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something that can add a splash of happy to even the darkest of days. one of my true loves!


i was bad…AGAIN.

recently i have decided that i will forget about the fact that i am poor and just buy things.  mostly this comes from my addiction to using coupons.  if i have a coupon it causes me physical pain to not use it.  thus i recently bought a new cookbook (its not gluten free)Williams-Sonoma Baking. i have wanted this for forever and well hopefully one day i will get the hang out gluten free flour and be able to make everything again.  until then it will torture me and will look pretty on my shelf.  if you do not own any williams-sonoma cookbooks i suggest you invest in this cookbook along with the baking one.

this is my next cookbook obsession (take note santa!)
and santa if you are feeling really generous maybe some of the tools that are suggested inside!

i also bought some stuff from pixie-chicago.  i got it from the etsy shop with the 40% cyber monday discount, they also have a blog.

here is a peek of what i ordered:

NOT TO FEAR, i did not get both sets for me!  one is a gift for a special couple!

(i may be delusional but i am fully aware that there is no one for me to combine my name; however i am actively looking)

i will most deff be posting about these items when they come.  cassandra over at pixie was such a sweetheart and e-mailed me right away to make sure she had the order right!

i also think that i am heading over to starbucks to use my 15% off coupon that is good on via and mugs etc.  today is the last day and i did just sub in KINDERGARTEN for 2 whole days.  i deserve a little treat!  (and now that mr. match has moved away there is no one to make me feel bad about the quanity of coffee mugs i have).

oh that will also be to make me feel better about the HOURS yes HOURS of work i have to do tonight because it is due at midnight.  i am at 754 of 800 problems that i need to complete for my community college pre-calc class.  if misery had a face it would be this class.  but after tonight all i have left is the final and i am done.


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its been a few weeks since i did a target tuesday post, sorry for slacking.  it has not been for a lack of good things just a lack of time in my life.

for my target shopping cart this week i got prepared for my 10 day trip!  i will be spending 3 or 4 days in chicago before heading out to magician lake in michigan.

this weeks finds/obsessions:
Neutrogena Age Shield Repair SPF 55.  I am so picky about what goes on my face (year and years of acne will do that) and i have found that this sunscreen is perfect.  It is light and non-greasy.  I also love the claim that it will help reverse damage.

Mossimo® Black Women’s Interlocking Bandeau Bikini Top.  i have never owned a black swimsuit and think that it the perfect mix and match to go along with all the colors i have already.  while i am totally partial to the j.crew suits i love mixing in the target tops (the fit better then the bottoms) with the j.crew bottoms.

i also stocked up on magazines and rectangular sunscreen (spf 55!).  and the new iced via from starbucks.  i have not had it yet but cannot wait to try it!

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so i just found and took this little quiz about what font you are.  i found it on The Pink Orange after getting 6 new fonts for my computer!  don’t know when i will ever use them but they sure are pretty!

i am courier!

you should check out the pink orange both for the blog and for her great shop!  i am salivating over some new stationary from her!  perhaps i will get her to do my 25th brithday party invites!  keep 10-10-10 clear!

in a side note:

i am at starbucks blogging (not doing my work) and ease dropping on everyone else and the little old man next to me just gave a lady a lesson on how to say NORFOLK that made me spit out my drink.
woman: oh no i don’t live in norfolk (pronounced how it looks) i live in virginia beach
man: woah were are you from? not here.  no one says nar-fuk like that.
woman: west mass.  just moved here my husband is military
man: i love the millitary so i will help you out.  its pronounced nawr-fuk… like i don’t drink, nor smoke, nor-fuk.
BAHAHA.  i about died.  she went pale.  amazing!


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today my gold card came in the mail!

i was on the phone with mr. match when it came (he is out of work looking at houses) and he feigned enjoyment for me!

and then i opened it and saw…

also are you loving my nail polish …its essie punchy pink.

now i am totally wishing i was not car-less today so i could go show off my new card at the s*bucks…

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today i decided to make my own venti iced passion tea.  like what they have at starbucks

after some internet research i boiled 8 oz of water

then i let two TAZO passion tea bags seep for 5 minutes.
i added 1 splenda packed and a tablespoon sugar and stirred (with tea bags still seeping until disolved)

i then added 1 cup of ice cubes and ice.  i feel like this made a great concentrate.

when i put it in to my tumbler i combined 1 cup of tea with 2/3 cup water and poured it over ice… SO GOOD!

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i have made it. and it feels so good!

thug (my father)’s response was that he hopes i do not feel as empty as george clooney in up in the air… I DON’T!

in other news i got a new phone yesterday (lisa and i got matching storms)!  we can now be bbm buddies!

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today while at starbucks i saw a girl wearing this top from liberty of london for target.

click the picture will take you there

it is out of stock online but hopefully they have it at the store.  it will go perfectly with my j.crew wednesday skirt.!!

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do you ever get a text message that is so perfect that you feel like you should share it with everyone but then remember that a. no one else will find it funny and b. your zac morris cell phone prohibits things like that?

i know there is a whole website devoted to this text from last night but those are mostly sexual and funny to all.

it happens to me all the time. mostly these text are from AJH and AMC. every once in a while lisa sends a good one one.
that was mostly when AJH and i switched her signature to read:
“lisa” bitches aint shit.
a reference to the ben folds cover.

these would read something like

From: MOM
are you alive?
“lisa” bitches aint shit

the other day AMC sent me this beaut

From: AMC
also i hope i have enough $$$$ on my shucks [sic] card for full fat Friday.  sorta like maragrita crack cocaine thrusday.  But not as fun
received: Friday Apr 23, 8:07 am

i was observing on friday and busted out laughing as i read this… tots inappropriate.

in other more exciting news i am waging a new war on starbucks as they keep charging me $0.50 for my FREE refill.

pretty sure that says FREE brewed coffee or tea refills with each visit… not $0.50.  while i would be more than happy to pay the $0.50 if  it  said that, it says FREE and i have had about enough of the lying.  i just hope i do not have to get Howard Schultz on the phone to discuss this.

sidenote: every time we go to starbucks lisa reminds thug about the time she told him to buy 100 shares of starbucks back in 1992.  she gets 100 points in the passive aggressive olympics for this comment as it ALWAYS turns in to a heated debate.  she claims we would be MILLIONAIRS if he took her financial advice.  he claims she makes this up and she did not know what starbucks was in 1992.


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do you know chelsea handler?  i wish i did.  we would be best friends i just know it.  for now i am going to continue to stalk her and her dog chunk via twitter and await an actual meeting.  oh yes and i am back on facebook just to be her fan.

AJH read are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea a while ago and did not give the book the justice it deserves.  AMC read it and made me buy it.  lisa will not let me read it in her presence because “you keep laughing and i think i miss something funny on tv.  its not fair”.  lisa has also stated that she will not be reading it.  she will.

yesterday on my way into starbucks for my after-school-before-class pick-me-up i saw someone reading the book.  i was delighted and watched her for 3 pages.  she did not even smile.  i decided it was best not to approach her as she A. had no sense of humor or B. did not find chelsea funny.  either way my life was better ignoring her.

the other day i read a passage to mr. match.  he already thinks i am a creep as i made him watch this youtube video and laughed the whole time.  he said the pressure was to much and he could not laugh.  be did break a smile while i was reading from are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea and did not get upset that i had to take 3 breaks to laugh.  perhaps i’ll let him read it next.

posts will be sparse this week as i have so much work to do.  sorry.  i will back in full action next week!

GLEE TONIGHT!  get excited.


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AMC just sent me this link and i feel inclined to share it with all of you.  it perfectly describes the moment i long to have.

i would pee my pants if i was sitting at a starbucks or at the airport or ANYWHERE and i oversaw someone looking at my blog.   What would be even better if i heard someone referencing it.  i do not know if i would be able to be as self-contained as seth is and not say anything.

JGIWC also described her making it big moments here.  i guess all bloggers have them if they just blog long enough.

when my turn comes i will be sure to share it with you!

in another unrelated note: i just saw my blog from another computer (i am being a bad sub today and am on the internet during my free period) and the font is HORRIBLE.  i can’t read it at all.  tonight i will give this some love and attention and have it fix ASAP!

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