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the thing that continually sucks my soul dry. HOWEVER it is leading to such a rewarding job of teaching middle schoolers math!!! don’t judge. behind their attitudes they are amazing little humans just looking for acceptance and trying to discover who they are… just like me!


it has happened.  lisa and paThug have finally got rid of AJH and I.  we both graduated on Saturday from our respective universities.  if you are looking for pictures, google graduation.  i have none.

what you are shocked?, well for one i did not even attend my own graduation.  as you can see from all the times i talked so LOVINGLY about my time in grad school i was tres upset.

little AJH was also upset to leave her home of 4 years.  while she did not cry i know she was crying on the inside.  esp since she was held captive by our family, INC re and yo, while severely hung over.

i chose not to really drink bc SHOCKER i was not feeling well.  i think my problem is car trips with my family really upset my stomach.  i tried to webMD this disease but it did not come up.

in other news b.c i am now morbidly obese AGAIN (aka i don’t work out and eat shit b.c the doctor said i could) i am BUYING tracy anderson.  i feel like she will change my life.  mostly because MFAMB does it.  and well i would post pictures like this but then you would PUKE and that would be sad for your computer and your life.

also i am going to go on a run today.  i mean i feel like my hip should be fully healed by now, right??

in other news i need something to do with all my time until i get a big kid teaching job.  suggestions welcome!


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now that i am done with student teaching i have time to really share with you some of the highlights of my experience.  while there were man lows that a lot of you heard about including me QUITTING a week or so early.  there were also many many highs.

my students were special people and lot of them said shit that was really hilarious.  most times i could not even control my laughter when they said it.

can i get your number

one of my favorite students continually said inappropriate things to me.  he was the same individual who was confused as to what happened to the Egyptians.

on my last day my cooperation teacher had all the students say something nice and true about me and ask any question they want.  he immediately raised his hand and was jumping out of his seat.  i called on him first and he says:

“ms. h is the best teacher and she’s got a nice big but.  can i get your number ms. h?”  i about died.  another student whom i really liked yelled at him and so he said it louder and did some inappropriate movements.  i was MORTIFIED.  the class erupted and my poor cooperating teachers was stunned.  so typical.


after returning from a great little hiatus to texas, i came back to school a bit sick.  nothing really serious but a cough.  during a particularly bad coughing attack one my especially kind students yelled DIE between each of my coughs, this was followed by a giggle.  what a gem she was.

Your Baby

while i have talked about the fact that a lovely student spread a rumor about me that i was pregnant i have not told the whole story.  This student was removed from school and sent to a special one for students with behavior issues.  her comments lived on.  in early april i had a student (not one of mine) ask me if i had a boy or girl.  i looked at her very confused and she said you had your baby was it a boy or a girl.  i was extremely perplexed.  a student that was one of mine walked up during this exchange and was like oh no she was not pregnant.  i looked at both of them very oddly.  the walked off.  apparently they thought i looked much slimmer that day!

dead cat

one of my students came in very upset one monday.  he was a special ed student and normally very happy.  the para-pro was not there yet so i took him aside to see what was wrong.  after asking a few questions he told me that his cat had died.  he was visually upset and i asked about the cat.  he told me about how nice the cat was and now he would cuddle it and make it sleep in his bed and how he could touch its teeth.  I could see how much this student loved his cat.  I asked when the cat passed away.  he responded August 13 2007.  I about died.  i was thinking this cat has passed away over the weekend.  he continued talking about how superior this cat was to the other cat he now has.  suppressing my laughter was one of the hardest things i had to do.

only words can describe

part of me will miss these little guys, the other part could not be done fast enough!

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i am finished!  i have successfully finished my masters program.  THANK GOD.  there will be no graduation pics as i will be celebrating lil’ AJHs COLLEGE GRADUATION in DAYTON this weekend and i don’t have a camera.  so much more important and a much better party!!!

i celebrated this weekend by going to an interview on saturday morning and partying the night away in DC!  the interview was not really what i expected but i ROCKED IT.  not i just have to stalk multiple schools to try and get a principal interested.

then the fun began.  i met up my with fellow graduate CWD and her husband, DD, and hit up tyson’s square.  Lisa had sent me off to DC with a list of gifts to pick up as we do not have the greatest shopping down here.  i quickly checked off all the items, picked up a few extra special thing for special birthday girl, and even celb stalked newt gingrich.  well i turned a corner in tiffany and there he was reading his kindle.  i quickly texted pa-thug who wanted me to get a pick and check out who he was with.

we spent the night celebrating a friend of CWD and DD’s birthday.  it was so nice to meet new people, and have a good time.  (i might have over indulged).  it totally solidified that DC is the perfect choice for me next year and got me very excited about stalking multiple principals begging for a job.



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i did my first adult bar crawl over the weekend and well i will mark it up as a success!

highlights of the night:

  • playing (and not puking on) golden tee!
  • seeing the head of my department out and calling him by his “teacher” name
  • introducing AAF to my 2 favorite drinks, vodka gimlets & makers and diet.  however, she was not a fan of either
  • meeting and attempting to friend a tatoo artist
  • convincing myself i was called plain jane vanilla and becoming inconsolable over it
  • champagne at 2 am
  • watching the office
  • getting a new twitter friend!

i just sorta sad that one of my most fun nights in norfolk is coming at the end of my time here.  at least it was a great way to celebrate AFF’s birthday and the completion of our comps exams!


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i was bad…AGAIN.

recently i have decided that i will forget about the fact that i am poor and just buy things.  mostly this comes from my addiction to using coupons.  if i have a coupon it causes me physical pain to not use it.  thus i recently bought a new cookbook (its not gluten free)Williams-Sonoma Baking. i have wanted this for forever and well hopefully one day i will get the hang out gluten free flour and be able to make everything again.  until then it will torture me and will look pretty on my shelf.  if you do not own any williams-sonoma cookbooks i suggest you invest in this cookbook along with the baking one.

this is my next cookbook obsession (take note santa!)
and santa if you are feeling really generous maybe some of the tools that are suggested inside!

i also bought some stuff from pixie-chicago.  i got it from the etsy shop with the 40% cyber monday discount, they also have a blog.

here is a peek of what i ordered:

NOT TO FEAR, i did not get both sets for me!  one is a gift for a special couple!

(i may be delusional but i am fully aware that there is no one for me to combine my name; however i am actively looking)

i will most deff be posting about these items when they come.  cassandra over at pixie was such a sweetheart and e-mailed me right away to make sure she had the order right!

i also think that i am heading over to starbucks to use my 15% off coupon that is good on via and mugs etc.  today is the last day and i did just sub in KINDERGARTEN for 2 whole days.  i deserve a little treat!  (and now that mr. match has moved away there is no one to make me feel bad about the quanity of coffee mugs i have).

oh that will also be to make me feel better about the HOURS yes HOURS of work i have to do tonight because it is due at midnight.  i am at 754 of 800 problems that i need to complete for my community college pre-calc class.  if misery had a face it would be this class.  but after tonight all i have left is the final and i am done.

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i have been very blessed with a large extended family that i am extremely close with.  for the past two days i have been hanging out at my godmothers house with her little girls.  the youngest CBH is 3 and we are very close.  When i was living in chicago we spend lots of time together and became close.  yesterday when we were at the pool she took my hand and said “your my favorite cousins”.  now growing up in a family were there are 32 cousins we all learn at a very young age to tell whom ever is closest that they are indeed your favorite and to ham it up as much as possible because there is usually a treat if you do.  she is a pro at this.

(me and CBH at the pool)

another family tradition (one that i really love) is ordering pizza and drinking.  last night a few of us got together and did just that.  i was late to the “party” because i had to do school work (is anyone surprised?) but still got my fill!

my god mother lives 2 blocks down from my uncle on the same street so after these fun filled evenings we always have a great time walking between the two.  last night as we journeyed home my aunt and uncle lamented over the loss of his prized back yard.  (they are building a new garage).  you would have though his dog had gotten run over.  so much fun.  well im off to the wedding.  party time!

(note: this was all typed up but was delayed in posting as AJH hijacked the computer before i could publish and then life got crazy)

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For some unknown reason on the morning of a wedding time moves faster than any other day. Maybe its the hangover from the night before, the extra preparation time or maybe that I over estimate how much I can get done.

Whatever it is it has happened again. The day started great. Got up and went for a run. Came back and was playing with the cousins even got AJH up and out of bed. Then the call came. Lisa was frantic on the other line because we had not driven the two blocks to my uncles and were not ready. I was under the impression she (they: her, thug and k$) was picking us up. Long story short I WAS WRONG.

We are now rushing to breakfast with lisa’s brother out in bfe. Thankfully AJH are in her car. I keep asking her to pull into Dunkin donuts and McDonald’s but that would surly push lisa over the edge.

Another issue with this lovely saturday adventure is that 1. Thug is and awful driver. 2. Its hereditary and AJH is as bad if not worse. Add in all the SKILLED drivers of Chicago and my car sickness is starting back up. Oh joy.

Hopefully I can update with pictures soon!

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since i am switching my profession i fear that the rest of my life will be spent looking for summer jobs.  when i look back on my working life i must say that i have been unbelievably pampered and blame THANK lisa for this.  i will say that my job of choice is babysitting and normally i love this.  my current nanny job is sub-par and makes me want to cry.  While i normally would love the chance to be paid to do nothing all day i have things to do and watching tv at a strangers does not bode well with my current life plan.

normally kids love me… its why i decided to become a teacher.  these little kiddos despise me.  one is 11 the other 13.  they do not need a baby sitter but they cannot really be left alone all summer long while mommy and daddy go to work so that is where i come in.  i have tried to befriend them, joke with them, i EVEN offered to take them to the beach.  NOTHING.

today i have decided that i will just lay out at their pool (what the mother told me i should do from the very beginning) and do my work…

ugh my work.  this is another whole issue in my life right now.  i am seriously on the verge.  and the lack of wireless internet at the job is contributing to this.  thankfully i have internet this morning and am downloading all sorts of things so i do not need more when i get there!

on that note i should get back to it.  happy wednesday dear reader!

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right now all i want to do is move back into my old room in charlotte with my massive closet and organize my life.  I also DESPERATELY want a home office.  just a place to do my school work and relax.

to dream (while listening to my online lectures BORE) i perused a few sites:

From Pottery Barn

(image from

what i love about this is the great use of wall space.  It has space for an idea board, keeping magazines, and school books off the desk but in eye sight.  I hate having to put things in drawers as they out of sight, thus out of mind.


while there are a bunch of things i do not like about this space the key features that i LOVE are the double desk, his and hers?, the file drawer  and the expanse of desk space.  I would love to combine this with the wall space usage in the first picture.  The file drawers would be great for filling documents, if using as a his and hers, or keeping business files in a home office situation.  The third think i love about this the option to have one space be a home office and the second be the household office.

if you are thinking that you love these desks head over to pottery barn and use the bedford desk builder to build your own

From Crate and Barrel

(immage from

i love the clean lines of this desk/bookshelf combo.  the desks a crate and barrel are much simpler than at pottery barn.  this would be perfect for my little macbook and school work.


i love the hide away factor of this desk.  it also comes with a built in idea board!  this would be great for transiting from school work to other hobbies as you can just shut the computer away and have drawing/design space!

this is by far my favorite desk from target.  i love the hutch.  it makes the desk.  i would use the cut out in the hutch to put my idea board.  it would be perfect for a large wall space.

from target

if you have not notices i really like white for office furniture.  sometimes white can look very cheep but i think it keeps the office bright and goes well with pops of color.  I would ancent mine with color all around.


i love this desk, it reminds me of the ones on pottery barn.  i love the storage options.

from IKEA

(image from
i feel the only reason to by from ikea is if you do not plan on keeping something for more than 2 years, or if your going to beat the shit out of it.  the stuff is cheep and so is the quality.  this desk says with the large desk space with a bit of storage to keep thinks hidden.  at just under $90 you would be better off saving a bit longer and going to something of quality.


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what a difference a year makes. one year ago after speaking to my cousin, MW’s good friend I decided that I would return to school and become a teacher.
we met after running the solider field 10 mile race in Chicago. She told me about the year she spent doing city year and how much she loves teaching even though there is no money in it. everything she said made so much sense to me. It was the sign I had been looking for.

my life had felt incomplete. I had a decent job doing something I thought I loved but my work meant nothing. I was volunteering with Chicago Cares but that was not enough.  i needed something more and i needed to find meaning for my life.

last june I applied and was accpeted to an M.S.Ed program and moved half way across the country to a new city where I only knew my parents and brother. To say it was hard would be am understatement.

but here i am a whole year later and a whole year older.  in the past year so much has happened to me all of which brings a new meaning to the phrase “everything happens for a reason!”  no only did i move to a new place but i lost a best friend and a relationship i thought was heading for marriage, i hit rock bottom, i found who my true friends are, and started figuring out who i am!

best thing that has happened in the past year… i have found more things that make me happy and refuse to go a day without being happy.

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