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my old place of employment and about 90% of my wardrobe. i love it what can i say.


This is what I wore to sub today. I have not done one if these in a while b.c I have been wearing ugly shit and reusing outfits. Props to me for getting my act together.

Skirt: anthropology ages ago (like 2004)
Top: j crew
Shoes: Liz claiborne got them at off Broadway. They are tearing up my feet. Well just my right foot which is a whole size smaller then my left. I will have to get an insert to fix it.

Do you like my hair? I was going for those soft waves I lust after. Much work needs to be done on them.


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Sorry I have been so remiss in posting wdywt?’s.
Today I subbed pre-k.

Everything is j.crew but my shoes. They are by ugg.

My hair turned out great today. I used the dry shampoo after I got out of the shower and set it in rollers for 30 min. I really liked how it turned out.

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yesterday i did a bad thing. i did a very bad thing.  i went to j.crew.  in an attempt to save money i have stayed FAR FAR FAR away from their website, catalogs and store.  having done a lot of subbing lately and finding out that in january i get to go back on my dads health insurance i decided that i would go blow two months worth of health insurance at j.crew.

but it was not on just anything.  you see, i need outfits for my cousins rehearsal dinner, family thanksgiving/Christmas eve parties and such.  so i picked up the green skirt in the clipping below.  i also got a top similar to the Alexander McQueen one for $9.99.

i have shoes similar to the jimmy choo’s they have a bow at the toe from j.crew last year.  i have been searching for the perect pair of swiss dot tights and unfortunately these from modcloth are sold out.  my search will have to continue.


i also ordered this turtleneck:

and the gray skirt below:

i own the other options and think this will be the perfect start to my student teaching.

i also think i might be EXTRA naughty and buy this skirt:


i mean i must have it and cannot really live without it right?


its just screaming christmas eve party.


the worst part of this little shopping spree is that i only got 4 items and should not feel guilty at all.  because they are totally expand my wardrobe by like 200%.   i also really want like so many more things and plus i have to get dress up (read not leggins or sweats or jeans) EVERY day next semester to student teach!  (have i convinced you… i still feel guilty)

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Today I again did my hair using the dry shampoo method. This is going to be a life saver next semester in student teaching! I might need to get smaller hot rollers or just more.

Top and skirt j.crew. Tights Kate spade, shoes Tory burch.

In other news my school friend cwd used her reusable coffee cuff yesterday! Have you bought one yet. I will be doing a give away next week so get excited for that!!!

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J.crew pants and jacket, banana republic sweater t, Tory burch flats.

Don’t you love how once again my hair is in a towel. Went to school with it wet and at 2:15 when I finally have a break…it’s still wet!

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J.crew: pants, jacket, headband.
Target: ls T-shirt

Used tresemmé new dry shampoo on my hair. In love!!!


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oh katie holmes.  my you are a far cry from joey on the show my mommy would not let me watch because you slept in dawson’s bed.  now you are shacked up with the BIGGEST creeper on the face of the earth and raising what can only be described as the MOST SPOILED CHILD on the face of the earth.

ps i love you surri and anything you have in your closet that you no longer want you can send my way!

anyway in the newest j.crew catalog you can get your fix of not only kaite but also Rebecca Lawrence, Adam Brody, Josh Duhamel,  Malin Akerman, and Jeremy Strong.  wahoo! you can see a sneak peak over at OMG!

what i am most excited about is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

how good does this look?  it opens on september 10 and i am wishing i had a great group of girls here in VA to go see it with.  its based on a book, that i have not read, and will be picking that up when i finish the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest.

happy monday!


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so much to go over.  first i would just like to say that i am so happy the internet is fix!!

I will start with a recap of my visit with amc.  in a word AMAZING!  from the moment i stepped off the plane i had a blast.  all the time wondering why it had been a while year since we last hung out.  we hit up the gardens (a real mall!!!!) and i spent way to much money.  good thing i had saved up for my trip.

from lululemon i got the cool racerback.
i have already worn it twice and am in love with it.  AMC has a few of them and wears them for tennis.  I wore this first on the plane ride back and then yesterday at yoga.   i love it that it is so long and light weight.  feels like i’m wearing nothing.

from j.crew amc and i got hats.
my hat is not available on line… good thing i scooped it up when i did.  i am overly obsessed with it and cannot wait to break it out in Michigan…. is a labor day wedding outside to late to wear it???  i’ll make it work!

lastly we picked up some t’s from the gap.  it was so nice to be able to go to all these shops at one mall and not dive like a looney from here to kingdom come like i have to do in va!

other high-lights of the weekend were getting gyros!!!, mani/pedis, the bech with amc and her mom!, the sand bar with jpc and brodie, and dinner at the food shack and black marlin!  it was such a great time and flew by so fast!  here is a little photo montage of the trip… more can be see at facebook.

now i just need to get my life living situation squared away so AMC JPC and brodie can come visit me!!!

for all of you miami alums sorry i could not make it to ohio for alumni weekend… the beach with amc was just so more enticing!  a mini miami reunion minus skippers.  hopefully i will be in attendance next year !

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i am feeling less then motivated today so now spectacular post again… SORRY.

i have mounds of school work and reading to do and lisa signed me up to do relay for life tonight.  while i do love a good charity event and do feel like cancer should be eradicated i do not under stand how walking in circles all night long is going to help.  i would much rather bake a cake, run a 5k, play in a tennis tournament,  or attend a benefit.  i was in a sorority and plan on joining the junior league so philanthropy is not out of my realm but all night not sleeping in a bed… REALLY?

staying up all night walking in circles and hanging out in tents is just not the way i chose to spend my friday night. (or any night… i love sleep more than most things)

did you see free shipping and 20% swim wear at j.crew?   no code necessary.  i have long been a fan of j.crew swim wear.  i got my first j.crew tankini in the 7th grade.  they are great.  i would go up a size in both tops and bottoms.  it used to be you just had to go up a size in bottoms but now tops to.  unless you like having your goodies hanging out! (AJH)

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today is a good day.  besides the fact that i am spending most of the day at doctors appointments. YUCK

i just booked my flight to visit AMC and my bathing suit is coming in the mail (i just love that my j.crew orders come two day… they should magical appear for how much i pay in shipping tho!)!!!

i also just got some awesome towels from bed bath and beyond that i am going to turn into work out towels once i can find a monogramer. (how do you spell that word?)

in additional news i believe mr. match and i are going out tonight.  wahoo!

i have a MOUND of school work so todays post is short and sweet.  i will have a good post soon.  promise!

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