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i quite frequently have no idea how old i am.  i was born in october 1985 so i have yet to have my 2012 birthday.  making my exact age 26 and 10 months.  I recently told someone i was 24 and followed it up by making a remark about how 2010 is going.  clearly i have no idea what is going on in the real world.

i live my life in lala AMH land.

along with having absolutely no idea how old i am or what year it is; i look like i am about to embark on my junior year of high school so i can pull off any age between 18 and 24.  over 25 and people ask questions.  yes at 26 i still get CARDED EVERY time i order a drink (even though i drink at the same 3 spots religiously). perhaps its my indecision that causes me to get carded as i have moved on from my go to vodka gimlet (i was getting a bit too hammered) and have been better able to stomach beer so my options are wide open.

regardless of my youthful looks and lack of beauty routine need to change as a inch closer to 27.  we can blame my poor beauty routine on growing up a swimmer and having such bad acne that make up hurt my face but truthfully that was like 9 years ago… someones got to grow up.

and i have been TRYING!  i recently got my first set of highlights.  BLOND.

finished product:and again with the no makeup…

but now that we got the hair situation under control we (me and myself) are about to get this makeup situation under control.

so i have been following PIPMEGAN lead and watching lots of youtube videos on how to use my new sultra and how to do my makeup.  most of the bittys on youtube doing these tutorials seem to have been rejects from Real World and Teen mom; however, they know what is up on the make up/hair front.  perhaps that’s what they were doing while i was studying finance and getting my M.S.ed.

regardless hopefully this new me will bring me in to my 28th year a little more adult!



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yes that’s right i got a certificate of appreciation


you should be.

remember when i swore i would not get my hair cut until locks of love and then when i cut my hair myself?

well now i have this:  eat your hearts out

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This is what I wore to sub today. I have not done one if these in a while b.c I have been wearing ugly shit and reusing outfits. Props to me for getting my act together.

Skirt: anthropology ages ago (like 2004)
Top: j crew
Shoes: Liz claiborne got them at off Broadway. They are tearing up my feet. Well just my right foot which is a whole size smaller then my left. I will have to get an insert to fix it.

Do you like my hair? I was going for those soft waves I lust after. Much work needs to be done on them.

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so i was going to give my hair to locks of love.  well thats a lie.  i am to0 lazy/noncommittal to get my hair cut.  while most people hate going to the doctor or dentist, i hate going to get my hair cut.

its the loss of control.  i know it.  i own it, but that does not mean i need to give in.  instead i like to constantly look like a homeless woman who chose nike shorts over a comb.

so back to giving it to locks of love.  i was going to get my hair cut and i knew i was going to lose a lot so i was like hmmm i can give it to locks of love.  then i saw their guidelines.  while my hair is long if i get 10 inches off i will be bald headed.  so i was like WAIT!  i have nice hair maybe i can sell it.  google search led me to this CREEPY website.

thankfully i have what they call “virgin” hair.  yep i am only of the only people left in the world who does not color their hair.  again lets revisit that loss of control issue.

back to the website.  could you imagine there were this many other people as hard up for cash as me??

then i was like well no one is going to chose my hair so maybe i can make my own extensions.  easy enough right.  well in my Google search if found rodolfo valentin .

SERIOUSLY?  i mean can you even find RODOLFO in this photo.  i about peeded my pants.

needless to say i am still unclear about my hair issue but i have crossed a few things off of the list of possibilites:

  1. cut it myself
  2. give to locks of love
  3. give it to RODOLFO
  4. sell it online
  5. make my own extensions
  6. keep growing until i can make a decision

for now, i will just rock the sloppy bun and pretend like its not an issue.


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Today’s outfit spurred by yesterdays lack of heat and my horrible cold/flu. Banana republic black pants, target turtleneck and gold flats, gap scarf. Lisa got me the scarf from the gap for $5 at a promotion before the holidays. Best $5 ever spent.

In other news I am obsessed with my new make up. I’m writing this from the parking lot at school so I will do a whole post on my miracle products later!

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.weekend.wrapup.part 1

are you dieing to know about my weekend?

well i am dieing to tell you.  lisa and i took the 6 hour cartrip down to charlotte to visit with some old friends and get some much needed friend time in!  while mom went off to see her old tennis friends, I got to spend the weekend with WJK (for more about her read splash #2 here).  i stayed with her and her finance in their new apartment.  it was so nice, i am just so jealous of people who have their own spaces and own lives and can decorate, but i digress.

on saturday we did lots of wedding stuff.  i got to try on the bridesmaids dress.  the bridal botique was a mad house, aparently everyone, but me, got engaged over christmas and felt the need to go wedding dress shoping that day.  after squeezing my fat a$$ into the dress, we tried to tackel what shoes the bridesmaids would be wearing.  WJK had her heart set on a pair of platforms but paired with the dress i looked more like a street walker and less like a bridesmaid.  poor WJK’s heart was shattered, and against better judgement her mom and i kept pushing her to pick a pair of shoes.  as tensions rose the LOVELY sales associate decided to tell me that it would be better if i went up a size or two in my dress.  WELL NO SHIT SHURLOCK, however, they were only stocking the dress in 2, 6, 10 and 26.  HMMM becuase those are obviously the most reasonable sizes.  i mean if your not a 1o you are most certinaly a 26??

i harshly told her that i was just a little round right now as i have not been able to work out due to a hip stress fracture and i plan on being back to my normal size by the wedding… she rolled her eyes and went away.  i wanted to take my hooker heals and drive them threw her snotty eyeballs, but i bit my tounge.

after shoving my Fred Flintstone feet in to every type of shoe the store was caring we finally decided on an option that was just the lesser of all evils.  WJK did not love them but she wanted the shoes to be the same color as the dress and that narrowed down our options quite a bit.

this is when we did my FAVORITE thing and went to borders to look at wedding magazine and floral books.  it was so hard for me not to force my opinion onto WJK and even harder for her mom.

I am so proud of me hear friend as she has started exerting herself more.  our friendship always worked because i told her what we were doing and she said ok.  she has become way more assertive and i love it but it is causing quite the issue with her mom and wedding planning.  i know it will get all worked out as WJK has a vision and is determined to see it.

I also went makeup shopping at ULTA.  since i start student teaching TOMORROW i need to get my Sh*t together.  my battle with my acne is at a high right now so i am suffering from red blotchy scaly face (don’t you wish i included a picture??)

since freshman year of highschool i have had a fear of makeup.  i was waging a war with acne then too and anything i would put on my face would BURN, but i could not go to school looking like i just got a chemical peel so i suffered through.  that was the last time i wore something other then a loose powder on my face.  after getting air brushed for julie’s weeding i have been dieing to try out a makeup that did not burn and gave me that coverage.  i found it in SMASHBOX.

i have been wearing the primer on the left for a while, it really helps keep powder makeup in place and i loved the light feel of the Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation UVA/UVB SPF 15

I went back and got the Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer because well why not?

While there i also got talked into a mega splurge but after using it sunday morning i know it was worth every penny.  Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is the exfoliant i have been looking for my whole life.  it is a powder and you add just a bit of water to make a past that you then rub all over your face.  it is gentle enough to use every day.  it got all the little skin flace off my face without leaving that redness so common with an exfoliant.  totally worth the $50 price tag.

i will cover lil deb cakes 50th birthday tomorrow because well this weekend was so great it deserves 2 posts!


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also known as

two of my favorite people got married!  j and n got engaged on my 24th brithday and were married on new years eve in a beautiful ceremony.  i was fortunate enough to be tapped to be j’s personal attendant.  i took my job OH SO SERIOUSLY and am thinking about listing myself on craigs list as i did such a wonderful job!

as with most weddings the good times were in no short supply.  I must say that i have NEVER had a better new years eve in my life.  j, the bride and my cousin, had always dreamed of a new years eve wedding and now i know why.

there were so many wonderful parts of wedding and reception.  my favorite being the photo booth.  the best part is that j&n are getting digital copies of ALL of the pictures!  i cannot wait to see them.  i came home with only 4 strips and i am SURE i was in there much more then that!

as with all weddings with my family the dace floor was wear it was at.  I actually feel uncomfortable at weddings were dancing is not the main event!  perhaps it is because me all my cousins are so close, or because we have all been attending weddings together for over 15 years we become dancing fools!

some other personal favorite parts of the wedding was when the bride left her house and went to the church she wore a velvet cloak her grandmother made for her mother and her mother wore both to her senior prom and to her wedding.  J the picture of class did not even seemed phased when as we prepared to leave the house for the church a DOWNPOUR came.  getting married on new years eve in chicago you fear a blizzard not a thunderstorm but that is exactly what we had.  Thankfully the storm cleared up by the end of the ceremony and we were able to take pictures out side and even make a pit stop to pick up more beer and snacks at a 7-eleven.

the photographer followed J in and said QUOTE “you think you could lose me and stop at 7-eleve, this is picture perfect!”

as for the photographer well he and his fiance became additional members of our wedding party.  they were amazing, fun and totally in vibe with the antics we carried on.  i hope that he becomes a staple at future family events!

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well for all of you who follow me on twitter you know that i made it to Chicago fine and survived the holiday.  i got glutenated/food poising on either christmas eve or christmas day and am finally feeling better today.  i was like close to death for the past two days.

on sunday we (the fam) and i went down to marshall fields (AKA NOW MACYS) and ate in the walnut room.  this is my favorite holiday tradition ever.  this year it was marred not only by my being gluten free but also by the HORRIBLE waitress we had.  she first told me there was not a gluten free menu (i had called ahead to make sure there was), she barely spoke english, she did not know the menu and she was RUDE.

when i finally got a menu i saw that the chicken sausage was gluten free.  this came with cabbage and smashed potatoes.  sounded good to me, i was craving me some smashed potatoes.  when it came out it was just sausage and some cabbage.  when i inquired about the mashed potatoes (the whole reason i ordered the dish) she told me i was allergic to them.  This was odd because i am not sure what you would add to smashed potatoes with sour cream and chives to make them have gluten.  to make matters worse she did not ask if i would like to sub steamed vegetable or a salad for my missing side.   I was about to ask if i could get some steamed vegetables when our waitress went missing again.  not to be seen again until she had the bill.

after dinner we went out to see the windows and do a bit of shopping.  i was lucky enough to find a pair of the gold snake skin tory burch revas at nordstroms rack!  size 11!!  done and done.

i would chalk the day up a success.  (i also got to walk around all day with out the crutches!  i was so sore the next day.

i will post a picture of my shoes after i wear them (it is still too snowy here to wear flats!).

i have also chosen the look i want to go for for julie’s wedding: i will just be soooo beautiful.  but no more pretty than the bride!

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sorry i have been mia…  the fact that i just stopped doing school work mid october caught up with me on sunday.  now that i am done going to class!! (skipping geometry AGAIN to sub tomorrow) i can get back to blogging full time!

not much as really gone on in my life.  actually NOTHING has gone on.  i painted my nails again with essie’s hot coco.  it is a nice brown and i am totally obsessed.

no that is not my hand but my nails are that color.  that counts right?  (pic from


i got it at ulta along with my other recent obsession murad face wash.  i got a tiny one just before the marathon so i could take it on the plane and since i used up all my kiehls i thought i would get a big one.  it is seriously working and i feel like my face is clearing up. 

it does sting a bit but i like that feeling (yes i am strange).  when it stings i feel like it is working.  i guess we will really know in about a month (usually how long it takes before my skin adapts to a facewash).

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J.crew: pants, jacket, headband.
Target: ls T-shirt

Used tresemmé new dry shampoo on my hair. In love!!!


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