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a favorite pass time. it is sure to add a splash of happy to any day!

you may have seen my BFF amc rave about birch box over on i like it. i love it

i first joined (got off the waiting list) in April and got my first box in May.  I was happy but not over the moon.  then came JUNE and i opened this:



FULL SIZE stila bronzer.

totally worth the $20 i have thus far invested in birch box.  i was a bit confused when the card that came with my box outlined different products but i would not trade anything i got.  i love love love my tili bag and will be saving all my products (besides the bronzer which i have worn everyday since i opened my box) for Colorado.

birch box is like everything i love about life combined into one:

 1. its mail!

2. its cheap

3. it pays for itself

4. its always a surprise!

you want it to?  its just a click away!


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this is an open letter to west elm:

I love you.  you are my newest addiction.  i cannot help but buy everything that you put on your website and send me in your catalog.  this being said we need to break up. my latest binge:

has made my new apartment amazing.

and while your products are reasonably priced and make my life look beautiful i think that after this i need to stop.

will i?

no, probably not.

and when i get those design dollars you promised me,

will i use them? yes

will i like it?  DOUBLE YES.

but the list of things i need is running low, and we are only buying for need right now.  so if you want my money (and i know you do!!!) please add a white kitchen table bench to your inventory line!!!  i will buy it and LOVE it forever i promise.

xoxo forever and always,


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It is not often that Lisa is ahead of the latest fashion trends. However in the 90s she was the proud owner of 2 coach willis bags

Then in the late 90s she decided to do the most awful thing she could ever do to me. She gave them to good will (or so she says, I think she’s secretly using them in texas now that I want them!)

Normally I am all for her getting rid of things but I would never ok giving away something of value (why I still have 4 pairs of jeans in my closet that don’t fit)

I recently asked her to mail me the camel colored bag. She claimed she could not find it. I thought she was lying. It was the truth. Now I have to pay $300 for a new one. Vs getting Lisa’s vintage bag. I am still holding out hope that we will find the bag next time I’m in Houston.

mom keep looking!!! I know you would have wrong me so bad as to give such a classic bag to the poor. They won’t love it the way this poor girl will!!!


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the past two weeks have been CRAZY.  its almost as if bailey knew that my life was going to take off and that i would be ok without him and he chose the perfect moment to move on.

my BIGGEST news is that i am moving!  i am not going very far just 5 doors down into a new apt and moving in with this guy:  (facebook)

which brings me to my

first obsession: MBP my new roommate, well house mate i guess.  we are bff’s and that is neat.

obsession 2: KOMBUCHAlike most things i refused to try this at first.  i looked into it a few years ago because bethany frankel was drinking it on her show.  then i saw the words fermented tea and i thought i would check myself.  i am currently in love with mystic mango and have tried cosmic cranberry which is a bit more vinegary and special than the mango.

OBSESSION 3: new sunglasses.  i have had the same sunglasses for about 2 years.  i left them at school on friday and had to drive ALL THE WAY TO SOUTH CAROLINA without them.  now i have to convince g-ma to take me to the mall (45 min away) to get some new ones.
thinking about getting these:seeing as i have to go to sunglass hut because the nearest nordstroms is back in charlotte and ill be DAMNED if i have to drive anywhere after the 9 hours it took me to get down here.

obsession 4: STRIPES

and yes i may just own all of these items (including the zebra) in the next few days

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for christmas lisa and pat got me this:

and yesterday i bought myself this:

have you been over to Jess LC?  there is so much great stuff

next up on my to buy this are these items:belmont scarf in grey and gold


jess who is the behind all these amazing products also has a blog make under my life

Jess LC is based in chicago (hence the armitage, the division and the diversy)

you can read more about Jess LC here

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so lately i have been getting a lot of these e-mail:

really pottery barn.  you want me to come back?  come back from where?  i have never been able to buy your over priced home-goods.  i have wanted to and dreamt about it and tried urging those who buy my things to purchase them for me but seriously telling me to come back produced a bit of rage in me.

this is the 6th email in as many days from the retailer pining for me. i have not left.  how about this pottery barn.  STOP putting really pretty expensive things on your website.  or let me be and STOP reminding me about how poor i am and how i cannot buy EVERYTHING from your website and achieve my goal of having a pottery barn house on martha’s vineyard right next to chelsea handler’s family house.  HOW ABOUT THAT POTTERY BARN???

in other news its a teacher workday so i get to wear sweat pants to work.  and go in at 8:30.  DOUBLE SCORE!

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anyone who is looking to buy my a holiday present need look no further than this list!  i am also still accepting late birthday presents!!


monogram pillow: AMH in expresso for my bedroom or dijon for the family room
these plates from west elm in H or AMH:

this to change up my bedroom monogrramed mine mine and all mine!:if only it was a chocolate or deep brown strip, maybe ill just have to get a grey pillow from above.

and this necklace. 

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when i transferred to catholic school in third grade (because i could not read or spell from my public education, the same education i now give to unsuspecting children) i had to get penny loafers.  it was penny loafers, saddle shoes or buster browns.

FLASHBACK: i was a FAT child.  you can ask AJH, Lisa or any boy i dated in highschool that was ambused with the photos when they came to the house.  i was very large.  thats ok.  i’ve recovered with therapy.  like 100 lbs in 4th grade large.  anyway this only make my normally fat feet ever wider.  i really wanted the pink saddle shooes, they did not make them in EEE so i had to get black and white.  when i wanted penny loafers the only ones in my size where with a heal.  inappropriate for third grade so we settled on buster browns.

well now i want penny loafers, the ones without the heal.

any of these (all available from zappos) will do!  (HINT HINT BIRTHDAY HINT)

Patricia Green: Katherine

Cole Haan: Air Tali Keeper Moc

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy Driver I would buy these right now if they had them in a darker color!

Lacoste: Concours

Frye: Otis Penny

a little trip over to the cole haan website brought me to this:

Air Penny Tantivy Driver

I MUST OWN THESE SHOES!  they are perfect for my birthday.  shiny and comfy, AND ON SALE.

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy

all my will power is going into not buying these!

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This is what I wore to sub today. I have not done one if these in a while b.c I have been wearing ugly shit and reusing outfits. Props to me for getting my act together.

Skirt: anthropology ages ago (like 2004)
Top: j crew
Shoes: Liz claiborne got them at off Broadway. They are tearing up my feet. Well just my right foot which is a whole size smaller then my left. I will have to get an insert to fix it.

Do you like my hair? I was going for those soft waves I lust after. Much work needs to be done on them.

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on wednesday my computer died. (just the battery not whole thing!!!!)

i left it unplugged until friday night and then only opened it to check the e-mail account that does not get forwarded to my phone. hence no blog post from me in a really long time.


but becuase i love and miss all of you i will leave you with this:

looks like i have a few staples to aquire!

you can get your own list here.  and check out matchbook’s newest issue!  happy memorial day weekend!

i’m off to tennis with the radiologist, and dinner with ames and a lovely day at the yacht club tomorrow!



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