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we all know by this point that i LOVE HBO’s show girls.  yes i can see the comparisons to sex in the city and i do see how perhaps it is just a updated version.  but i was in high school during sex and the city’s hay day.  my mother, who had a birthday yesterday!, controlled a majority of what i saw on tv (why i never watched dawsons creek).

regardless, GIRLS and lena dunham speak to me.

remember that lovely woman who gave birth to me, the one who did not allow me to watch dawsons creek b.c joey and dawson slept in the same bed, well she is now worried that i like GIRLS.

here is what i woke up to this morning:

my response:

this might rival the time my grandmother asked me if/when i was going to produce grandchildren and i grabbed the turkey baster and said as soon as i can get some sperm…

my family must be soooo proud.  and im seriously about the mood stablizers.  everyone should be on them.  they make you more happy open loving and free


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It is not often that Lisa is ahead of the latest fashion trends. However in the 90s she was the proud owner of 2 coach willis bags

Then in the late 90s she decided to do the most awful thing she could ever do to me. She gave them to good will (or so she says, I think she’s secretly using them in texas now that I want them!)

Normally I am all for her getting rid of things but I would never ok giving away something of value (why I still have 4 pairs of jeans in my closet that don’t fit)

I recently asked her to mail me the camel colored bag. She claimed she could not find it. I thought she was lying. It was the truth. Now I have to pay $300 for a new one. Vs getting Lisa’s vintage bag. I am still holding out hope that we will find the bag next time I’m in Houston.

mom keep looking!!! I know you would have wrong me so bad as to give such a classic bag to the poor. They won’t love it the way this poor girl will!!!


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sorry for my LONG leave of absence.

My life has been crazy.  i would love to report that its because of a new mr. in my life but unforchantly that is NOT the case.  unless we are going to start counting gramps as my mister

how can i not love him??

since the last time i posted i have been to AMCs bachlorette party and houston for thanksgiving.  so what can i say my life is tres hard.

photo recap of the party that was fort lauderdale.  now if you follow me on twitter you saw that i missed my flight cried for 3 hours in the airport and beat out two gold teeth sisters for a seat on the plane.  when i finally arrived in FLL it was just what i needed.  fun times with my bffs!  i even got to participate in my most treasured college activity bench time (with AMC and KL)

returning home was so hard after such a great weekend (and becuase my flight was at 6am).

texas was also so much fun but much too short.  thanksgiving was a blur (i was drunk 90% of the time) but SO MUCH FUN!  cannot wait to see all my family espically little AJH again in a few short weeks.

i finally got my birthday gift from ajh.  here we are using it on dustythis could possibly be my favorite photo ever.

other then that i work 1000 hours a day and sleep.

oh and i have recently gained 500 lbs.  so i am off to the gym with my new iphone.  more on that next time i get a lazy moment!

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as you may or may not know i am obsessed with my sisters laugh.  she laughs so hard that she stops making sounds and thats when you know you have really done/said something funny.

saturday morning while i was hiding from the snow in my little apt i found this website: happy place

i started laughing so hard tears were flowing from my eyes.

i really want to start making these and hanging them up.  mostly at school.  but that would be HIGHLY inappropriate.  and we all know i am just the picture of appropriateness!

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this was a very hard week for me.  if you follow me on twitter you saw that on Thursday my favorite coffee cup fell on the floor and shattered into a million little pieces:

this was a horribel moment and one of the very few in my life worthy of the mass text.  it went out to lisa and thug and ajh and amc.  thug called back to make sure i was not going to go postal over the issue.  lisa told me we had more and i could take one home at thanksgiving.  AMC told me to get off ebay.

all my frirends/family know me too well.

this morning was the second time in a week i had an occasion for the mass text.  after months of not sening one out 2 in one week!

what was his reason?  SNOW.  at 7am bailey woke me up and it was SNOWING. seriously i did not know we time traveled to sibera over night.

this was only 1 hour in to the day.  it has been snowing basically non stop all morning.  gramps and i are cozied up on the couch/floor sipping coffee and watching dirty soap on E!  we went to the farmers market to get some local honey and some $2  a lb apples.  i ate one and it was the most delicious apple i have ever had.  totally worth the cost!

off to do my all consuming school work.  grades are due this week and i need to get into shape for AMCs bachlorette party in Ft. Lauderdale!

if only i had a forever lazy to keep me warm on this snowy saturday:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ajh should we get family ones for christmas this year??

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tomorrow is the first time in the live of my sister that i will not be with her on her birthday.  i was the ONLY person in our family that has seen her on every birthday and i am not sure how i feel about her turning 22 with out me.

you may remember last year when i surprised her for her 21st birthday.

this year i will not be surprising her and i will not be sending her the supper GREAT present that i have been working on all summer becuase decorating my classroom has TAKEN OVER my life (and yes i love every moment of it).  so little AJH you will just have to wait for your extra special present.  and in the mean time you can treasure this:

hopefully by birthday #25 you can be this sweet.  only 3 more years to practice.

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recently i have found myself spending lots of alone time with both lisa and k$.  if you did not know lisa joined pintrest and i have been helping her with her pinning.

tonight we had another pinning session where she looked for haircuts. this was very fun.  i love how lisa has become an early adopter to this new amazing internet site.  i also like how i am the only person following her boards. [i am overly obsessed with pintrest, if you are not on it you are MISSING out]


on to the real meaning of this post.  my brother k$.

today i took k$ with me to run a special errand at target.  during this errand k$ overheard the details to a secret.  k$ cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it.  not only can he not keep a secret but he does the worlds most annoying secret keeping error of all time.  it goes a little something like this “AM AM AM oh never mind i cannot tell you, mom said i cannot tell you”  well you LITTLE SHIT why did you bring it up.

so after finishing our business at target, k$ and i got into the car and i looked at him and said “if you tell anyone about that secret i will castrate you”  he looked at me and said “i will not” and looked out the window.  This was not the response i was expecting so i asked money if he knew was castration was.  he pulled on his lip (tick #1) and then did this new monster hands thing (tick #2) and then said no.  i told him i would CUT OFF HIS BOY PARTS.  his eyes got huge and he stared at me.  his ticks went off again and then he popped his neck (tick #3).  He looked at me square in the eye and said “that is a threat.  you tell me a threat and i will take you to court”  he looked out the window and then shot back “you threaten me i will threaten you.  i will take you to court”.  suppressing laughter i looked at him and said “its not a threat its a promise.  i WILL castrate you if you tell that secret”

as i drove off to our next location with you missing a beat k$ [for the 10 time that day] started into how he does not need to go to school on june 16 for the 100th time.  i was so tempted to bring up his impeding castration again but i figured that would be to much…

about 10 min into the car ride he looked at me again and said “YOU TELL ME A THREAT [TICK #1 and #3] i will tell you a threat and take you to jail”  i guess it started to sink in.

hopefully he can keep it!


PS.  do you want this?  i think you do.  BUY IT NOW.

what about this:


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i will stick with some gluten free favs: sweet potato french fries

Go there now and LUST over the pictures.

are you hungry?  you should be  and yes i did stumble upon these little guys on pintrest.  i also got lisa on pinterest.  she will be looking for new home ideas on it.  we already found a few good things!  you can check her pin’s out here.

your welcome.





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you may or may not know that i have a obsession with the history channel.

my obsession started back in high school when a friend (i guess we will refer to him as a boyfriend) would watch it all the time.  i started watching it as well and my obsession was born.

during college (once i had my own room b.c my roommates never appreciated the true quality of the history channel) i would spend my hang over recovering to the hc.

i have talked about my love here and here and!/anne_mariehugh/status/69466857714880512 if you need to catch up.

my ALL time favorite show on the history channel is ANCIENT ALIENS.   (i belive there is a MARATHON on this sunday!)

back to the real meaning of this post.  I KNEW the world was not ending on saturday at 6pm b.c DUH according to the nostradamus effect is coming next year.  this show is about as amazing as ancient aliens.  i suggest you order both on DVD so that you can be well rounded and knowledge like me.

SIDENOTE: i do not really buy into the world ending in 2012 but it really entertains me to inject it in to conversation and make unsuspecting people think i believe it.  i would play this trick on the a$$hole ALL the time.

you really need to watch both of them NOW!

anyway back to the fact that the world did not end.  to celebrate lisa and i went out do dinner after mass on Saturday night.  we went to Luna Mya.  they just opened in a new much larger location in ghent.  it was amazing.  along with the new location they have a much larger menua close friend (we will call him the radiologist b.c that is his profession) met up with us to celebrating the non-ending of the world.

i had the skinny margarita and a white sangria, lisa had the skinny mojito and the radiologist has a regular mojito, i ate the tamales and they were BEYOND!

i think the radiologist is one of the funnest people i know, besides myself.  he was very eager to meet lisa b.c we are serious twitter friends and he gets to read all about #lisamhughes.

i was a bit upset as the night did not have an awkward factor at all.  i was hoping for a 8 or 10.  it was like maybe a .5

the main highlight of the weekend was i finally won a tennis match!!!  thank god the world did not end on Saturday b.c i would have gone out a BIG LOSER.

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so i did it. i chopped my hair.

before you get all “oh my god” please know my hair was josie grosie. see:
i want you to know i paid for this hair cut… granted it was a few months ago but still it was clearly not worth the money.  hence i decided to cut it my self this time.

this is what i cut off:some poor little cancer kid is going to shit her pants when she gets this awesome hair in a sexy new wig!  i think this is the best option.  while i would love some custom made extensions, i think that helping out a poor little girl is much better.

so now my hair looks like this:i love it.  it is not perfect.  perfect for my life right now.

after chopping my hair i texted AMC and let her know.  her response “should i be concerned?”  my response “no i love it”  and i do.  i love it b.c for the first time in a while i took control and have total control over my outcome.  while i can not have control over getting a job, having a home after june 25, or knowing my future i was able to take control over my hair and i love it.

originally i was going to go have it shaped at a salon, but i think for the time being i am going to keep it how it is.  NO FEAR AMC i will get it shaped before i visit but for the week or so i want to live with my chatoic hair to match my chaotic life.  perfect harmony.

(its better then pulling a britney)

please forgive the photos again they were taken via black berry b.c i am still without a camera.  HINT LISA HINT HINT

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