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my job/soon to be job that i LOVE!!!! so much better than finance and being an analyst


so lately i have been getting a lot of these e-mail:

really pottery barn.  you want me to come back?  come back from where?  i have never been able to buy your over priced home-goods.  i have wanted to and dreamt about it and tried urging those who buy my things to purchase them for me but seriously telling me to come back produced a bit of rage in me.

this is the 6th email in as many days from the retailer pining for me. i have not left.  how about this pottery barn.  STOP putting really pretty expensive things on your website.  or let me be and STOP reminding me about how poor i am and how i cannot buy EVERYTHING from your website and achieve my goal of having a pottery barn house on martha’s vineyard right next to chelsea handler’s family house.  HOW ABOUT THAT POTTERY BARN???

in other news its a teacher workday so i get to wear sweat pants to work.  and go in at 8:30.  DOUBLE SCORE!


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This is what I wore to sub today. I have not done one if these in a while b.c I have been wearing ugly shit and reusing outfits. Props to me for getting my act together.

Skirt: anthropology ages ago (like 2004)
Top: j crew
Shoes: Liz claiborne got them at off Broadway. They are tearing up my feet. Well just my right foot which is a whole size smaller then my left. I will have to get an insert to fix it.

Do you like my hair? I was going for those soft waves I lust after. Much work needs to be done on them.

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now that i am done with student teaching i have time to really share with you some of the highlights of my experience.  while there were man lows that a lot of you heard about including me QUITTING a week or so early.  there were also many many highs.

my students were special people and lot of them said shit that was really hilarious.  most times i could not even control my laughter when they said it.

can i get your number

one of my favorite students continually said inappropriate things to me.  he was the same individual who was confused as to what happened to the Egyptians.

on my last day my cooperation teacher had all the students say something nice and true about me and ask any question they want.  he immediately raised his hand and was jumping out of his seat.  i called on him first and he says:

“ms. h is the best teacher and she’s got a nice big but.  can i get your number ms. h?”  i about died.  another student whom i really liked yelled at him and so he said it louder and did some inappropriate movements.  i was MORTIFIED.  the class erupted and my poor cooperating teachers was stunned.  so typical.


after returning from a great little hiatus to texas, i came back to school a bit sick.  nothing really serious but a cough.  during a particularly bad coughing attack one my especially kind students yelled DIE between each of my coughs, this was followed by a giggle.  what a gem she was.

Your Baby

while i have talked about the fact that a lovely student spread a rumor about me that i was pregnant i have not told the whole story.  This student was removed from school and sent to a special one for students with behavior issues.  her comments lived on.  in early april i had a student (not one of mine) ask me if i had a boy or girl.  i looked at her very confused and she said you had your baby was it a boy or a girl.  i was extremely perplexed.  a student that was one of mine walked up during this exchange and was like oh no she was not pregnant.  i looked at both of them very oddly.  the walked off.  apparently they thought i looked much slimmer that day!

dead cat

one of my students came in very upset one monday.  he was a special ed student and normally very happy.  the para-pro was not there yet so i took him aside to see what was wrong.  after asking a few questions he told me that his cat had died.  he was visually upset and i asked about the cat.  he told me about how nice the cat was and now he would cuddle it and make it sleep in his bed and how he could touch its teeth.  I could see how much this student loved his cat.  I asked when the cat passed away.  he responded August 13 2007.  I about died.  i was thinking this cat has passed away over the weekend.  he continued talking about how superior this cat was to the other cat he now has.  suppressing my laughter was one of the hardest things i had to do.

only words can describe

part of me will miss these little guys, the other part could not be done fast enough!

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omg i am living for the weekends.  this is not the way to live life as you only enjoy 2/7 of your life.  but it is what i have been reduced to this week.  On Tuesday i started counting down to the weekend and now that is it finally here i cannot imagine going back to school on monday.

when i said i had the week from hell i dont think it gives the whole picture.  i am pretty sure satan has manifested himself in 50 0ut of my 74 students.  So yes there are about 24 that are amazing.  They never speak out, never cheat, never ask the same questions 34 times.  They don’t talk back, they don’t fight, lie or try and beat the living shit out of one another.

BUT THE OTHER 50 made a pack with the devil to get their new air jordans.  i am sure with it.

because of this awful week that culminated in a HORRIBLE Friday i had to cancel my date last night.  i just could no do it.  i actually went to bed at 7:30 and woke up refreshed at 3am.  only to go back to sleep and wake up again this morning feeling WONDERFUL.

but it is the weekend and it is time to forget those little heathens and go on with my life…

tonight a Purim party with my jewish friends!  its 1920s themed, i was going to make myself a really cute dress this week but as you can only imagine from above i really did not have time.  so i will improvise!

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Happy valentines day/singles awareness day/pink beer day

Whatever your religion/status calls for. Ill call it Monday!

Regardless today to school I wore another target clearence find! Got this top for 6 something the other day! Its a large and a bit big but it gets the job done. I will be wearing the scarf so I don’t look like a total hater in all black.

Ps have you entered the give away!?! Do it now!

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I got this top and skirt at target for $13 that’s right. 6 something for top and 6 something for skirt!

Hit up the clearence at your local target. There is some great stuff!

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Today (well yesterday as I never published this, oops) I have on my trusty j.crew wool trousers, a target striped top, target shoes, and my cole b.scarf.

Are you loving my cole b. scarf? Well check out my give away and you too can have one!

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Mom, I don’t want to go to school today!
But I have to
So I put on my big girl pants, jcrew wool trousers, sparkel flats (to add some happy) and my favorite gauze bow t from gap and a boyfriend sweater from banana republic.

Thank god I spent those8 months working at jcrew and I have 4 pairs of wool trousers. Other wise I don’t know what I would be wearing.

Great news tomorrows Friday!

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did you hear that.  it was my sigh as i left school today.  no only have i had my first week of student teaching but i am now sick.  yep that’s right.  after my first day on Tuesday i had a little tickle in my throat.  yesterday i came home and went straight to bed only to wake up at 8pm and make some soup (vegetable broth, beef broth, carrots and brown rice dumplings from the Asian food store) and homemade graham crackers.  all was amazing and i just noshed on both while sitting on the couch and watching chelsea.

let me quickly recap my last two days at school.  day 1- good.  day 2- learned some new cut downs and was told to put my eyes on someone else numerous times.  day 3- learned more cut-downs, all not so cleaver, and was told “lady your not my teacher so don’t talk to me” by one of my students.

as i was passing out papers one of my new friends gave me the ultimate cut down.  well i think it was meant to be a cut down.  and i give her props as she did not say it quitely the way i would have in middle school.  she told the WHOLE CLASS.  so what was this cut-down? (is that even what the kids call them these days.  i will have to check tomorrow)


“hmp you ever see that movie sor-ROAR-it-ty ROW.  looks like we got our selves a sor-ROAR-it-ty girl”.  i have really toned down my fashion so i did not know what they said that.  i was dressed in reva’s, black pants, a pink ls t-shirt, a cardigan and a Cole B. scarf.  I mean i have not even worn pearls!

i do not know if my new friend was trying to put me in my place or tell me that i was unwelcome.  i think it was her way of letting me know she is SOOO HAPPY i am going to be her teacher.  OH THE JOYS OF MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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Today is my last day subbing until April … The up side I will be teaching everyday and should have more outfits for you. The down side: no money.

I borrowed this skirt from ajh. Also these are my new tory burch flats I got at nordstroms rack! Don’t you love them?

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