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my BFF that lives in west palm beach. she has an amazing job and is a PR/social media rockstar!


you have have seen this via twitter:

referencing this picture:

if you were ever concerned with where my life is going/why i am single this picture should explain all of it.

to add to its greatness it was taken at 10 am.  before i started drinking for the day.

i would just like to say if you like this, JUST WAIT.  if this makes you question why you read this blog/are friends with me/where you went wrong as my parent then i am sorry.  well sorry i am NOT sorry b.c i had a great time.

if you like where this picture is going then hold on to your seat.  more of Liz Lemon’s bachlorette weekend is on its way.

if you do not know the glory of liz lemon here are some memorable quotes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i cannot find the clip i want and i have wasted 30 mintues and am not gonna be late for work.

as always life is hard…


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while i was down in PBI (after we procured the flowers) i attended a lovely party for amc and jpc.  their engagment party was wonderful.  here is a visual recap for you:

can you tell i got a new camera?? (everyone should thank LISA and PAT) such a step up from backberry pictures

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look where amc took me:

We (me, amc and her mom Ann) went to this palace to pick up flowers for the party. This is the flower palace owned by SILVIA

This women and her bird, cat and dog need to be in her own bravo show ASAP!

AMC and her got started talking about her wedding flowers. AMC wants peaonies. Said pea-ON-ies. Lord help her b.c aparently the pea-ON-IES are very expensive.

You see you have to order them in advance from Netherlands and by the box at first the box had 500 flowers by the end of our time at the flower shop it had 50.

She went on and on about all the ugly arrangements. Each bride was “this one”. My favorite quote “whatever bitch”. In reference to giving a bride calla lillies. In her country these flowers are for funerals they belong on the ground not at a wedding. “whatever bitch”

Each bride was described by their ethnicity.

She pulled out her 20 inch stack of photos and walked us though each one. The Mexican wedding was at least 200 pages. OUT OF CONTROL.

I get nothing until 10 days before so you tell me. I do it. I hate it when they come a tear in advance, I don’t know if i’ll be here in a year. I take no money from them until the day. I give great deal. Shop around.
You tell me.

as we were leaving silvia took belvadear out of his cage

and cranked up adele:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

together this is them dancing:

I am going to miss silvia, her bird, and her flowers.  there is video of the dancing.  if i get my hands on it i will upload it.

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tomorrow starts my favorite week of the year.  it is the week i go to Florida to see AMC.  this time is extra special for a few reasons:

  1. shes ENGAGED
  2. she is moved into her new house
  3. her engagement party!

this is how last years trip went, and this is my favorite pic:

it is so hard to believe that it has been over a year since we have seen eachother.  and how much has changed in each of our lives since our last visit!

what makes this trip extra special is that my lovely mother and father bought me a camera for graduation!  so i will be able to do a college of the trip when i return.  NO more BLACKBERRY pictures for me!

one not so nice thing about this vacation is that when i return i have 2 days until i am homeless. right now my life is in shambles and besides the suitcase i have backed for PBI and my hanging items everything else is thrown into boxes and ready for storage.  (that is a SLIGHTLY large lie, as i wish it was all in boxes but i just can’t get it all put away.  its so hard to put everything away when you are just so sure you are going to need it)

i packed up all of my crafting items, workout clothes, unmentionables, winter shoes and teaching stuff, yet there is still just so much CRAP lieing around.  i cant even summarize what it is b.c its just junk (but junk i cannot part with or live without so don’t get any ideas about tossing it lisa!)

i will be off from blogging until i am back next week… unless something amazing happens then you will get a lovely post from my crackberry.  perhaps some awsome airport photos from my NEWARK layover.  YUCK

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you ever have so much going on in your life that you just chose to pretend that none of it is happening.

i do.  ie right NOW!

currently on my plate i have my little procedure (endoscope to see whats up with my stomach), becoming homeless, and AMC’s engagement party.  well when i write it down it does not seem like so much but it really is.

anyway all of these things are happening in june.  exact dates i am quite unsure of.  all i know is that the start june first and well the end mid june.

as to the homeless aspect i think i might have that covered, for a while pending that i have a job to move to in august.

well here’s to putting it all off for one more day so that i can join ames at the yhact club and get my tan on!  oh yes and hit up dunkin donuts (that weight loss program also can wait until tomorrow)

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so i did it. i chopped my hair.

before you get all “oh my god” please know my hair was josie grosie. see:
i want you to know i paid for this hair cut… granted it was a few months ago but still it was clearly not worth the money.  hence i decided to cut it my self this time.

this is what i cut off:some poor little cancer kid is going to shit her pants when she gets this awesome hair in a sexy new wig!  i think this is the best option.  while i would love some custom made extensions, i think that helping out a poor little girl is much better.

so now my hair looks like this:i love it.  it is not perfect.  perfect for my life right now.

after chopping my hair i texted AMC and let her know.  her response “should i be concerned?”  my response “no i love it”  and i do.  i love it b.c for the first time in a while i took control and have total control over my outcome.  while i can not have control over getting a job, having a home after june 25, or knowing my future i was able to take control over my hair and i love it.

originally i was going to go have it shaped at a salon, but i think for the time being i am going to keep it how it is.  NO FEAR AMC i will get it shaped before i visit but for the week or so i want to live with my chatoic hair to match my chaotic life.  perfect harmony.

(its better then pulling a britney)

please forgive the photos again they were taken via black berry b.c i am still without a camera.  HINT LISA HINT HINT

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Today is my best friend AMC’s birthday! I had planned to do a wonderful picture collage but I am still in the car returning from re and Yo’s house. [update on that tomorrow]

I have told you about amc plenty of times but today I would like to flash back to her most memorable birthday. I believe it was our senior year. We went out hard the night before and at about 3 the next day she, kw and I got our hot mess selves together enough to drive the 5 blocks to the only movie theater in oxford to see baby mama (I think we might have actually been driven by jpc because we were in such bad shape)

Life was hard for all of us. I spent a good 2/3 of the movie with my head between my legs b.c I a) could not sit up b) could not focus on the picture and c) was on the edge of vomiting.

About the time Tina fey catches amy poehler peeing in the sink something miraculous happened. (this is gross so skip if you must) I let out the largest grossest burp in the world. In that moment my life was changed. I was cured of my hang over and ready for life!

To this day, a text from AMC with the words “baby mama” let me know exactly how bad the hang over is.

To me that is the basis of a great friendship.


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.always a bridesmaid…

now a MOH!!!

come one you did not really think i was going to say i was getting married.  well maybe you did but that makes you a FOOL!

my bff AMC asked me to be in her bridal party and her MOH with this amazing card.  (yes it was made by me)

along with my card i got this super sweet starfish necklace.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and have been wearing it nonstop.

i cannot wait to help AMC and JPC celebrate their wedding and am super excited to go down to FLORIDA next month to see them for their engagement party!!!

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My MOH, AMH (via Life: Sunspired)

look what my BFF AMC posted! i found out on sunday night that she had asked me to be her MOH or maid of honor after returning home from texas. I was so excited i wanted to call her at 1am to scream yes! I waited and kept is a BIG secret until she spilled the beans!

with her approval i will be sharing with you the AMAZING cards i made for her to use when she asked her bridal party. and the little present that she gave us as well. (i haven’t taken it off!)

My MOH, AMH Since everyone does Wedding Wednesday, I thought I would be different and do wedding Tuesday.  I say this like it was planned out, but really I have to blog when the mood strikes!!  So today you get Wedding Tuesday.  Moving on… So far one of my favorite parts about planning the wedding has been choosing the members in my bridal party.  Today it’s all about my MOH – AMH (I like the ring to that!)  Anne-Marie (AM or AMH) and I became fast friends … Read More

via Life: Sunspired

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the better life is!

bet that is not what you thought i would say!  today is a really important day for me and NO it is not because it is ash wednesday!  (did you get your ashes??)

a year ago today i made a series of decisions that forever changed my life.  while i would not say that i am happy i did the things that i did, i am happy that my life has forever been changed and that these events helped me to become the person that i am today.

a year ago my best friend AMC, my sister and my parents helped me to see that i am a worthy and important person who deserves only the best in life.  without them i would not be here today let alone be the person that i am.  i had let other people tell me for too long who i was and what i was worth and a year ago all that changed.

today i will take time to celebrate me, to celebrate my family and friends and to celebrate all that makes me happy, because all too often i forget these things in the flourish that is life,  wont you do the same?

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