 years older!

lisa then told me to tell chelsea on twitter that she thinks she should do something about her hair.  i told her to get her own twitter but did it any way!  there was no responce from chelsea.

well now that it is 8 am i can turn on the today show and continue my half-a$$ed attempt at a normal saturday morning.

happy weekend!


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jersey shore is back!

there are few things i LOVE more in life then a good tv series that i can become personally invested in … real house wives of NYC, giuliana and bill, bethenny getting married, modern family, glee, mad men, tudors, etc.  (i am an adict).  AND NOW I HAVE JERSEY SHORE.

last night mr. match came over, after our massive thunderstorm, and i made tacos and got FREE queso from moe’s and we watched the season permere.  we also indulged in dark chocolate klondike bars with whip cream.  i think he actually bought the redi whip for aspen who went crazy when he heard the sound ala bailey.

as some of you have seen i requested, via twitter, that mr. match become a gorilla juice head but then took it back as i feel that snooki would come to va and steal him.

highlights from last nights episode: everyone’s blatant hatred for angelina (who gives my favorite mouse ballerina a bad name!), snooki hating on obama for the 10% tan tax and spray tanning herself, and use of the word creep!  i think brian moylan did an awsome recap over on gawker

the thing that really wraps me up in JS is that all these lovely individuals are my age.  i can remember being in 7th grade and watching real world hawaii and wondering hoping that is how life is at 22.  now i am on the verge of 25 (GULP) and i see these creeps are anomalies that i need to live vicariously through.

i also wonder who determined that they need something like $20,000 an episode?  why do we reward such vial entertaining behavior?  and why is AJH not racking up the G’s on one of these shows???  or for that matter why doesn’t mtv/E!/bravo come to my house and tape the insanity that is my life.  i would do it for $1,000 an episode, but if i was offered more i would totally take it.

i was discussing my love of snooki with AJH and told her i wanted to be the white snooki.  she informed me that snooki is indeed white like me.  i want to use this forum to call her out on her bold faced lie because according to wikipedia snooki is a latina adopted to an italian family.  she was born in santiago, chile.  this opens a space for me to become the white, irish with a splash of german, waspy/preppy snooki.

i see a HUGE opportunity for a reality show.

it could be highlighted as i attend the plethora of weddings and awkward family situations i have lined up in the next few months.   (perhaps if he got paid mr. match would finally let me meet his mom… i take that back… this would probably keep me from meeting her)


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did you watch real house wives new york reunion #1 last night?


to much to even start to discuss.  i really think that ramona having a hot flash was the high light of the show.  other high lights for me include that bethany still wanting the spot light.  everything that anyone said she had a comment and was like oh me too.  bobby does that, etc.

also, i don’t know if any of you feel this way but that kelly is totally the attacker.  she went after alex last night.  she is just more passive/sneaky in how she does it.    sometimes i feel bad for her and other times i am like holy sh*t she is crazy.  this accusation that bethany planted press about her is so done.  MOVE ON.

In other news:

bethany’s new show is amazing.  and her new assistant is such a cutie.  amc text-ed me this am to tell me to date him (sorry mr. match, who does not read the blog anyway!)

also  i have something BIG BIG BIG in the works.  it will take a while to come through but hopefully i will able to post about it before august!!!!

lastly, i have my massive praxis II test tomorrow.  i have been less then studying for it, so i am A. freaking out, B. spending all today (well i gave myself until 9am to goof off) studying and doing school work!

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today, after saying up for over 24 hours straight (thank you relay for life) i spent the day in my bed.  After taking a glorious shower i curled up in my fav pjs (an XL Men’s 2005 US Open Polo, the first year they did the giant polo pony as the crest) and turned on the tv.  I had not planned to spend the whole day in bed or to watch so much tv but life never works out as planned.

I started my day by rewatching this weeks episode of RHWNYC and promptly fell asleep.  around 1pm i got up, ate a bit and got back in bed.  I watched (dosed in and out of sleep) to a few episodes of Pretty Wild on E! and then switched to the HISTORY CHANEL.  in high school i dated a guy who was obsessed with the history channel and i did not understand it.  then in college and to this day when i am hung over/sick/need to sleep during the day i watch it.  its amazing.  i think it has something to do with the voices.  they lull away your hangover like nothing else, and lull you to sleep.

today on the history channel  i learned all about the group of “historians/scientists” that belive that aliens came to earth and created man from homo erectus creating the Sumerians.  apparently it matches up with the judeo-christian story of the creation of man with adam being known as adamu and the aliens playing the role of God.  i feel asleep during the rest of this discussion but awoke again during a discussion about how a spacecraft came and made all these interesting holes in peru and stole large amounts of gold from the earth.

there was also another interesting part where they talked about exposure to aliens (they called them extra terrestrials or ETs) could be what caused ancient people to bind their skulls creating that oblong elongated skull shape.  at one point king tut was mused to be an alien come to the earth to be king.

while i do not believe in aliens and really do not understand ,with all the concerns on the earth, people feel compelled to seek out other life forms, this show intrigued me.  it’s called Ancient Aliens not enough for me to actually get out of bed or fully wake up and take note, or dvr it, but i was was intrigued none the less.

more than anything else i am a bit jealous of all the people out there who believe so strongly in something (even aliens starting the human race and excavating mass quantities of gold from the earth) that they would spend their life studying it.  for a while i have been struggling with the fact that i have no passions.  AMC and i discuss this on a regular basis and i have tried really hard to develop a passion but i just lose interest.  i just can’t fathom caring about something so much that you would risk everything for it and/or doing anything to pursue it.

i have tried to be passionate about finance, clothing, fashion, vodka, swimming, running, yoga, cleaning, reading, cooking, baking, j.crew, designing, my sorority, coaching, polo, volunteering, drinking, baseball, starbucks, excel, organization, etc.  nothing stuck.  however, i am young and there is still time!


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i need to rant really fast.

what is with jill zarin on RHWNY?  it made me physically sick to watch the last 10 min of that show.  i totally think alex/ramona/bethany are right in this situation.

first off lisa had the same cancer as bobby and when she saw jill carrying on she said give me a break and made a vomit face.   then she told me to turn off the smut.  (got to love lisa)

second jill loves the drama and her sicko little smiley face was horrible (she is the new gold medalist in the passive aggressive olympics).  she is destroying everyone’s events and i CANNOT WAIT TO SEE NEXT WEEK.

in other news that lu anne has so many problems and that new boyfriend of hers is a sicko.  but then again the gays love drag queens!

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happy cinco de mayo.
i hope all of you readers at Miami University and you AMC and JPC have some drity charra on friday when you grace that lovely place with your presence.

my g.g. questions (i admit it has jumped the shark but i keep watching)
A: why was it snowing
B: seriously william baldwin?
C: why is serena running lilly’s marriage? (does serena’s devotion to her father remind anyone of her lusting for tripp?)
E: why does blair not just live at elenor’s house?  why does she need an apt?  living with your parents is cool!

great quotes from monday night’s gossip girl
chuck “judge away shame turns me on”

blair “can i ask you something? … what do you think about falafel”
hair band girl “ew isn’t that the food paralegals eat?”

hair band girl 2 “lose the judge face zoe!”

blair on chuck “he probably just ran out of girls to have sex with”

blair “i will be attending columbia in the fall … i don’t live with the help.  you wanted to see a blair waldorf take down… cross me again and you will experience on first hand.”

i think this was one of the better episodes of this season.

next up glee!

olivia newton and molly shannon AMAZING.
not as good as when molly made her apperance on will and grace but still good!

also it melts my heart when sue hangs out with her sister.  i love it.

also quinn frabray is amazing.  i would be her friend even though she is a slutty, pregnant, mean girl.

also did you get the e-mail about the spring j.crew sale.  LOVE.  my shopping bag has $300 in it… its so tempting.  maybe i can edit it down to $100??

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