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did you start singing the song?  you should have.  you should still be singing it actually.  i hope it is stuck in your head for the rest of the day, neigh eternity.

ok off of that.

on to this.  buy it for me now.  if you loved me you would.

except if you buy it for me i will bake more.

like this amazballs breakfast:the america’s test kitchen new york coffee cake.

this will cause my ass and thighs to get even bigger.  this could make me sadder and then i would bake more and need this.  causing my ass and thighs to grow again.

leaving me all by my seeeeeeeelf for eternity.

perhaps i should just be asking for a garmin running watch.  since the other day i went for a nice long run and my nike+ said i went .1 mile and ran at a rate of 1.56 miles an hour.

plan 2: find someone who will help me eat my food.  but that would require effor in to my look and stop me from leaving the house on a regular basis in outfits akin to this:

what you cannot see is the black leggins i have on and my tennies.  yes that is correct.  this was the outfit i sported all day yesterday.  classy.  plain classy.

i am beginning to think i need to give @ManRepeller an actual lesson in how to make people of the other sex (and the same for that matter) scared of speaking to you or acknowledging you.

but whatever, that’s my jam.  respect it or don’t.

video that wont embed. go watch it.  can’t embed it so go NOW.  YOUR STILL HERE??!?!  GO


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or don’t. i won’t know. (i know mexican is misspelled, is a little inside funny for pathug and lisa)

in an effort to save money (because i had to go to the bank of last resort again) i am making my own tortillas.  i have wanted to this for a while and well it was so easy i am never buying store bought again.  i am really on an if i can make it i will not buy it kick (no more chemicals for this girl, except for those in diet cherry coke).

here is a photo journal of my tortillas:

you have to use masa harina.  i had it from when i was gluten free.  if you move out to the ‘burbs with me i will share mine, if not go buy some.

then you add some water and salt

and get something like this

stir MORE

then you get to roll then in to a ball and use a tortilla press to flatten them.  like this from sur la table.  or if you are poor you can do what i did:

my first few turned out like this:
they were too moist (gross word i know) and i need to add more flour.  then they looked like thisi filled them with my filler and CHEESE and they were delicious sooo good.  if you need more direction go here.

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i will stick with some gluten free favs: sweet potato french fries

Go there now and LUST over the pictures.

are you hungry?  you should be  and yes i did stumble upon these little guys on pintrest.  i also got lisa on pinterest.  she will be looking for new home ideas on it.  we already found a few good things!  you can check her pin’s out here.

your welcome.





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you ever have so much going on in your life that you just chose to pretend that none of it is happening.

i do.  ie right NOW!

currently on my plate i have my little procedure (endoscope to see whats up with my stomach), becoming homeless, and AMC’s engagement party.  well when i write it down it does not seem like so much but it really is.

anyway all of these things are happening in june.  exact dates i am quite unsure of.  all i know is that the start june first and well the end mid june.

as to the homeless aspect i think i might have that covered, for a while pending that i have a job to move to in august.

well here’s to putting it all off for one more day so that i can join ames at the yhact club and get my tan on!  oh yes and hit up dunkin donuts (that weight loss program also can wait until tomorrow)

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you may or may not know that i have a obsession with the history channel.

my obsession started back in high school when a friend (i guess we will refer to him as a boyfriend) would watch it all the time.  i started watching it as well and my obsession was born.

during college (once i had my own room b.c my roommates never appreciated the true quality of the history channel) i would spend my hang over recovering to the hc.

i have talked about my love here and here and!/anne_mariehugh/status/69466857714880512 if you need to catch up.

my ALL time favorite show on the history channel is ANCIENT ALIENS.   (i belive there is a MARATHON on this sunday!)

back to the real meaning of this post.  I KNEW the world was not ending on saturday at 6pm b.c DUH according to the nostradamus effect is coming next year.  this show is about as amazing as ancient aliens.  i suggest you order both on DVD so that you can be well rounded and knowledge like me.

SIDENOTE: i do not really buy into the world ending in 2012 but it really entertains me to inject it in to conversation and make unsuspecting people think i believe it.  i would play this trick on the a$$hole ALL the time.

you really need to watch both of them NOW!

anyway back to the fact that the world did not end.  to celebrate lisa and i went out do dinner after mass on Saturday night.  we went to Luna Mya.  they just opened in a new much larger location in ghent.  it was amazing.  along with the new location they have a much larger menua close friend (we will call him the radiologist b.c that is his profession) met up with us to celebrating the non-ending of the world.

i had the skinny margarita and a white sangria, lisa had the skinny mojito and the radiologist has a regular mojito, i ate the tamales and they were BEYOND!

i think the radiologist is one of the funnest people i know, besides myself.  he was very eager to meet lisa b.c we are serious twitter friends and he gets to read all about #lisamhughes.

i was a bit upset as the night did not have an awkward factor at all.  i was hoping for a 8 or 10.  it was like maybe a .5

the main highlight of the weekend was i finally won a tennis match!!!  thank god the world did not end on Saturday b.c i would have gone out a BIG LOSER.

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it has happened.  lisa and paThug have finally got rid of AJH and I.  we both graduated on Saturday from our respective universities.  if you are looking for pictures, google graduation.  i have none.

what you are shocked?, well for one i did not even attend my own graduation.  as you can see from all the times i talked so LOVINGLY about my time in grad school i was tres upset.

little AJH was also upset to leave her home of 4 years.  while she did not cry i know she was crying on the inside.  esp since she was held captive by our family, INC re and yo, while severely hung over.

i chose not to really drink bc SHOCKER i was not feeling well.  i think my problem is car trips with my family really upset my stomach.  i tried to webMD this disease but it did not come up.

in other news b.c i am now morbidly obese AGAIN (aka i don’t work out and eat shit b.c the doctor said i could) i am BUYING tracy anderson.  i feel like she will change my life.  mostly because MFAMB does it.  and well i would post pictures like this but then you would PUKE and that would be sad for your computer and your life.

also i am going to go on a run today.  i mean i feel like my hip should be fully healed by now, right??

in other news i need something to do with all my time until i get a big kid teaching job.  suggestions welcome!

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that’s right.  this girl in on a gluten binge and is going ALL OUT.

ever since i got baking with julia i have been dieing to make croissants.  i have been tres nervous about it b.c well there are a ton of steps and i did not want to fail.  then i saw that whitney made them: christ on a croissant this and the recent go ahead from the dr. was just the push i needed to make them.  whit used the annie’s eats recipe you may remember her from the blue berry scones. i will use grandma julia’s because, well, i love her.

i tried to make the dough 2 days ago but when i went to roll it out yesterday something was wrong.  you may have seen this tweet:

when i figured out that it was wrong and i needed to start over.  this is really putting the pressure on today b.c i wanted to have the dough finished completely to take down to SC for easter.  now i am hoping to rush though the next 2 turns so i have it in the pre-roll out stage to take it down.

heres hoping they turn out.  if so i will post a picture of us enjoying!

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today is the first day of spring break!  and it could not have come a day sooner!

i knew it was going to be a good day when i woke up to this guy on my cellphone:

i just love how everyone i know KNOWS i am dieing to get a gooldendoole.  i e-mailed a breeder on sunday about a few pups they had on their website but have not heard anything back. I have been asking doodle parents at the dog park about where they adopted their pups from but they are so secretive.  maybe they see that i already have two dogs and do not think i should own another.  little do they know that both bailey and dusty are going to texas while i stay on the EC.  well bailey might stay with me because we dont think he can make the air plane ride but even so i NEED MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLET to keep me company when the unthinkable happens to grandpa (my newest nickname for bailey)

so anyway AJH’s BFF JENIFER (if only you could hear how k$ says it) sent me the pic becuase her sister just adpoted the pup.  JENIFER is also the same person who gifted me a airline credit so i can go to AMC’s engagement party so right now i basically LOVE HER.

today is all about me.  i am only doing things that make me happy.  so besides searching for potential MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLETs i gave myself a little mani pedidon’t be so j. of my awesome pictures (and fat feet) i am still in need of a new digital camera, and have always had fred flintstone feet. hence my love of mens shooes (story for another day).

next up on my day of me: BAKING!  now that i am on a gluten gorge (getting a scope done on june 1) i am consuming gluten out the wazzo.  while i was in pain all weekend, today i am shitting up a storm so who knows what the next 5 weeks hold.  all i know is i am going to indulge!

first up:



CROISSANTS from my julia child book.  and if i get really creative pain au chocolate.

sorta really makes me miss urbn explorer and our parisian adventures!

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since i believe all of you stalk me via twitter i know you saw my back and forth with whitney . where i lamented about not having gluten free croissant.

WELL since apparently i like waking up at 4 am i also spent HOURS yes HOURS before 7 am (because 3 is the same as hours right?) this morning playing and i FOUND a recipe on the in-ter-net. (say is slow like its a revelation)

YES IT CAN BE DONE!  I found this GLUTEN FREE HOMEMADE CROISSANTS.  and YIKES it looks like work but it is a lot of work for these little clouds of heaven.

now, i have a croissant recipe from my julie child cook book and i feel like she rolls over in her grave every time i have to pass it on the book shelf to grab my gluten free cookbook but i miss these little guys so much i am willing to betray my grandma friend, julia, for this recipe. while, i love croissant and pain-au-chocolate SOOOO much i do not love the way they make me feel.  not even enough to cheat on my gluten free life style for just a taste.

so perhaps i will attempt these suckers.  HOWEVER, i am going to wait until i get my labs back from the doctor.

oh, thats right i did not share with you.  i had a doctors appointment yesterday and for the first time in YEARS a doctor took me and all my symptoms seriously.  like all doctors he does not believe i have a gluten intolerance b.c i do not have explosive diarrhea (sorry if your eating breakfast)  but took my other issues seriously and wants to do all this blood work on me.  YES more needle sticks by people who can’t find my veins.

but i digress.

let me tell you a little about me new doctor friend.  he was like 1/3 my size and FOTB from like india or something, and i am still not quite sure what his name is.  we had a little trouble at first and i HATED him until he started to take my issues with gluten seriously.  after that we became BFFs.  then he did what all people do when i have to admit i don’t eat gluten.

DOC: oh you must have hard time eating out
ME: WELL NO SHIT ASSHOLE (haha that is what i thought) i really said: no most places are really accomadating
DOC: yes i saw at panera bread they do not have gluten free menu
ME: YEAH A$$HOLE I NORMALLY DON’T EAT AT PLACES WITH BREAD IN THE TITLE and out outloud i said: yeah i try not to eat at chain restaurants
DOC: shakes head and types into computer for like 5 minutes without looking at me.

all in all i think i will stick with him and not try and find my 5th doctor in like 3 years. i mean i am moving in a few short months, RIGHT???

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i am like a modern day marvel.  i know that you think the same thing to yourself every day so lets just lay it out here.

This weekend i put my domesticity to use and made a new type of gluten free bread AND HOMEMADE OREOS.  oreos have been a guilty pleasure in my family for as long as i can remember and i must say that after bagels they are the thing i miss the MOST now that i am gluten free.

thanks to a few of my internet/blog friends i was finally given the kick in the a$$ i need to made these!  first, i saw the recipe on gluten free girl and chef.  she bakes in weight so i put it to the side until i got myself a scale (actually Lisa got me a scale and we went cheep and it does not give exact measurements but i digress).  i again saw these suckers pop up over on whit’s amuse bouche. (Side note: whitney also went to miami and is a sorority sister of AMC, so we are like IRL by like 7 degrees of separation).

you can click to see the gluten free option from shauna or the gluten filled version from whit.  either way you need to be making these little suckers at home.

so now is the time where i put in all the pretty pictures of my bread and cookies right?  WONG.  i still don’t have a camera and don’t want to talk about it.  so i will make you dear reader who i love so much SUFFER along with me and you must now look at pictures i took from my blackberry.

makes you feel sorry for me, doesn’t it???

and the tweet of my oreos pre-filling (the are still not filled as the day got away from me and i am throwing myself a pity party (i’ll talk about this later)

and here they all filled and calling my name… do you hear it?

ps do you see how GREAT my black berry picture taken has gotten??

here is the tweet you may have seen about my bread:

i got the recipe from gluten free cooking school.  there are pros and cons of this bread.  Pro: it had great texture, looks like bread and is easy to make. Con: it tastes like corn, it crumbles easily and is a bit dry.
i will be making it again and adding a little potato flour to try and get some moisture into the bread.  i LOVE the way it rises up and has large air bubles.  it is light and not dense at all.

now is the time for all of you to comment about how you want to by my goods on etsy and the go purchase a coffee hug or some nice stationery.  b.c seriously your enough of an a-hole for waiting this long do you really need to keep killing trees by using those awful horrible UGLY cardboard sleeves.

oh and my pity party… well you will have to check back tomorrow!

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