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anyone who is looking to buy my a holiday present need look no further than this list!  i am also still accepting late birthday presents!!


monogram pillow: AMH in expresso for my bedroom or dijon for the family room
these plates from west elm in H or AMH:

this to change up my bedroom monogrramed mine mine and all mine!:if only it was a chocolate or deep brown strip, maybe ill just have to get a grey pillow from above.

and this necklace. 


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recently i have found myself spending lots of alone time with both lisa and k$.  if you did not know lisa joined pintrest and i have been helping her with her pinning.

tonight we had another pinning session where she looked for haircuts. this was very fun.  i love how lisa has become an early adopter to this new amazing internet site.  i also like how i am the only person following her boards. [i am overly obsessed with pintrest, if you are not on it you are MISSING out]


on to the real meaning of this post.  my brother k$.

today i took k$ with me to run a special errand at target.  during this errand k$ overheard the details to a secret.  k$ cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it.  not only can he not keep a secret but he does the worlds most annoying secret keeping error of all time.  it goes a little something like this “AM AM AM oh never mind i cannot tell you, mom said i cannot tell you”  well you LITTLE SHIT why did you bring it up.

so after finishing our business at target, k$ and i got into the car and i looked at him and said “if you tell anyone about that secret i will castrate you”  he looked at me and said “i will not” and looked out the window.  This was not the response i was expecting so i asked money if he knew was castration was.  he pulled on his lip (tick #1) and then did this new monster hands thing (tick #2) and then said no.  i told him i would CUT OFF HIS BOY PARTS.  his eyes got huge and he stared at me.  his ticks went off again and then he popped his neck (tick #3).  He looked at me square in the eye and said “that is a threat.  you tell me a threat and i will take you to court”  he looked out the window and then shot back “you threaten me i will threaten you.  i will take you to court”.  suppressing laughter i looked at him and said “its not a threat its a promise.  i WILL castrate you if you tell that secret”

as i drove off to our next location with you missing a beat k$ [for the 10 time that day] started into how he does not need to go to school on june 16 for the 100th time.  i was so tempted to bring up his impeding castration again but i figured that would be to much…

about 10 min into the car ride he looked at me again and said “YOU TELL ME A THREAT [TICK #1 and #3] i will tell you a threat and take you to jail”  i guess it started to sink in.

hopefully he can keep it!


PS.  do you want this?  i think you do.  BUY IT NOW.

what about this:


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This is what I wore to sub today. I have not done one if these in a while b.c I have been wearing ugly shit and reusing outfits. Props to me for getting my act together.

Skirt: anthropology ages ago (like 2004)
Top: j crew
Shoes: Liz claiborne got them at off Broadway. They are tearing up my feet. Well just my right foot which is a whole size smaller then my left. I will have to get an insert to fix it.

Do you like my hair? I was going for those soft waves I lust after. Much work needs to be done on them.

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on wednesday my computer died. (just the battery not whole thing!!!!)

i left it unplugged until friday night and then only opened it to check the e-mail account that does not get forwarded to my phone. hence no blog post from me in a really long time.


but becuase i love and miss all of you i will leave you with this:

looks like i have a few staples to aquire!

you can get your own list here.  and check out matchbook’s newest issue!  happy memorial day weekend!

i’m off to tennis with the radiologist, and dinner with ames and a lovely day at the yacht club tomorrow!



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are you on pintrest?

you should be.  it is amazing and my newest obsession.  well i have been obsessing for a while but due to my tennis issues, sewing projects (post on that tomorrow), and all over life issues, i have not posted about it yet.

anyway pintrest is great.  you can pick up a picture from anywhere on the web and ‘pin’ it to your idea board on pintrest and share it with all the other pintrest people.  you can also have followers and follow people or just following their specific idea boards.

while i would like to pretend that this site adds lots of value to the world, it does not.  it just brings all the amazingness out on the world wide web and brings it to one place so i can more easily waste hours of my time.

if you are not on pintrest and want to be leave a comment below and i will invite you.  you have to be invited, and lucky for you, you know me and i will invite you.  i am that big of a deal.  (as if you did not know)



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have you been wondering how to get your hands on an exclusive cole b. outerwear scarf?


for valentines day i am teaming up with nicole of cole b. outerwear to give away a red scarf and a caroline coffee hug backed in red!

here is the scarf you will get!and the lovely nicole, of cole b. outerwear modeling it!

here i am wearing my blue cole b. outerwear scarf:
i also have an ivory one that i was going to wear to school today but since it is a SNOW day!  i am still in my pjs and makeup free so no picture YET!

who is nicole of nicole b. outerwear?  she is the mother of a adorable 7 month old, a pr genius and an expert crocheter (is that how you spell it?) .  she was also one of the inspirations for me to start my own etsy shop!  she is the daughter of lil deb cakes, and a true friend to me.  she had to recently move with her husband from charlotte to louisville, ky.  to say it was a big change for her would be an understatement.  but she put on her big girl panties and has made the best of it!  she even sells her scarves at a local shop and has become a local gem!

this is your chance to get a highly coveted scarf for FREE!

while nicole does not have her own etsy shop you can e-mail her at colebouterwear(at)gmail[dot]com.  she has an amazing color palette.

hopefully i can get some more pictures of the exact scarf we are giving away but due to my recent loss, it had been hard.

Contest rule:

for initial entry: leave a comment about your best/worst valentines day on this post.

after leaving a comment you can get additional entries by


the winner will be picked on monday at 5pm using


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did you read it?

the newest wave in amazing things i like to spend my time on is the internet magazine.  every time i see a new one i get this strange feeling of hate and wonder.  hate, because while i was wasting my life away at miami university i should have been forming my own internet magazine, with AMC, so we could be rich and famous ala mark zuckerberg without the feud (no facebook is not an internet magazine) BUT…

matchbook is

and so is lonymag

while i loved lony and look forward to is bimonthy issue i am HEAD OVER HEALS with matchbook.

from first look i was smitten with the kate spade esque home page.  perhaps its becuase the match book girl also views the world with rose colored glasses (i am thinking hers are with out scratches!) or maybe becuase we share the same fancys, either way, i must say, matchbook: i am in love with you!

i only wish i had a glossy copy to put it’s pictures up on my vision board.  (this would be if i had a vision board)  remind me to get back to that vision board thing… perhaps i can do it of my new space.

the piece on the burberry trench coat spoke to me.  i have been longing for one of these for as long as i can remember.  i have even come close to purchasing one at the burberry outlet but for such a special item i will be going to procure one from the source (if i ever have a grand just laying about) .

i suggest you get a nice hot cup of tea and sit down and snuggle up to the latest issue and welcome the lovely ladies of matchbook into your quite space.

much like Lonymag you can click on anything in the issue and be taken to it on the web.  great for my mind HORRIBLE for my pocket book (which is shrinking by the day).  i only wish i could crawl into the magazine and live for a day.  you can only imagine my delight on the section about stationery and i nearly lost myself in the letter press article.  i would love to learn letterpress and if i do return to chicago next year i will be signing up to take classes in the art.

i am obsessed


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i did another bad thing.  but this one is going to turn out alright… i hope.

i bought Adobe CS 5 (the premium version).  about 5 days ago i had to restart my computer and that meant my grand idea of just keeping illustrator open so that i can use it for forever was foiled.  now do not get me wrong i was not against purchasing it… i just do not have the money.  thankfully i am a student still and am able to get the student pricing but still that is alot of money for someone who makes nothing.

but i did it.  i used that secret emergency credit card and bought it.  it will arrive tomorrow (thank you free amazon prime membership because i am a student).  i am like a child waiting for santa to come.  like a crack head trolling the streets looking for a fix.  i can’t think of anything other then getting back on illustrator AND exploring in design (never used it!).

this new purchase really makes me want to enroll in a class that will teach me how to get the most out of my adobe suite.  i know that at the community college in Charlotte they had classes you could sign up for but i have yet to see anything like that here.  booo hooo.

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i remember the first time i realized stanta does not bring you everything you ask for.  it was in the 7th or 8th grade.  all i wanted for Christmas was a pager/beeper.  obviously b.c i was heavy into drug dealing and needed to be in contact with my peeps.  BUT SERIOUSLY it was the precursor to the cell phone and cool kids had one.  i remember andrew pace had one and he had just switched to our private school from the public school.  i knew of him since i was friends with a lot of the publics, and had a super big crush on him.  I NEEDED A BEEPER.  even rory on gilmore girls had one.  hers was extra special as it was a two way pager.  i never got a pager and my i distinctly remember telling my father that i wanted one.  he shot me down. fast!

so this year i will create my super big christmas list with all the things that i wish my big jolly friend would place under my nonexistent christmas tree.  (yes again this year lisa vetoed the christmas tree because we are going away for the holidays).  so in no paticular order:

Dear stanti,

its me again, ms. happy!  please put the following items under the christmas tree.  i have been super good this year and even stopped judging people so much!  i have also cut back on my alcohol consumption.  see sooooo good!  so if you could complete my chirstmas list this year i would be soo happy!  i would like:

a 2011 jeep grand cherokee in navy blue.  if you could just put the keys under the tree in a little white box with a red bow that would complete my dream!
an i pad

an hermes bangle
a goldendooled named mister belvedere gimlet.  i would like him to have a giant red bow and be in a large box.  also i would like for him to be a cuddlier.  and a sniffer!
yes this is on my desktop and the name of it is dog i want.  PLEASE SANTA!!!

a husband, santa i know this one is tricky.  but i know you can do anything so lets work on it.  i am not getting any younger and now i am 58 months away from being 30.  we need to get our act together! i know we have to go baby steps so maybe just a boyfriend?

See stanta my wish list is not that long.   it really is very simple and since you have all those elves and i have been SOOO good i know you can do it!


and this year i will even leave you gluten free cookies!!!!  and some extra carrots for your raindeer!

safe travels,

ms. happy



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we are 32 days away from my 25th birthday.  and no other then that i don’t want to talk about it.  but if any of you (besides mr. match who can get a birthday idea from this post)  are looking for the perfect present you may want to locate this squirrel.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

are you just dieing?  i am!

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