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my new passion. on 10/10/10 i will be running the CHICAGO MARATHON.


this weekend, you know like in 6 days, i am the first brides maid in my bff wjk’s wedding.  no fear, since my life is currntly a sece pool, i am 100% certian my dress is not going to fit over my thunder thighs and xl ass.  like most normal people i am worried about this, so worried in fact that i spent yesterday hung over and eating cinimon raisin bread dipped in egg and fried, chocolage and eddy’s ice cream.

i also have told my dilemma to every/anyone who will listen because we all know talking about working out is the same thing as doing it.  what really irks me above all else is a year ago i was getting ready to run the chicago marathon with a fractured hip, this year i cannot get my life together enough to go for a run.

back to my dress.  it does not fit.  so i will be working out for an hour every day this week (SERIOUSLY) and buying some spanks.  i cannot let wjk down.  and i mean this pictures are going to be around for FOREVER so i have to look good.

also, i know i said i would have things i want for my birthday but right now all i want is to look like this:obviously its gonna happen since right now i look more like this:

off to eat another pint of ice cream and think about working out.


buy me this: if everyone i know donates a few dollars it can be mine (only not in pink, i like blue, grey and black).

i cannot think of anything else right now.  just by me crap.  i just love things.  LOTS AND LOTS OF THING!

oh and a new tv, a dresser, a kitchen-aid mix master, and new clothes to wear to work b.c as i said above i’ve become a bit portly!


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so i just got back from DB.  he is the sports med doctor lisa works for and i saw him when i hurt my foot after the half marathon.  i finally gave in and admitted i am hurt.

after hobbling to starbucks to pick up a treat for DB, lisa and the other nurse i headed to my appointment.  i kept a happy face and tried to pretend like i was just there to make sure everything was ok.  joking that i needed to get out to make it to my tennis game.  but seriously i have had a game at 4pm.

during the oral portion of the exam i admitted to taking excessive amounts of advil including 1600 mgs before the marathon, being hurt for 13 days and not being able to sleep though the night since the marathon because the pain in my hip has been so bad i began to finally realize that yes indeed i am hurt.  DB just silently shook his head and told me of the dangers of taking advil before exercising because you cannot feel pain (UM HELLO THATS WHY I TOOK IT!)

Next he began moving my leg all different ways.  i again tried to lie about the pain i was feeling but i think it was all over my face.  he just simply gave me a sympathetic look as he nodded when i grimaced and said no that does not hurt.  next it was off to the x-ray. nurse lisa tried to get me into a wheel chair but i refused and hobbled over still convinced that my charade was fooling everyone.  after the x-ray nurse lisa pulled it up and played a little joke on me.  she simply gasped and said oh yes.  as if there was something on there.  i immediately freaked out to which she said on i don’t see anything.

Next up DB brought in a very cute resident and first we chatted about how its my birthday tomorrow and where i am going to dinner then he asked if i think i am walking normally.  totally delusional i replied yes.  DB had everyone in the office come watch me to confirm what we all knew that i was indeed hobbling and was just deranged. after walking hobbling back and forth 3 times i asked if he was just effing with me.  he replied no but looked confused.  i walked hobbled a few more times before we went back to the room and DB went over the x-ray with me.  then he delivered the blows.  1.  i mostly likely have a stress fracture.  2. i cannot do any exercise except for pulling in the swimming pool until next friday. 3. no tennis, not today, not tomorrow, not sunday. 4. i have to use crutches.

i am still very proud of myself for simply nodding and taking everything as it came.  i got fitted for the crutches and hobbled out the car with my mom.  it was not until i was alone that i started crying.

i do not know if it was that i was for the first time feeling how bad my hip has been hurting, knowing that i caused this, knowing that all the times i put off workouts caused this injury or the fact that i will start my 25th year off on crutches hobbling about.  but i sobbed.  i am still crying to be utterly truthful.

to say i am pissed would be an understatement.  after realizing that no one is to blame but me i asked if my stomach issues could have caused this.  again with the most sympathetic look he could muster DB simply said no.  i think he knows i am completely delusional.

so i called my tennis captain, the club and mr. match to tell them about my new fate.  luckily no one answered and so i just left messages with my voice quivering.

so as fate would have it another crappy birthday.  at least this one is kicking last years ass even with the hip injury!

perhaps to make myself feel better i will finally purchase this:

leslie over at and her little dog too got it and said i should too!

then again i don’t think i can even shop this mood away…


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since my last post was just about 6.5 hours of my week in chicago i thought i would share what i did the rest of the time!

thursday: after arriving late at night my uncle partymarty picked us up at the airport and took us to my aunt tt’s.  this was rather uneventful except for the fact that just like thug all the men in his family drive as if they are the only car on the road.  he thinks it is soooo funny because they are all so much “worse” then him.

friday: after getting a good nights sleep i awoke and visited with my aunt and cousin.  i got to watch some tv and then walked over to the blue line and meet JS for lunch!  we went to feast.  i had the stake tortilla salad and it was amazing.  the aparently have amazing breakfast and i think i might have to go back when i am back in chicago over christmas/new years.  we then went for a walk around her neighborhood and i was aw struck that i lived in chicago for a whole year and had never made it out to bucktown.  we past some amazing shopping and i wished i had money and time to go in to all the stores.  we ended our visit by stopping by lululemon.  after chatting with the sales ladies for a few minutes it came up that i was running my first marathon and that’s why i was back in town.  the sales lady said she had a gift for me and i assumed it would be a 40% off coupon.  it was a FREE SHIRT!  its not on the website but it is so cute!  i also tried on the run reflection skirt that i thought would be perfect for tennis but it was a bit to small and i knew i was not going to buy it, i came in for some workout undies.  picked those up and my free shirt and i was off to meet thug and abby at nike town.

at this point i was cursing myself for wearing my tory burch flats and had massive blisters on my feet.  i looked for some sandles at niketown but there were none so we hoped on the bus and headed out to the expo!  the expo was great and we met up with my cousin mw and her friend m.  (m is one one the main reasons i decided to go back to school.  we ran a 10 mile race and after mw introduced us and i talked her her about how she is a teacher and her thoughts!)

as you can see in the picture i am barefooted.  i took off my shooes and walked the expo barefoot.  i attempted to get shooes at target but that was also a flop.  next we headed to dinner at mart anthony.  it was very good but i was tired and ready to go to bed.

saturday: i had coffee in the am with shimmel and then headed back to the expo to get my hip flexor taped up.  it was really botheing me at his point and in the back of my head i was sure i would not be able to run.  this basically took all day as i drove up to the north side to see shimmel and then back down to the city to the expo then back out to the western suburbs to see my god mother and her family and my best little nugget friend cbh.  she is now 3 and i LOVE her.  i picture her to be what chelsea handler must have been like at 3.  amazing.  saturday night we had a carb fest and almost all my extened family came to wish the 7 of us running good luck.  i was wonderful and was great to see how many people supported me on this challenge.  it was also nice to get so much good food.  my aunt tt made grandmas spaghetti sauce which is always such a treat!

sunday: was the marathon.  after we went back to mws apartment and had a little post race celebration!  she was the best host and had champagne and beer and even a bit of vodka for me!!!

it was so nice to visit with everyone and thank them for coming out to support us!

monday: was a big challenge.  my right leg was so sore that i had to crawl up and down the stairs until i put the kt tape back on.  i also had to cancle my apres work drink with JM (who by the way has a new blog: urban explorer, a must read for anyone traveling to or living in the windy city!) and my lunch with KL.  instead put my feet up at my god mothers house, iced my hip and watched clifford with CBH.  that night my family came together to celebrate zaz and i’s birthdays.  his is today and mine is on SATURDAY!  it was a perfect ending to a great weekend!

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i did it!  i am a marathoner!

the race did not turn out they way i had hoped/envisioned but i finished and accomplished a goal!  as many of you know from reading about my final training run i hurt my hip flexor.  i was doing alright until i walked all over chicago in my tory burch flats and some how further aggravated it.  on saturday i went back to the expo and got some kt tape and taped my hip up in the hopes of being able to make it though the marathon.  i was actually prepared to DNF and just go as far as i could on sunday.  i was devastated and just could not resign to the fact that after all this work i was not going to finish.

on sunday morning my hip was very tight but i hoped that once i started running it would loosen up and i would be fine!  as we waited at the starting line i was determined to finish.  i cannot describe how it felt to stand among so many other people about to set out on such a enormous task.  all 45,000 people there had a story.  one story that really touched me was the story of EJ Scott.  He is in iO with my cousin and suffers from choroideremia and will eventually be completely blind.  he ran blind folded.

thug and i were very close to him at the start and thug actually ran in the same pace group as him for most of the marathon.  if there was every anyone who had a reason to not run it was EJ and his story is truly inspirational.

before i go in to my marathon ordeal i have to say that there is nothing in my life that compares to what i expirenced on sunday.  not only was running for 26.2 miles physically exhausting but the day with emotionally exhausting.  runners are a unique group of people, it may come from the shared knowledge that a running is just as challenging for the road warrior and 5 time boston qualifier as it is for the the individual running for a charity that has personally affected their life and started running just to be able to finish the marathon and raise money for their cause.  finishing is an accomplishment but one such a hot day, attempting made each person who showed up at the starting line a winner.

so back to my race…

my hip hurt.  i am not doing to deny it.  but my ego would have hurt much more if i did not finish.  thug and i ran about the first half mile together but i knew i was going way slower then our practiced pace and i told him to go ahead.  it was about 5 minutes later that my second issue of the marathon started.  i needed a port a potty and i needed one fast!  thankfully there was an aid station come up so i moved over to the right side of the course (i like running on the left for some reason) and stopped.  it was my first of roughly 14 potty breaks and basically confirmed all the fears i had develop the week before on my trail run.

so i spent alot of time doing this:

and this:

and alot more time then i wanted to doing this:

but i did it!

i would like to thank my father, thug, first and foremost for being my running partner and total inspiration.  secondly i would like to thank little AJH.  when i finally saw her and SG for the first time i really thought that i was not going to be able to go any father.  she ran with me (i think she actually walked) and gave me words of encouragement.  and a drink of ice cold water!  my Godmother, and my two aunts!  when i saw them at mile 25 it was everything i needed to make it to the end! shimmel whom i could not stop and say hi to put loved seeing up in lake view.  my god father and his family who meet me out in china town!  it was so great to see them and they came all the way in from the far ‘burbs!  and lastly my fellow runners, mo, julie, megan, lindsay and dan.  without you being so supportive of me doing my first marathon i do think i would have had the courage to attempt!

oh and one more.  thank you city of chicago.  i will always love you you are so pretty in all seasons and i cannot wait to hang out in the winter time!

also i am not ashamed of my time i worked out for 6 hours 15 minutes.  and as one of my favorite signs of the day said i did not poop my pants! another favorite was at mile 24 and it simply read “wow you are really good at exercising”

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today is the day folks!

thug and i are are flying to chicago today for the MARATHON!!!

i am so pumped to be back in my favorite city and see some of my bestest friends!  also to run the marathon.  and especially to go to the expo and get all my “free” stuff!!!!!!

this is also the first time in my available memory that i am flying on an airplane with my father.  one time when i was in third grade lisa and i flew to a wedding in chicago for my god mother, thug and AJH went on a different flight b.c AJH was only in kindergarten and could miss more school.

i am very excited to spend all afternoon with my daddy.

in other news i am starting to pound water… thank you tervis tumbler.  it is very important to stay hydrated a. when you fly and b. running a marathon requires alot of water.

i will try and keep you posted but you might not see another post until i am a MARATHON FINISHER!

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its been raining for days it seems.  on saturday we got a bit of a reprieve so mr. match and i took to the national park for a jog mini-marathon.  i had no motivation to go for my run so i asked him to accompany me and push me.  he turned in to Béla Károly and i was poor injured keri sturgg gimping along trying not to let any one down.  we started our venture simple enough and about a mile in i asked how long we were going.  mr. match said oh not to far.  i suggested we go 8 miles and he said no 12.  i was game as i had just figured i would sweet talk my way out of the last 4 as i was to be tapering.  if only it had been so easy.

as we raced along, aspen out in frount of us pulling poor mr. match along, life seemed good.  my legs felt strong, then it happened.  it started a a bit of a funny feeling in my stomach.  i stopped for a second to recompose myself but in the back of my head i knew it was not going to be pretty from this point on.  for years now i have been struggling with bowel problems and in the past 4 months they have gotten out of control.  i go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can get some answered.  i first thought i was gluten intolerant but they have the opposite problem as i do.  they have to take shadoobie, where as i cannot and end up looking like i am 6 months pregnant. but i digress.

so at about mile 2.5 i had to poop.  no way about it.  i asked mr. match if there was a rest room up ahead and he said yes soon.  LIES.  it was a port-a-john about 1 mile head.  i thought this was the worst part of the run.  i trudged on now in sevear pain and as risk of pooping my pants.  i made it.  did my business and we were off again.  until about mile 4 when i had to go again.  mr. match unable to comprehend that i was now in the mist of a FULL BLOWN T.J. MAXX situation with no clear bathroom in sight told me to suck it up.  we continued running with me b*tching every so often about my situation.  at about mile 6.5 there was an actual rest room oasis!  without saying anything to him i took off for it.

HEAVEN!  but again i was ahead of myself.  after what i thought was an expulsion of everything my poor stomach had left i washed my hands, splashed water on my face and felt great like death and was holding back tears.

i caught up to mr. match and he asked if i was finally ok and we could get back to running.  i sulked a bit and said yes.  as we started our run back i could not keep the tears back any longer.  i was full on sobbing and pissed as hell.  i felt sick and was finally just over this hole thing.  my stomach hurt, my hip hurt, i was running slow, and i was having explosive shadobies all over a national park.  i was DONE.  but mr. match Béla Károly had other plans.  as i started to lag behind he attempted to console to which i screamed for him to f*ck off and then sprinted away from him in full sob mode.  as fast as i ran i could not out run him and i think part of him was happy to see me finally going faster then my go to 12 min a mile pace.  apparently i was going at about an 8:30/9 min mile and kept it up until all hell broke out in my bowels and i had to do it.  i had to poop in the woods.

my tears started up again and i could see that mr. match had ZERO patience left for this game.  so i reluctantly went into the woods.  after circling about like a dog i found a tree that i thoguht was wide enough to hide my shame, i squatted down and did it.  releif!  i then called to mr. mach and inqured what i should wipe with.  he suggested leaves and i asked about poison ivy.  because the only thing that would have this hole experience better was if i wiped my a$$ with poison ivy and had to run 26.2 miles with a rash on my butt.  i oped for a brown leave that i knew could not be ivy and pulled up my pants.  SHAME.  all i could think was i bet oprah did not have to do this shit when she trained for the chicago marathon.

at this point we had 4 miles left.  i think i used my new exclusive bathroom 5 more times in those 4 miles.  with 1 mile to go i sent mr. match ahead and then started to walk.  i walked myself all the way to the end and another bathroom oasis!  thankfully mr. match knew me well enough and pulled the car up out in front.  i appologized for my outbursts and thanked him for not allowing me to b*tch out.

if anything was to prepare me for this sunday it was that run. i only hope i do not relive that experience.


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also, you want to follow my marathon you can do so via the run tracker: my bib number is 46753

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ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL THE MARATHON.  one week from now i will be almost finish with the marathon and loving life.

one week from from now i will be on my way to completing one of my life time goals.  i will also be doing it 6 days before i turn 25.

the only thing that will be missing from the day will be my mom seeing me finish, she is staying home to watch k$.

what am i going to do after completing my goal?

CELEBRATE and get a  vodka martini straight up and dirty with extra olives (blue cheese if you have them!) with little ajh who can now drink in EVERY bar in chi town!

for all of you who are in chi town and watch to cheer me on here is a Map.  i will be running with the nike pace team for a 5 hour finish.

I believe i will finally get to cross the starting line about 7:40 and will be running roughly 12 minute miles from there!    i will update on my outfit closer to  the date!

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have you ever been in a situation when you are not quite sure what the best thing to do is?

today i  got my hair cut.  the last time i got my hair cut i was living in chicago so at least 15 months ago.  i have only had two hair cuts i loved.  the first was my “ally mcbeal” in the 6th grade, the second was the rachel bob.  i would have held off longer with the hair but but after seeing how it photographed at ajh’s birthday party i knew i had to get it fixed before the wedding this weekend.

i approached todays hair cut with low expectations.  i went to a place that i found on the internet and had lots of good reviews but knew better than to get my hopes up.

what i wanted was simple.  keep the length (i need to be able to french braid it for the marathon) and get rid of yucky parts.  my stylist seemed to understand and we went to get my hair wash.  now maybe i have been spoiled but usually don’t you get a little head massage?  it’s my fav part of the hair cut!  i got nothing.  even when she shampooed my hair she barely massaged my scalp.  she also kept getting my hair all in my earrings (they were posts) during the shampoo and the cut!

As we went back to her station she started to comb out my hair.  OUUCH!  not only did she basically used the comb to rake my ears off my head, she also never once appoligized for pulling my hair or asked if i was comfortable. i was clearly wincing and at 1 one point almost jumped out of the chair.

I attempted to make small talk with her but that was fruitless so i sat.  at one point she caught me (well i was balently doing it so not really caught) watching other stylists and she turned me around so that i could not see anyone else in in the salon.  at the end when she turned me around it basically looked like i got out of the shower and blow dryed my own hair.  nothing. also with a middle part.  i told her very clearly that i part my hair over my right eye.

what really got me was when originally i was told it would be $40 and then she charged me $50.  I almost said something and then she said “oh and by the way i only take cash”.  thank god i had cash on me… who tells you this after the hair cut????  i handed her over $60 and then when i said i do not need changed she said ” oh here’s my card.  see you next time.”  i should have said yes… $20.  but that would have been rude.

there were 4 points at which i should have said something to her about my unhappiness about my experience but i bit my tongue not knowing exactly what to say and wanting to be polite.

i really like the salon just not my girl.  there were many other people getting cuts and all of them chatting away laughing.  my next cut will be giving my hair to locks of love.  hopefully i will have a better experience!

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i know y’all are probably so sick of hearing about my countdown until my trip to fl and visit with my ultimate BFF AMC.  its only 15 days away!!!  i have already started laying out clothes that i want to take so that they will be clean before i leave!  i am also flying southwest so i can take 2 BAGS!!!

i have so much to do today so for my bit of happy i took my first yoga class at the space above.  it was a basics class and a good way to get back in the yoga mood after taking my 4 month hiatus.  i was so happy to finally be able to take a class there as i have been trying for like 3 weeks.  On monday i am going to take an all levels vinyasa class, baring anything coming up.

with the school year winding down i don’t think i will be doing any more teaching until fall (which makes me so sad) but allows me to start doing more things for me!

i am becoming obsessed with purchasing a monogram machine (if you have any advice please share with me!!! asplashofhappy at g mail dot com).  i have been asking around an no one seems to know ANYONE in the area that will do custom monogramming.  this makes me really miss charlotte where there were tons of stores!  perhaps if i do get my machine i can go into business with AMC and sell room it up!!!! and FINALLY get all of my things monogrammed.

seconding i am truly considering becoming a member of the norfolk junior league.  i have followed one of my fav. bloggers JGIWC as she became a member over the last year and i truly think it is something i want to do.  i had to miss the first information meeting but hope that they will have another so i can meet some of the girls.

lastly CHICAGO MARATHON training started yesterday… sort of.  I played 2 hours of tennis with one of the women from my team so i did not run and today i did yoga so tomorrow is my first 3 mile run to start training!  i am considering starting a new page so you can follow me!!!  (hopefully i get my monogram machine before the race so i can monogram my outfit.  i was thinking matching headbands for me and all my cousins who are running, and HEP who is also running!)  i was thinking of buying all of us sweaty bands then monograming our initials and 10.10.10.  so cute right!

ok.  off to s*buck to study and be productive.  happy wednesday!

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