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WARNING!! do not read on if you a. think i complain too much.  b. take adult sports seriously c. played tennis against me monday night.

So i am in a USTA tennis league.  it is all women who work (you can stop laughing i had student teaching!!).  anyway we play on sunday but it rained yesterday so i played my make up today.  i take tennis about as seriously as i take everything else in my life.  aka NOT SERIOUSLY AT ALL.

some women take tennis VERY seriously.  i played against one of these bitches last night.  you know the type, weather it is at your job, in an adult sports league or anywhere else where you run in to other people.  they want to win at all costs.  i have never been one of these people.  i actually don’t give a flying shit if i win.  i would rather play good tennis and get annihilated then play shitting tennis against ogars who play mind games.  and i would like to find a group of women who enjoy binge drinking after matches, before matches, DURING matches…

anyway this woman i played against really just pissed me off.  she called a let when it was my partners call, she called double bounces on me when they were my call and they DID NOT double bounce.  i mean seriously why on earth would i lie.  i do not lie.  EVER.  (its on facebook so it HAS TO BE true).

anyway back to this bitch at tennis.  she was a real pain and i now loath her.  while losing does not really bother me people playing middle school mind games really does.  i mean if the only thing you have going for you is winning by cheating at womens tennis then go for it, in the words of lisa “i’ll pray for you”.

also another thing that really bothers me is keeping the score in tennis.  i get stage fright when it is my serve and i always mess up.  this really pisses other people off.  the thing is i would swear to heaven above i say it right but everyone else tells me i say it wrong.  regardless i don’t know why you must not only concentrate on serving the ball but also scream out the score.  and why everyone has to jump up your ass when you say it wrong.

AGAIN this is adult tennis.  there is no money, no college money, no endorsement deals, NOTHING at stake.  so back off people.

end of my rant.  until sunday…


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omg i am living for the weekends.  this is not the way to live life as you only enjoy 2/7 of your life.  but it is what i have been reduced to this week.  On Tuesday i started counting down to the weekend and now that is it finally here i cannot imagine going back to school on monday.

when i said i had the week from hell i dont think it gives the whole picture.  i am pretty sure satan has manifested himself in 50 0ut of my 74 students.  So yes there are about 24 that are amazing.  They never speak out, never cheat, never ask the same questions 34 times.  They don’t talk back, they don’t fight, lie or try and beat the living shit out of one another.

BUT THE OTHER 50 made a pack with the devil to get their new air jordans.  i am sure with it.

because of this awful week that culminated in a HORRIBLE Friday i had to cancel my date last night.  i just could no do it.  i actually went to bed at 7:30 and woke up refreshed at 3am.  only to go back to sleep and wake up again this morning feeling WONDERFUL.

but it is the weekend and it is time to forget those little heathens and go on with my life…

tonight a Purim party with my jewish friends!  its 1920s themed, i was going to make myself a really cute dress this week but as you can only imagine from above i really did not have time.  so i will improvise!

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so normally i am a really happy person right?  well like many people i hate valentines day.  there is really no reason for me to do so but i just think it is completely pointless.  i mean people in relationships already had a day to celebrate their love, their anniversary!  why do we need to have another day where one 1/2 of the relationship thinks of all these great ideas and is completely disappointed by the shit the other 1/2 slaps together at the last minute.

i sound bitter right?  well get over it.  i am not bitter i am just cynical.  HUGE DIFFERENCE.  even when i was in a relationship i always found valentines day to be a let down.  maybe this was do to my other half??

For those of you entering the give away and posting about your best or worst valentines day you know what yours is.  what is mine?  well in high school my parents gave me tickets to time mcgraw for valentines day!  best ever!  worst ever, don’t really have one.  i bet most of you were thinking i was going to talk about when i met the ass hole (we went on our first date on valentines day, or last year right after we broke up) but no, the only one that really sticks out is when i got that ticket to tim mcgraw!

but back to why i am writing this post!  did you watch SNL?  you know i love SNL and watch it on sunday mornings on the DVR.  well on weekend edition this week stefan, played by bill hader, gave some awesome recommendations on what to do this valentines day in NYC.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

when he brought up the human suitcase i spit out my coffee.  this may be the best part of my valentines day.  well that and celebrating my BFF kris’s 25 birthday!  welcome to the old kids club!

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oh what a weekend i have had.  if you remember i finished the semester from hell on thursdays.  i got another 4.0 in case you were wondering.  oh and i also got two additional A’s in the classes i was taking at the local community college.  One would think that would be a happy ending to this semester.  WRONG.  i got a lovely little e-mail from the incompetent people in the college of education telling me that they were unable to place me in my student teaching assignment because i had not met all the requirements.  after inquiring about what requirement i had not met the lovely individual informed me that i cannot placed to student teaching in a social students classroom becuase i had not taking the social studies praxis.  WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

A. i do not want to be in a social studies classroom
B. i aced the math praxis and do not plan on taking the social studies one
C. the forms i filled out and turned in IN SEPTEMBER CLEARLY STATE i should be in a math classroom and HAVE met all the requirments and were singed by my advisor.  so why on the last day of the semester i was informed that i would not be able to student teaching is really beyond me.


so after a very stressful few hours of going back and forth via e-mail becuase the gate keeper in the advising office won’t ever let you talk to anyone i finally got the placement lady to say “i will try and find you a math placement for the spring”


you have had my forms since September, you made the mistake and read them wrong and did not do your job and you are going to TRY and find me a placement?!?!?

needless to say i am a little upset over this.  i think that if they do not find me a placement i am going to just go over to the school i sub at and ask if i can do it there.  and then have the school deal with it.


in other news i have a great post coming and by fight in the kitchen with a klocky recipe and dinner with the tennis ladies!

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Ever feel like your being punished. You can’t really pinpoint who is punishing you or for what but you know your being punished.

Right now I feel that way. Well every time I have to go on car trip with my family I feel this way. I don’t know if its the fact that lisa constantly make the ehhsssshhh sound Every time pa-thug hits the breaks, the fact that k$ talks the whole time or the fact that I am squished in the back seat and feel like a hostage or a combo of all of the above. Regardless it feels like a punishment.

I really should not complain because I am so lucky to have a large extended family and parents who drive me to spend time with them. Its just that right now I have had enough!

Here is a sample of the non-stop chatter that has been ringing in my ear. At this point I would love for a tsa agent to violate me because it would get me out of this car!

Out of nowhere:
K$: ma I cannot wait till I turn 35.
K$ hits lisa again (this is the last straw)
K$: I cannot wait to turn 35
Lisa and pa-thug: why?
K$: then I can run for president! And we can all move into the white house together.
Pa-thug slams on brakes because of traffic
Lisa acts like her life is ending
K$: am (me) will you like living at the white house with me?
Me: no I like living alone
K$: but I will give you medicade when I am president!
I then busy out laughing.
K$: I will get you ensurance wireless too. 250 minutes for free and 250 text messages!

So this year on the eve of thanksgiving I would like to share that while I complain I am thankful for my family, I am thankful that k$ always adds hilarity to my life, lisa saves us from crashing into cars and helps pat to always stop a safe distance behind all other cars and for pa-thug for always driving us. No matter how much we all complain. Also that I have loved ones to visit!

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to check back tomorrow for a coupon good from black Friday to cyber Monday!

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so yesterday i redeemed my second groupon.  this experience was SO MUCH BETTER than the first.  i tested out the salon last week and had my eyebrows waxed.  The aesthetician (small asian women with noticeable accent) was awesome and my eyebrows turned out great so i ventured back yesterday for my first ever professional bikini wax.

i have been using bliss poetic waxing on and off since the beginning of the summer (AMC tried it first then i just HAD to have it!)

i have stayed away from professional waxing as i have reservations about letting a stranger poke around in my lady parts but the group make me put my fears aside and sign up.  it only cost $5 as i had a $10 credit and the coupon was selling for $15.  plus my $5 tip it was only $10 STEAL.

i was very pleased with the service i received at letoile day spa and made sure to say so on the usual places i knock businesses for sub par services.  i told the aesthetician that it was my first professional wax and i was not sure about the procedure.  she told me what to do and was very knowledgeable and put me at ease even though i was quite vulnerable.

we are not best friends and i will be seeing her again in a few weeks.  this has also restored my faith in groupon.

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it’s a funny thing, family.  they are the people closest to you but they also end up being the people you have to guard yourself around the most.

this past weekend as most of you know from my twitter feed i attended a family wedding in cincinnati ohio.  this was my first time back in cincinnati since the asshole my ex cheating became known to me and he disappeared from my life and i broke up.  i had not wanted to attend this wedding since it was announced in march (on their 100th day of dating) for a plethora of reasons most notably be this was supposed to be my wedding and not hers.

i digress.  the main issue that came up again and again over the weekend was how everyone in our family needed to walk on egg shells around each other.  i am a very vocal person and when  i have a problem i like to let people know.  this was unacceptable and my expectations of what should happen at a nuptial ceremony (a cherry popping in this case) were not met.

having been to quite a few weddings in my life time and being an avid follower of all things emily post i have to say that my lovely cousin must not be.  i will only refer to the fact that i did not receive an invitation and was not listed on my parents… this was the beginning of a long list of grievances.

while i have to admit that my manners were not as good as they should have been i accept full accountability and admit i should not have knocked the taco line or whispered to a younger cousin of the irony of the groom getting his first pink taco later.  that being said i did bite my lip when there was no vodka at the bar, then they ran out of the wine i was drinking.  my pot almost boiled over however, when over the mic the dj chastised all those with cupcakes (ONLY ME) and told the whole place to wait.  UM IT WAS A BUFFET AND THEY WERE AT THE END!  to me that means take one.  oops!

my list of oddities at this little soriee could continue indefinitely but i will end my complaints there.  as one must also remember if you cannot say anything nice, write about it in your blog!

(i also want to clarify that i have never been blessed enough to have a wedding and therefore am aware i do not know exactly all the stressers involved)

here are some photos from the event:

lisa and thug – SO INLOVE

all the cousins (with our new cousin-in-law)

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have you ever been in a situation when you are not quite sure what the best thing to do is?

today i  got my hair cut.  the last time i got my hair cut i was living in chicago so at least 15 months ago.  i have only had two hair cuts i loved.  the first was my “ally mcbeal” in the 6th grade, the second was the rachel bob.  i would have held off longer with the hair but but after seeing how it photographed at ajh’s birthday party i knew i had to get it fixed before the wedding this weekend.

i approached todays hair cut with low expectations.  i went to a place that i found on the internet and had lots of good reviews but knew better than to get my hopes up.

what i wanted was simple.  keep the length (i need to be able to french braid it for the marathon) and get rid of yucky parts.  my stylist seemed to understand and we went to get my hair wash.  now maybe i have been spoiled but usually don’t you get a little head massage?  it’s my fav part of the hair cut!  i got nothing.  even when she shampooed my hair she barely massaged my scalp.  she also kept getting my hair all in my earrings (they were posts) during the shampoo and the cut!

As we went back to her station she started to comb out my hair.  OUUCH!  not only did she basically used the comb to rake my ears off my head, she also never once appoligized for pulling my hair or asked if i was comfortable. i was clearly wincing and at 1 one point almost jumped out of the chair.

I attempted to make small talk with her but that was fruitless so i sat.  at one point she caught me (well i was balently doing it so not really caught) watching other stylists and she turned me around so that i could not see anyone else in in the salon.  at the end when she turned me around it basically looked like i got out of the shower and blow dryed my own hair.  nothing. also with a middle part.  i told her very clearly that i part my hair over my right eye.

what really got me was when originally i was told it would be $40 and then she charged me $50.  I almost said something and then she said “oh and by the way i only take cash”.  thank god i had cash on me… who tells you this after the hair cut????  i handed her over $60 and then when i said i do not need changed she said ” oh here’s my card.  see you next time.”  i should have said yes… $20.  but that would have been rude.

there were 4 points at which i should have said something to her about my unhappiness about my experience but i bit my tongue not knowing exactly what to say and wanting to be polite.

i really like the salon just not my girl.  there were many other people getting cuts and all of them chatting away laughing.  my next cut will be giving my hair to locks of love.  hopefully i will have a better experience!

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do you ever just need to vent?  who do you turn to?

thankfully i have a great support system of people who i am able to turn to when i just need to get things out.  recently i think i have been using them a bit too much.

the chain of vent usually goes as follows:

-mr. match

it gets a tad re-arranged depending on the topic of the vent and the catalyst.

i just want to talk all of you for always listening and have some of the best advice a girl could ever get!

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i am overly obsessed with groupon.  this is nothing new.

i hate poor customer serivce and LOVE good customer service (having work for almost a whole YEAR  at j.crew i know something about customer service).

this brings me to my recent groupon experience.  one month ago i got a groupon for $99 for 4 laser hair removal treatments.  i did not realize that actually using my groupon would turn in to the worse customer experience of my life!  (including gateway and the cable/heat issue in chicago).

this is how it went.

On monday I called The Spa and Laser Center. The first thing I was asked was it if had purchased a coupon and then was told I would not be able to be seen for 11 months. I asked if there were cancellations and if I could be put on a waiting list and the snooty women told me “NO ONE HAS EVER CANCELED”. I asked it there was anyway I could be seen sooner than 11 months out and she told me if i did not like it i could return my coupon I did not have to get the treatment. we hung up.

The next day I called back and said I did not have the coupon and was told I could be seen that week and was treated completely differently. I was invited to an open house were I could sample treatments.

So yesterday I called groupon.  The women i spoke to the in morning was appalled at the situation i described and said that she was so sorry and wanted to know what i would like done. I expressed my concern at having a laser pointed to my cooter by someone who might consider me a second rate customer.  she totally understood and agreed that his is an unacceptable situation and they escalated the situation and said the manager from The Spa and Laser Center might call me.

The manager did call me.  I explained the situation and she said “well i am sorry BUT i am a business women and you did purchase this at a discount”.  (UM YES YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS?!?!?)  She told me that the only had one laser technician (this is a spa and LASER center) and that if I did not want to be seen in 11 months I could return my coupon. I told her about my experience calling twice and she informed me that I did not have preference over “paying customers” and wanted to know why I thought I was special.   I explaned that i did not think i was special but i also want to know why there was such a discrepancy.  she had no legitimate response.

Back to groupon i went.  This time i talked to a new individual, a male, who i re-explained the situation to.  he was flabbergasted.  He assured me that this is NOT what groupon was about and that The Spa and Laser Center signed a contract that stipulated they do not treat coupon holders differently.  He said he would personally exclated this with in groupon and was so applogetic.  I received a full refund.

I am tres sad that i am not going to be getting my treatment.  but would rather continue using my bliss at home wax kit then possible have my kaslopis mangled by a hair removal laser.

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