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all my friends who i tag by nicknames or initials


hanging out with this guy:

and obviously cleaning up that sicko pit of a room.  we were in the middle of redoing my closet so everything had been pulled out and put on the bed/floor/desk.

some of you may know my nick name: hurricane.  this was coined by WJKs husband because every time (eery time) i visit i am a whirlwind of fun and entertainment.  my drunken patters also closely follow those of a category 5.  strong wind, waterworks, strange calm, strong wind, disaster.

well i have met my match in my new roommate.  and i am finally getting the post college experience that every young adult hopes for.

plus the pool is now open and while i did have a horrible run in with skin cancer earlier this year the world is ending in December so what the hell why not.  i could also quote YOLO but that is just my favorite restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.

regardless i have been TRES busy living a life so full of splashes of happy that is perhaps a happy flood brought to you by hurricane AMH and her roomie B.


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Originally this post was going to be about the wild success of my st. Patrick’s day party.

Then tragedy struck.

Bailey’s stomach filled in the early afternoon. This is also called the bloat. If you remember the movie Marley and Me it happens to him and they are able to save him via surgery. Due to the severity of baileys condition and his old age I had to make the most difficult decision of my 26 years and end the life of my constant companion and Roommate.

Bailey is was my child. I spent 90% of my time with him and taking care of him and having to say good bye to him today was beyond difficult.


The day started like another, he woke me up by blowing air in my face. We went for a potty walk and came back for breakfast. I went back to bed and a few hours later we went out for a poop. This is when trouble started. He started trying to vomit in the corner of the family room. I quickly ushered him onto the hardwood but nothing came out. For the next few hours this seen played over and over again in the house and on the porch. Then he tummy started to swell. At the same time I was realizing that he had not laid down or napped since our potty walk. I took to the Internet and identified the situation as bloat.

Leaving bailey I ran two doors down to get j and her opinion of the situation. She was not home so I called b, crying. Nothing like calling a friend balling on Sunday afternoon. He came over to go with me to the emergency vet.

I Was actually starting to thing bailey had turned a corner and we would be in and out all my worries assuaged. This was not the case.

When the women at the front desk saw boo boo she called back for a triage nurse STAT. Saying there was a canine in severe distress. I began to cry again as they whisked him away to a back room. I was then given a bunch of papers to sign. B and I had to wait about 10 minutes doe the nurse to come out and tell us that he was not doing well and that they could not get the swelling out and would need to keep working. When the room was ready B came with me and everyone kept trying to get him to sign the sheets as I was a crying mess.

The vet finally came in and showed us the x-ray of Bailey’s belly. The stomach which is usually half a fist was the only thing in his abdomen. The vet explains how his bloat was pushing all the other organs out of the way and that he was in a lot of pain but they put him on medicine and that it would be $7,000 to open him up and try to get his stomach right but that there was no guarantee there would not be other complications and a 60% chance he would make it though the surgery. I asked he was in pain when I brought him in and he said yes a lot, his heart rated was at 220. I again started to ball and told the vet that it was his time to go. The vet agreed that was the best decision and again poor b was left in the room alone with me sobbing.

I asked to see bailey and they said I could. It was about 15 more minutes and the tech came in with more papers and said something as going wrong and that she was not sure if we could see him. At this point I was beyond crying and just sat there, finally they led us into a new room that looked like a nursing home room. I hated everything about it. B agreed. All I wanted to do with get up and walk bailey out of there, They finally rolled him in on a cart. He looked so sad. His little tongue was sticking out and his eyes were more droopy then usual. They had his bottom half covered with a blanket from where they tried to puncture his stomach and get the gas out. My happy puppy looked so sick and sad. I rubbed his ear and foot like I would at home and spent a few minutes with him. Suddenly he tried to jump up. It was very scary and you could tell he was in pain and not happy. I called down to let them know it was time. B stayed with me in the room as the vet put the medicine into his IV. I rubbed baileys ear and foot as he took his last breath.

For a dog that hated human touch I feel like I was able to make his last moments better by rubbing his eyes and ears. I will never forget the feeling in the pit of my soul when the vet said he had passed. After 13 years of giving me so much joy I hope that in those last minutes I was able to repay him.

Every time I was sick bailey was always next to me, he always knew. When I had to move to a new city where I knew no one he was there. He was there to make sure no matter how lonely I was I was never really alone.

In his passing I again knew I was not alone as all my friends rushed to my side. N, k, j, and b all came over to sit with me as I cried. B cleaned up the kitchen and put baileys bowls away. N finished my laundry and k and j made sure I ate. The 5 of us went to a bar and had a drink for bailey.

even now I have to stop my self from reaching over the side of the bed to rub his ears.


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Today is a day like no other. Not only have we Lots a very important hour of sleep but I have agreed to go hiking.


Yes my new friend b. has invited me. Last weekend we went to dc and I lost my dignity, self respect (puked in an elevator filled with a young family) and most notably my wallet. He took care of me. So I am guessing hiking cannot be so bad.

Once while living in Luxembourg Jess and I went hiking in Switzerland. I believe I finished off two bottles of red win on the trip. i have a really awesome picture that proves i went hiking here is one:  there is a better one of me in action but i cannot find my cd with all the pictures on it…

I am wishing gramps was a few years younger because I know this is up his ally

here are two pics of me at the top of the hike (yeah i walked all the way to west virginia)
and to prove it was me, me in my tennies:

and if you follow me in instagram you can share your shock:

yeah… i hike!

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oh i am just so sorry to have been absent lately.  my life has recently become ridiculously glamorous.  my budding status as one of l-burgs must eligible has had me so busy with many suburban Friday night happy hours and my status as one of virginia’s must amazing teachers has had me busy as a little bee.


oh in reality




been doing?


drinking a lot with my newest gal pals kk, nf, and js (who is ALSO a miami grad), and crying while grading the papers of 13 year-olds who can not add, subtract, multiply or divide.  and not working out.  word.

oh and cleaning up dog shiz b.c grandpa got into the closet where i keep the dog food and 15lb box of milk bones from costco and while i was at work he decided to eat about 2lbs worth.  THEN SHIT ALL OVER THE NEWLY CLEANED CARPET (b.c i a v.lesbian move i rented a carpet cleaner and showed Stanley steamer how its done).

in other news…

i’ve been taking this extra class to improve my classroom management (because i cry after school every day and some times during the day) and we watched this.  and it made tears come to my eyes because he is SOOO right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

anyway you should be crying right now and if you are not well you need a soul.




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sorry for my LONG leave of absence.

My life has been crazy.  i would love to report that its because of a new mr. in my life but unforchantly that is NOT the case.  unless we are going to start counting gramps as my mister

how can i not love him??

since the last time i posted i have been to AMCs bachlorette party and houston for thanksgiving.  so what can i say my life is tres hard.

photo recap of the party that was fort lauderdale.  now if you follow me on twitter you saw that i missed my flight cried for 3 hours in the airport and beat out two gold teeth sisters for a seat on the plane.  when i finally arrived in FLL it was just what i needed.  fun times with my bffs!  i even got to participate in my most treasured college activity bench time (with AMC and KL)

returning home was so hard after such a great weekend (and becuase my flight was at 6am).

texas was also so much fun but much too short.  thanksgiving was a blur (i was drunk 90% of the time) but SO MUCH FUN!  cannot wait to see all my family espically little AJH again in a few short weeks.

i finally got my birthday gift from ajh.  here we are using it on dustythis could possibly be my favorite photo ever.

other then that i work 1000 hours a day and sleep.

oh and i have recently gained 500 lbs.  so i am off to the gym with my new iphone.  more on that next time i get a lazy moment!

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you have have seen this via twitter:

referencing this picture:

if you were ever concerned with where my life is going/why i am single this picture should explain all of it.

to add to its greatness it was taken at 10 am.  before i started drinking for the day.

i would just like to say if you like this, JUST WAIT.  if this makes you question why you read this blog/are friends with me/where you went wrong as my parent then i am sorry.  well sorry i am NOT sorry b.c i had a great time.

if you like where this picture is going then hold on to your seat.  more of Liz Lemon’s bachlorette weekend is on its way.

if you do not know the glory of liz lemon here are some memorable quotes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i cannot find the clip i want and i have wasted 30 mintues and am not gonna be late for work.

as always life is hard…

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this was a very hard week for me.  if you follow me on twitter you saw that on Thursday my favorite coffee cup fell on the floor and shattered into a million little pieces:

this was a horribel moment and one of the very few in my life worthy of the mass text.  it went out to lisa and thug and ajh and amc.  thug called back to make sure i was not going to go postal over the issue.  lisa told me we had more and i could take one home at thanksgiving.  AMC told me to get off ebay.

all my frirends/family know me too well.

this morning was the second time in a week i had an occasion for the mass text.  after months of not sening one out 2 in one week!

what was his reason?  SNOW.  at 7am bailey woke me up and it was SNOWING. seriously i did not know we time traveled to sibera over night.

this was only 1 hour in to the day.  it has been snowing basically non stop all morning.  gramps and i are cozied up on the couch/floor sipping coffee and watching dirty soap on E!  we went to the farmers market to get some local honey and some $2  a lb apples.  i ate one and it was the most delicious apple i have ever had.  totally worth the cost!

off to do my all consuming school work.  grades are due this week and i need to get into shape for AMCs bachlorette party in Ft. Lauderdale!

if only i had a forever lazy to keep me warm on this snowy saturday:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ajh should we get family ones for christmas this year??

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this weekend, you know like in 6 days, i am the first brides maid in my bff wjk’s wedding.  no fear, since my life is currntly a sece pool, i am 100% certian my dress is not going to fit over my thunder thighs and xl ass.  like most normal people i am worried about this, so worried in fact that i spent yesterday hung over and eating cinimon raisin bread dipped in egg and fried, chocolage and eddy’s ice cream.

i also have told my dilemma to every/anyone who will listen because we all know talking about working out is the same thing as doing it.  what really irks me above all else is a year ago i was getting ready to run the chicago marathon with a fractured hip, this year i cannot get my life together enough to go for a run.

back to my dress.  it does not fit.  so i will be working out for an hour every day this week (SERIOUSLY) and buying some spanks.  i cannot let wjk down.  and i mean this pictures are going to be around for FOREVER so i have to look good.

also, i know i said i would have things i want for my birthday but right now all i want is to look like this:obviously its gonna happen since right now i look more like this:

off to eat another pint of ice cream and think about working out.


buy me this: if everyone i know donates a few dollars it can be mine (only not in pink, i like blue, grey and black).

i cannot think of anything else right now.  just by me crap.  i just love things.  LOTS AND LOTS OF THING!

oh and a new tv, a dresser, a kitchen-aid mix master, and new clothes to wear to work b.c as i said above i’ve become a bit portly!

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i love vodka.

like alot, sorta like i wish it was water and i could drink it all the time.

this morning vodka like most things i love, rebelled against me.  true to form i abused my love of vodka last night.  and like any boyfriend/lover vodka saw that i had an addiction and used it to its advantage.  what a selfish bastard.

last night i ventured out.  SURPRISE!  it was my friend k-10’s birthday.  we are work friends but becomeing real life friends.  she is also very into my husband hunt.  she herself just won a husband this past summer and is eager for me to join her exclusive club.  i am very eager to join, like freshmen during sorority rush desperate, but i digress.

back to my abusive relationship with my clear liquid love: VODKA.

as i sat down to dinner, 11 people: i knew 2, i saw that everyone was drinking heavily.  Since i am not one to stick my nose up at something like this i joined right in and got myself a dirty blue cheese martini.  that baby went down smooth and i was still a tad uncomfortable in the presence of 9 strangers so i ordered a gimlet.  this made me the belle of the ball as apparently all the 80 year old grandmas, me, and the men at the table enjoy this wonderful amrita.  i felt so sure in my choice of drink until it came.  i had told the waitress i wanted it on the rocks but aparently she did not care what i wanted and brought it straight up; a vodka gimlet straight up? how betty drapper of me!  i have to say that i loved it stright up and might (not really) order it stirght up again.  (it was good i just really like the high ball glass)

back to my love affair with the aqua vitae.  after dinner i was still on my feet and had publicly proclaimed that i am only allowed two vodka drinks a night before switching to burbon.  (and yes i mean bourbon not wiskey, don’t make me explain it to you!) and lets be honest again it better be makers mark and if you really want me to be happy get the 46!

so upon moving our party what did i get myslef to drink?  oh a cape codder.  yes that is right, i made a poor life choice.  but lets me honest it was either more vodka or bud light.  and while i am not above drinking beer i would rather be hung over then deal with what beer does to my belly.  so i indulged myself in to the fire water with 2 more (ok ok it was 3 more) drinks.

i hang my head in shame.

this could also be why i took a cab (in the suburbs you cannot hail a cab as you leave a bar you must call hours in advance!?!?!) home at 2 am and am finally fully functional at 4:30 pm.  THANK GOD ancient aliens is the marathon on history channel today.

[and to be honest with you fully functional means i finally am not wrapped up in my red plaid blanky, nursing a red gatorade on the couch, in a pool of self piety]

14 days until my birthday ass-holes.  tomorrow you will see what i want.  think of it like i’m marrying myself and you are obligated to get me something.  i mean i am going to be 26, single, and a dog lady… the least you can do is buy me something shiny!

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while i was down in PBI (after we procured the flowers) i attended a lovely party for amc and jpc.  their engagment party was wonderful.  here is a visual recap for you:

can you tell i got a new camera?? (everyone should thank LISA and PAT) such a step up from backberry pictures

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