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the individual i go on dates with.


for anyone who knows me personally they know i love to read.  not as much as i love trashy tv but reading is close behind.  right now i have 5 books i received for my birthday and right before that i have not finished (two are started, i know i know one at a time!) but with school and life getting in the way i have yet to complete any of them.

on my bed side table:

(image from

(image from

(image from

(image from

(image from

i am currently heavily involved with Hotel New Hampshire.  Mr. Match gave it to me for my birthday and he said my family reminded him of the family in the book.  At first i did not know to take it but after seeing so many of the striking similarities i might just take it as a complement!  i was involved with Devil in the White City but then thug took it to read on the flight to the marathon and i have not touched it since.

I have been turning to True Prep whenever i need a chuckle or a little preppy inspiration and cannot wait to get into The Art of Racing in the Rain.  AMC gave me both of these for my birthday and just LOVED The ART.

I have also decided that since i read oh so much and HAVE to buy my books (its an issue but hey its one of my only pleasures) i have made these little stickers to go in them so that others know they are mine when i lend them out!  they will be for sale in my etsy shop soon!

do you just love them?


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great news friends!


bad news its in Memphis Tennessee and he is needed asap!  this means that he and aspen are going to be leaving me.  while i am so excited for him and this amazing new opportunity (he is working for a direct competitor of thug’s company!) i will miss my thursday night tv buddy and my sunday funday partner!  while i have known about the high probability of him moving i am so thankful it happend after jersey shore and mad men’s season finale!

i would insert a sad face picture but i look like hell right now (a dirty martini and a shot of jameson last night to celebrate create a unpretty morning) so i put in a picture of aspen…

and yes that is him trying to get the last crumb out of the moe’s bag !

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so i survived my first weekend on crutches and also survived my first few days as a 25 year old.

i have to say nothing has really changed.  but i now have a very nice pair of diamond earrings.

sunday, i got my bake on.  lisa and i made coffee cake out of americas test kitchen and then i made Tiramisu, i got the recipe off a fellow miamian’s blog amuse bouche.

the tiramisu was best monday night but was very good sunday night.  i think it just needed to sit longer.  we had a hard time finding marscopne cheese and lady fingers.  next time i will be making my own lady figures (thanks julia child!).  this recipe also did not produce as much cheese filling as i wanted.  i will again blame this on the crapy lady fingers i had to use.

i have no picture of the coffee cake as lisa was in charge and i was on crutches so i just read the directions.  i will make it again and review it.  i loved it and it was just like the cinnamon coffee cake at starbucks!  in love!!!  k$ ate all of the left overs so i can not even show you a picture of those.  maybe i should just not have mentioned the coffee cake at all.  sorry.

in other news my life is again in shambles and i might need to go back into my school hole and resurface in a few days… i will blame it on the stress fractured hip and the fact that i will move mountains to be able to sub because i need MONEY so bad.

this weekend mr. match and i are going to a halloween party with the lady i baby sit for.  (haha sorry b. but your original name sticks!)  we are going to be old people on our way to bingo.  so grandpa and crutches fit in just fine.  (grandpa is mr. match’s nick name).

additional news:

my good friend hp called from med school.  she was concerned about my poop issues and wanted to wish me a happy birthday.  no i am not being funny she TOLD me she follows them via the blog!  this made my day!  i am so glad someone else besides me cares about my movements!  she also wants/needs to be set up with hot chief resident.

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its been raining for days it seems.  on saturday we got a bit of a reprieve so mr. match and i took to the national park for a jog mini-marathon.  i had no motivation to go for my run so i asked him to accompany me and push me.  he turned in to Béla Károly and i was poor injured keri sturgg gimping along trying not to let any one down.  we started our venture simple enough and about a mile in i asked how long we were going.  mr. match said oh not to far.  i suggested we go 8 miles and he said no 12.  i was game as i had just figured i would sweet talk my way out of the last 4 as i was to be tapering.  if only it had been so easy.

as we raced along, aspen out in frount of us pulling poor mr. match along, life seemed good.  my legs felt strong, then it happened.  it started a a bit of a funny feeling in my stomach.  i stopped for a second to recompose myself but in the back of my head i knew it was not going to be pretty from this point on.  for years now i have been struggling with bowel problems and in the past 4 months they have gotten out of control.  i go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully can get some answered.  i first thought i was gluten intolerant but they have the opposite problem as i do.  they have to take shadoobie, where as i cannot and end up looking like i am 6 months pregnant. but i digress.

so at about mile 2.5 i had to poop.  no way about it.  i asked mr. match if there was a rest room up ahead and he said yes soon.  LIES.  it was a port-a-john about 1 mile head.  i thought this was the worst part of the run.  i trudged on now in sevear pain and as risk of pooping my pants.  i made it.  did my business and we were off again.  until about mile 4 when i had to go again.  mr. match unable to comprehend that i was now in the mist of a FULL BLOWN T.J. MAXX situation with no clear bathroom in sight told me to suck it up.  we continued running with me b*tching every so often about my situation.  at about mile 6.5 there was an actual rest room oasis!  without saying anything to him i took off for it.

HEAVEN!  but again i was ahead of myself.  after what i thought was an expulsion of everything my poor stomach had left i washed my hands, splashed water on my face and felt great like death and was holding back tears.

i caught up to mr. match and he asked if i was finally ok and we could get back to running.  i sulked a bit and said yes.  as we started our run back i could not keep the tears back any longer.  i was full on sobbing and pissed as hell.  i felt sick and was finally just over this hole thing.  my stomach hurt, my hip hurt, i was running slow, and i was having explosive shadobies all over a national park.  i was DONE.  but mr. match Béla Károly had other plans.  as i started to lag behind he attempted to console to which i screamed for him to f*ck off and then sprinted away from him in full sob mode.  as fast as i ran i could not out run him and i think part of him was happy to see me finally going faster then my go to 12 min a mile pace.  apparently i was going at about an 8:30/9 min mile and kept it up until all hell broke out in my bowels and i had to do it.  i had to poop in the woods.

my tears started up again and i could see that mr. match had ZERO patience left for this game.  so i reluctantly went into the woods.  after circling about like a dog i found a tree that i thoguht was wide enough to hide my shame, i squatted down and did it.  releif!  i then called to mr. mach and inqured what i should wipe with.  he suggested leaves and i asked about poison ivy.  because the only thing that would have this hole experience better was if i wiped my a$$ with poison ivy and had to run 26.2 miles with a rash on my butt.  i oped for a brown leave that i knew could not be ivy and pulled up my pants.  SHAME.  all i could think was i bet oprah did not have to do this shit when she trained for the chicago marathon.

at this point we had 4 miles left.  i think i used my new exclusive bathroom 5 more times in those 4 miles.  with 1 mile to go i sent mr. match ahead and then started to walk.  i walked myself all the way to the end and another bathroom oasis!  thankfully mr. match knew me well enough and pulled the car up out in front.  i appologized for my outbursts and thanked him for not allowing me to b*tch out.

if anything was to prepare me for this sunday it was that run. i only hope i do not relive that experience.


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.2010 Oxfords & Oysters.

since celebrities write open letters all the time i figured i would write one…

dear mr. match,

please pay $250 (price of 2 vip tickets) so you can i can drive to baltimore and go to Oxfords & Oysters and get the amazing gift bag.  it is only a few hours away and i really want to go.  i am a very poor grad student and this is like the mecca of all things me.  if you take me i will be sooo happy and promise not to ask to meet your mom for 3 whole weeks.  WE will also get a free gift bag.  you KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE FREE GIFT BAGS!!!!

the even is also near the aquarium… LOVE aquariums!

it is next weekend and we do not have anything planned!  it will be so much fun.  i will even put in $5!  or maybe more… how about $10.


ms. happy

for all the rest of you check out this event!  while i am a lover of all things preppy i am also a lover of seafood and savings animals (except for animals that murder squirrels THIS means YOU foxes, coyotes, wild cats, hawks, owls, and snakes).  i have also developed a new love of the ocean and want to protect it.  THIS MEANS I AM AFTER YOU BP.

any of you going to oxfords & oysters?


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do you ever just need to vent?  who do you turn to?

thankfully i have a great support system of people who i am able to turn to when i just need to get things out.  recently i think i have been using them a bit too much.

the chain of vent usually goes as follows:

-mr. match

it gets a tad re-arranged depending on the topic of the vent and the catalyst.

i just want to talk all of you for always listening and have some of the best advice a girl could ever get!

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i have food issues.

the list of foods i like is long.  how i like them and what they can touch is SHORT.  that being said i love yogurt in any form but only few flavors.  my newest yogurt kick is kefir.  (lisbeth drinks it in the stieg larson books!)

(image from

the stuff is amazing.  i poor it over my oatmeal when i want a change from raspberry jam, drink it and today for the first time i made it into a parfait.  (i was out of trader joes low fat vanilla yogurt).  I used the pomegranate flavor and poured 1 cup (the serving size) in to my container then tossed in a hand full of blueberry and topped it with trader joes vanilla almond granola.  it was AMAZING!

here is the nuturition for the kefir:

(image from

notice how it is GLUTEN FREE!!!  with the blueberries it totally filled me up! i know that skinny b*tch says to cut out dairy but i could never do that… its basically the only thing i eat besides brown rice, fruit and vegetables.

the second amazing part of my lunch was the throwback mountain dew.  i had to get one yesterday for a house guest and purchased one for myself.  according to the nutrition facts it is better for you then the regular stuff, it TASTES SO MUCH BETTER and does not have high fructose corn syrup (my personal nemesis).

i am also having left over salad from mr. match’s and i dinner last night but its just straight up veggies and nothing interesting. but the parfait filled me up so i am going to save it for later to eat closer to my tennis match.  me and mr. match are playing the banana open this weekend.


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jersey shore is back!

there are few things i LOVE more in life then a good tv series that i can become personally invested in … real house wives of NYC, giuliana and bill, bethenny getting married, modern family, glee, mad men, tudors, etc.  (i am an adict).  AND NOW I HAVE JERSEY SHORE.

last night mr. match came over, after our massive thunderstorm, and i made tacos and got FREE queso from moe’s and we watched the season permere.  we also indulged in dark chocolate klondike bars with whip cream.  i think he actually bought the redi whip for aspen who went crazy when he heard the sound ala bailey.

as some of you have seen i requested, via twitter, that mr. match become a gorilla juice head but then took it back as i feel that snooki would come to va and steal him.

highlights from last nights episode: everyone’s blatant hatred for angelina (who gives my favorite mouse ballerina a bad name!), snooki hating on obama for the 10% tan tax and spray tanning herself, and use of the word creep!  i think brian moylan did an awsome recap over on gawker

the thing that really wraps me up in JS is that all these lovely individuals are my age.  i can remember being in 7th grade and watching real world hawaii and wondering hoping that is how life is at 22.  now i am on the verge of 25 (GULP) and i see these creeps are anomalies that i need to live vicariously through.

i also wonder who determined that they need something like $20,000 an episode?  why do we reward such vial entertaining behavior?  and why is AJH not racking up the G’s on one of these shows???  or for that matter why doesn’t mtv/E!/bravo come to my house and tape the insanity that is my life.  i would do it for $1,000 an episode, but if i was offered more i would totally take it.

i was discussing my love of snooki with AJH and told her i wanted to be the white snooki.  she informed me that snooki is indeed white like me.  i want to use this forum to call her out on her bold faced lie because according to wikipedia snooki is a latina adopted to an italian family.  she was born in santiago, chile.  this opens a space for me to become the white, irish with a splash of german, waspy/preppy snooki.

i see a HUGE opportunity for a reality show.

it could be highlighted as i attend the plethora of weddings and awkward family situations i have lined up in the next few months.   (perhaps if he got paid mr. match would finally let me meet his mom… i take that back… this would probably keep me from meeting her)


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lately i have been over whelmed by a few top secret projects i have been working on.  on top of my school work (finished a class yesterday, 2 left!!!) and summer job these additional projects have gotten the best of me.  but enough of my complaining and excuses for why i have be a absentee blogger.

my top secret collaboration will stay under warps for a while longer but i will give you some hints!  i have been working with the AMAZING jamie over at sticker shop unlimited.  i got in touch with her from my friends over at room it up.

my second collaboration has been with one of my cousins who is currently in school for graphic design.  his views are amazing and i am so privileged to have a relative to bounce ideas around with.  he is super stoked because the work he is doing for me is filling up his portfolio!  i cannot wait to share all of this with you and wish i did not have to be so secretive.

back to normal splash of happy stuff: i recently bought essie’s chinchilly nail polish.

(photo from

you may remember i posted about my love of grey nail polish and i met with lisa monday after work at Ulta and picked it up.   i am totally loving it and suggest if you want a nice nude that is not pink based you go out and get it!

today i am finally getting back to yoga as well, i am totally looking forward to my 6 pm class.  i don’t know how it keeps happening but i have moved exersize from priority #1 to like #1000.  this is not good for my sanity, my behind or marathon training.  mr. match made a keen observation that it happend when i had the boot on and ever since i got it off i just have been out of sync.  now that i am down to 6 graduate credits i am going to move exersize back to #1 and hopfully get life back in sync.

how do you guys make sure you get out and work out enough?  i can use some tips!

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last night i had a great time at johnmayer.  the concert was great, he played old stuff,  new stuff and did some improv/covers that were awsome.

I am only sad that he did not play 3X5.  CWD my freind from school and her husband joined mr. match and i.  the four of us had a blast! we missed part of the opening act as we were the ONLY people tailgating before the concert.  maybe because it was a sunday night no one else was?  i came totally prepared with chips and corn salsa, a pitcher of raspberry margaritas and some watermelon.  we had the drinks but not the food and headed in.

i unfortunately came down the the stomach flew at 1:30 this morning and have just recovered enough to eat some oat meal and get on line.  I had to cancel both my babysitting jobs and feel like a real waste.

not much planned for the week ahead so look forward to some good posts, also mr. match’s blog might go live this week!!!  he has done the whole thing from scratch (no wordpress/blogger) for him.  i am so excited to see the finished product!

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