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my current sport of choice. mainly b.c i love the outfits!


WARNING!! do not read on if you a. think i complain too much.  b. take adult sports seriously c. played tennis against me monday night.

So i am in a USTA tennis league.  it is all women who work (you can stop laughing i had student teaching!!).  anyway we play on sunday but it rained yesterday so i played my make up today.  i take tennis about as seriously as i take everything else in my life.  aka NOT SERIOUSLY AT ALL.

some women take tennis VERY seriously.  i played against one of these bitches last night.  you know the type, weather it is at your job, in an adult sports league or anywhere else where you run in to other people.  they want to win at all costs.  i have never been one of these people.  i actually don’t give a flying shit if i win.  i would rather play good tennis and get annihilated then play shitting tennis against ogars who play mind games.  and i would like to find a group of women who enjoy binge drinking after matches, before matches, DURING matches…

anyway this woman i played against really just pissed me off.  she called a let when it was my partners call, she called double bounces on me when they were my call and they DID NOT double bounce.  i mean seriously why on earth would i lie.  i do not lie.  EVER.  (its on facebook so it HAS TO BE true).

anyway back to this bitch at tennis.  she was a real pain and i now loath her.  while losing does not really bother me people playing middle school mind games really does.  i mean if the only thing you have going for you is winning by cheating at womens tennis then go for it, in the words of lisa “i’ll pray for you”.

also another thing that really bothers me is keeping the score in tennis.  i get stage fright when it is my serve and i always mess up.  this really pisses other people off.  the thing is i would swear to heaven above i say it right but everyone else tells me i say it wrong.  regardless i don’t know why you must not only concentrate on serving the ball but also scream out the score.  and why everyone has to jump up your ass when you say it wrong.

AGAIN this is adult tennis.  there is no money, no college money, no endorsement deals, NOTHING at stake.  so back off people.

end of my rant.  until sunday…


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so i just got back from DB.  he is the sports med doctor lisa works for and i saw him when i hurt my foot after the half marathon.  i finally gave in and admitted i am hurt.

after hobbling to starbucks to pick up a treat for DB, lisa and the other nurse i headed to my appointment.  i kept a happy face and tried to pretend like i was just there to make sure everything was ok.  joking that i needed to get out to make it to my tennis game.  but seriously i have had a game at 4pm.

during the oral portion of the exam i admitted to taking excessive amounts of advil including 1600 mgs before the marathon, being hurt for 13 days and not being able to sleep though the night since the marathon because the pain in my hip has been so bad i began to finally realize that yes indeed i am hurt.  DB just silently shook his head and told me of the dangers of taking advil before exercising because you cannot feel pain (UM HELLO THATS WHY I TOOK IT!)

Next he began moving my leg all different ways.  i again tried to lie about the pain i was feeling but i think it was all over my face.  he just simply gave me a sympathetic look as he nodded when i grimaced and said no that does not hurt.  next it was off to the x-ray. nurse lisa tried to get me into a wheel chair but i refused and hobbled over still convinced that my charade was fooling everyone.  after the x-ray nurse lisa pulled it up and played a little joke on me.  she simply gasped and said oh yes.  as if there was something on there.  i immediately freaked out to which she said on i don’t see anything.

Next up DB brought in a very cute resident and first we chatted about how its my birthday tomorrow and where i am going to dinner then he asked if i think i am walking normally.  totally delusional i replied yes.  DB had everyone in the office come watch me to confirm what we all knew that i was indeed hobbling and was just deranged. after walking hobbling back and forth 3 times i asked if he was just effing with me.  he replied no but looked confused.  i walked hobbled a few more times before we went back to the room and DB went over the x-ray with me.  then he delivered the blows.  1.  i mostly likely have a stress fracture.  2. i cannot do any exercise except for pulling in the swimming pool until next friday. 3. no tennis, not today, not tomorrow, not sunday. 4. i have to use crutches.

i am still very proud of myself for simply nodding and taking everything as it came.  i got fitted for the crutches and hobbled out the car with my mom.  it was not until i was alone that i started crying.

i do not know if it was that i was for the first time feeling how bad my hip has been hurting, knowing that i caused this, knowing that all the times i put off workouts caused this injury or the fact that i will start my 25th year off on crutches hobbling about.  but i sobbed.  i am still crying to be utterly truthful.

to say i am pissed would be an understatement.  after realizing that no one is to blame but me i asked if my stomach issues could have caused this.  again with the most sympathetic look he could muster DB simply said no.  i think he knows i am completely delusional.

so i called my tennis captain, the club and mr. match to tell them about my new fate.  luckily no one answered and so i just left messages with my voice quivering.

so as fate would have it another crappy birthday.  at least this one is kicking last years ass even with the hip injury!

perhaps to make myself feel better i will finally purchase this:

leslie over at and her little dog too got it and said i should too!

then again i don’t think i can even shop this mood away…


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i have food issues.

the list of foods i like is long.  how i like them and what they can touch is SHORT.  that being said i love yogurt in any form but only few flavors.  my newest yogurt kick is kefir.  (lisbeth drinks it in the stieg larson books!)

(image from

the stuff is amazing.  i poor it over my oatmeal when i want a change from raspberry jam, drink it and today for the first time i made it into a parfait.  (i was out of trader joes low fat vanilla yogurt).  I used the pomegranate flavor and poured 1 cup (the serving size) in to my container then tossed in a hand full of blueberry and topped it with trader joes vanilla almond granola.  it was AMAZING!

here is the nuturition for the kefir:

(image from

notice how it is GLUTEN FREE!!!  with the blueberries it totally filled me up! i know that skinny b*tch says to cut out dairy but i could never do that… its basically the only thing i eat besides brown rice, fruit and vegetables.

the second amazing part of my lunch was the throwback mountain dew.  i had to get one yesterday for a house guest and purchased one for myself.  according to the nutrition facts it is better for you then the regular stuff, it TASTES SO MUCH BETTER and does not have high fructose corn syrup (my personal nemesis).

i am also having left over salad from mr. match’s and i dinner last night but its just straight up veggies and nothing interesting. but the parfait filled me up so i am going to save it for later to eat closer to my tennis match.  me and mr. match are playing the banana open this weekend.


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last night at tennis one of the women on the other team dropped to the court suddenly had what we thought was a seizure.  She then stopped breathing and no one could find a pulse.  It was the most tragic thing i had ever seen.  thank God we were at a tennis center that had an AED machine and there was a women on the court who was an md and could use it.  we also have a nurse on our team and there were a few other on other teams.

we were unable to locate her husband for a while because she did not have her cell phone in her tennis bag or her car.  thank God the club she plays for had that information on file and we were able to get in contact with him.  When EMS arrived we had not contacted her husband and were unable to answer most of the questions the EMS had.  It just goes to show how important it is to have a list of your emergency contacts in your bag or cell phone.

by the time EMS took her to the ER she had a weak pulse but was not breathing on her own.  this morning i recieved a update that she is in critical but stable condidtion.

PLEASE if you have a moment today send up thoughts and prayers for her.

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i have treat for you dear reader.  my dear friend AMC recently sent me an amazing present from her place of employment.  she works for an amazing company, Room It Up, doing among other things blogging for them, you can read her insight here.  now that i have disclosed my association i will tell you about HOW IN LOVE i am with my tennis back pack.

this is my backpack waiting to go to its first game tonight (we will forget that i lost 6-1, 6-1)!  i packed it up with my clif bar, extra grips, 3 cans of tennis balls, flip flops, bight bloom sports towel, sigg water bottle and so much more, BUT i still had room to spare.  The first thing i noticed and LOVE LOVE LOVE about my new backpack is that there is an amazing built in hook to hang it on the fence at the court.  of course at todays match i was on a center court and could not get a picture of this.  all you tennis players know HOW important this clip is.

my second favorite feature is all of the pockets.  there is the front pocket (which has my monogram) and in side of there there is an additional pocket.  There is the tennis racket pocket.  The main zipper space that has the clip to hang the bag, and additional clip to hold on to a cosmetic case or to keep your keys and id case, and 4 YES 4! pockets.  one is even has velcro closure!  The pocket that is accross from the zipper is perfect for keeping your after game shoes (flipflops) and the pocket on the side closest to the racket is almost the WHOLE length of the bag, perfect for keeping snacks, extra grips and extra socks!  the final pocket… YES there is another pocket! is on the back of the bag.  easy access for whatever you need. i hope all of these are clear in the pictures below.

(love how you can see my mac in the back ground!)

in addition to being in love with my bag, 2 ladies from another team asked me about it.  i was gushing as i told them it was a new gift from one of my best friends.  if only i had some Room It Up business cards to pass out.  i guess emailing them the website will have to do.  i just love passing on such a great find!

if you are looking for a new tennis bag, a second tennis bag, or a first tennis bag you must go straight to Room It Up and get the tennis backpack.

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what an amazing weekend.

mr. match and i played mixed doubles in tennis tournament.  we had never played with each other until friday night and it took us a bit to get out game under control.  by the second set we were doing much better but unfortunately could not pull out the big W.  luckly we were in a round robbin and had to play again at 8:30 am on saturday morning.  we went into a tie break and WON!!!

our next game was at 3pm so we chilled for a bit and then went and had greek food.  (obviously the best choice!)  we ate at my new favorite restaurant in ghent, azars, (it was my second time in 3 days).  i am clearly obsessed with the place.

our second match was a forfeit by our opponents so we practiced a bit and then had a few beers and chilled at the club.  for dinner i took mr. match to another of my favorite places in the area, chick’s oyster bar.  being a native of the area he always chooses where to go (b.c i have virtually no clue) but he had never been here!!!!!

it was a great end to a great day!  we sat on the bar and enjoyed shrimp and chicken wings.  mr. match had another beer but because of my poor tummy i opted for a crush… and was quickly intoxicated.  to end the day we took aspen to the dog park.

sunday we played our final match and lost.  our opponents ended up winning the whole tournament with the other team we lost to coming in second so i do not feel so bad.  i did lose my cool a few times on the court and had to apologize to my opponents and the men on the next court over.  (i when i screamed out a bomb after double faulting).

after the game i rushed over to the norfolk tides game.  lisa’s doctor had been invited to a box and the whole family was invited.  i love baseball games, espically ones with free food and booze!  i really liked harbor park it reminied me alot of great american.  the tides lost but it was a good time.


in other news the cable is now fixed and i can post more regularly!  (there will be a few post today!!!)

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today i finally won a tennis match!  we went 6-2, 2-6, 10-7 in the tie breaker.

i firmly believe that i do not want to win as badly as many of my opponents.  while i love winning i would never be mean to someone about it.  i would much rather lose and not have my opponents be mean to me.  that said i am so happy we won as it was my partners last game of the season.

in other news i am peved at delta STILL and am on hold with them to discuss my non-stop flight with a layover in detroit.  you would think the airlines would stop screwing over customers but then again they really are the only travel choice in the US.  I feel like the airlines and the cable company are in some scheme with the devil to screw everyone over.

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its tuesday so i played tennis.  lost again 4-6 1-6.  i had some awesome shots and me and my partner were up 3-1 in the first set until we wernt and more and ended up losing.

i got called to sub and so i showered at the tennis club and headed over to school… i was looking SO HOT!  (not really)

after school i went down to the mall… this is where my day hits the sh*t fan.  at our lovely mall (read saving grace a nordstrom and a j.crew… not even a gap!) you have to pay for parking.  well i LOST my ticket.  i also got suckered in to buying $30 of cleaning supplies at the apple store.  if that was not enough i came home and placed a $400 order for text books on amazon.

now i’m going to veg on the couch and try and cool off … it is so hot.  in the words of AMC “thanks el nino”

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today Lisa and I are competing in a charity tennis round Robbin at the local tennis club. Its for organ donor awareness. I will post pictures and results later. I am still trying to get used to this new phone and the wordpress app.

the tournament went very well and lisa and i picked up some great raffle gift!  i had 21 points over all and she had 17 so neither of us was the big winner.

i wore my fave lulu lemon tank and got a few complements on it.  i feel like i should get more.

This is me getting ready!

lisa and i.  arn’t you just loving my lulu lemon top?

me and amy (we won the match we played together 5-3!!)

it was such a fun day and went to SUCH a good cause!  plus now i have a golden tan (and a bit more confidence for my match on tuesday!!!)

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two days ago.  you know the day before the day my paper was due and did not blog. i introduced mr. match to my lil’blog.  it was a very frightening experience.  if he hated it, or did not think it was funny, i would be devastated.

it took him all of two minutes to find out he was in fact mr. match.  i tried to deny it and pretend that it was  some one else but that lasted about a second.  he then quickly commented that i never posted a picture of us at our tennis match and that i did a much better job of retelling my dialog with lisa about him here then i did in person (prob because i was typing it as it happened).

he even left a comment about my lack of post on him yesterday.  someone likes the attention!

well its off to teach today for me and then a date with mr. match.  ALSO i can start running today!!! maybe ill get a run in before my date!

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