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today is the official last day of summer, for me at least.

tomorrow i have to report back to school full time, and while the students don’t show up until the 27, gone are the days of laying in bed until 9:30…

with the start of the school year come many endings and new beginnings. i almost feel like this is the start of the new year more so then january.  and since i did not have my shit in a pile back in january (heck i did not have it all within a 10 mile radius) i am taking to now to start my new year resolutions!

while i will not be sharing my resolutions with you, i will tell you their theme.  i am on a quest to be more open and loving and free.

very bohemian of me. 

truthfully, while watching girls on HOB i realized that i saw way to much of myself in uptight marni and self absorbed hannah.  that is not who i want to be.  i want to be free like jess, i want to shed my uptight layer and become less judgmental of everyone, INCLUDING myself.

ie this moment:  (credit)

so along with the usuals of be more organized, make my bed, don’t snap at people, i am adding be less judgmental and more open loving and free.

to help me on this journey i am reading (at the suggestions of B) When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön.  it is a very far cry from most of the literature i read and the first self helpy book i have been able to read more then a page of.  perhaps because this time it was i who decided to go on this journey.  for the first time it was not at another’s suggestion, or under anothers forceful hand.  regardless it talks a lot about balancing the good and bad in life and how you can not know the beauty of the good without knowing and acknolowing the pain of the bad.

exactly the message i need to start my new year.

i am also going to get my charka’s balanced.

because why not?


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hanging out with this guy:

and obviously cleaning up that sicko pit of a room.  we were in the middle of redoing my closet so everything had been pulled out and put on the bed/floor/desk.

some of you may know my nick name: hurricane.  this was coined by WJKs husband because every time (eery time) i visit i am a whirlwind of fun and entertainment.  my drunken patters also closely follow those of a category 5.  strong wind, waterworks, strange calm, strong wind, disaster.

well i have met my match in my new roommate.  and i am finally getting the post college experience that every young adult hopes for.

plus the pool is now open and while i did have a horrible run in with skin cancer earlier this year the world is ending in December so what the hell why not.  i could also quote YOLO but that is just my favorite restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.

regardless i have been TRES busy living a life so full of splashes of happy that is perhaps a happy flood brought to you by hurricane AMH and her roomie B.

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oh i am just so sorry to have been absent lately.  my life has recently become ridiculously glamorous.  my budding status as one of l-burgs must eligible has had me so busy with many suburban Friday night happy hours and my status as one of virginia’s must amazing teachers has had me busy as a little bee.


oh in reality




been doing?


drinking a lot with my newest gal pals kk, nf, and js (who is ALSO a miami grad), and crying while grading the papers of 13 year-olds who can not add, subtract, multiply or divide.  and not working out.  word.

oh and cleaning up dog shiz b.c grandpa got into the closet where i keep the dog food and 15lb box of milk bones from costco and while i was at work he decided to eat about 2lbs worth.  THEN SHIT ALL OVER THE NEWLY CLEANED CARPET (b.c i a v.lesbian move i rented a carpet cleaner and showed Stanley steamer how its done).

in other news…

i’ve been taking this extra class to improve my classroom management (because i cry after school every day and some times during the day) and we watched this.  and it made tears come to my eyes because he is SOOO right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

anyway you should be crying right now and if you are not well you need a soul.




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this was a very hard week for me.  if you follow me on twitter you saw that on Thursday my favorite coffee cup fell on the floor and shattered into a million little pieces:

this was a horribel moment and one of the very few in my life worthy of the mass text.  it went out to lisa and thug and ajh and amc.  thug called back to make sure i was not going to go postal over the issue.  lisa told me we had more and i could take one home at thanksgiving.  AMC told me to get off ebay.

all my frirends/family know me too well.

this morning was the second time in a week i had an occasion for the mass text.  after months of not sening one out 2 in one week!

what was his reason?  SNOW.  at 7am bailey woke me up and it was SNOWING. seriously i did not know we time traveled to sibera over night.

this was only 1 hour in to the day.  it has been snowing basically non stop all morning.  gramps and i are cozied up on the couch/floor sipping coffee and watching dirty soap on E!  we went to the farmers market to get some local honey and some $2  a lb apples.  i ate one and it was the most delicious apple i have ever had.  totally worth the cost!

off to do my all consuming school work.  grades are due this week and i need to get into shape for AMCs bachlorette party in Ft. Lauderdale!

if only i had a forever lazy to keep me warm on this snowy saturday:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ajh should we get family ones for christmas this year??

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you may or may not know that i have a obsession with the history channel.

my obsession started back in high school when a friend (i guess we will refer to him as a boyfriend) would watch it all the time.  i started watching it as well and my obsession was born.

during college (once i had my own room b.c my roommates never appreciated the true quality of the history channel) i would spend my hang over recovering to the hc.

i have talked about my love here and here and!/anne_mariehugh/status/69466857714880512 if you need to catch up.

my ALL time favorite show on the history channel is ANCIENT ALIENS.   (i belive there is a MARATHON on this sunday!)

back to the real meaning of this post.  I KNEW the world was not ending on saturday at 6pm b.c DUH according to the nostradamus effect is coming next year.  this show is about as amazing as ancient aliens.  i suggest you order both on DVD so that you can be well rounded and knowledge like me.

SIDENOTE: i do not really buy into the world ending in 2012 but it really entertains me to inject it in to conversation and make unsuspecting people think i believe it.  i would play this trick on the a$$hole ALL the time.

you really need to watch both of them NOW!

anyway back to the fact that the world did not end.  to celebrate lisa and i went out do dinner after mass on Saturday night.  we went to Luna Mya.  they just opened in a new much larger location in ghent.  it was amazing.  along with the new location they have a much larger menua close friend (we will call him the radiologist b.c that is his profession) met up with us to celebrating the non-ending of the world.

i had the skinny margarita and a white sangria, lisa had the skinny mojito and the radiologist has a regular mojito, i ate the tamales and they were BEYOND!

i think the radiologist is one of the funnest people i know, besides myself.  he was very eager to meet lisa b.c we are serious twitter friends and he gets to read all about #lisamhughes.

i was a bit upset as the night did not have an awkward factor at all.  i was hoping for a 8 or 10.  it was like maybe a .5

the main highlight of the weekend was i finally won a tennis match!!!  thank god the world did not end on Saturday b.c i would have gone out a BIG LOSER.

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so i did it. i chopped my hair.

before you get all “oh my god” please know my hair was josie grosie. see:
i want you to know i paid for this hair cut… granted it was a few months ago but still it was clearly not worth the money.  hence i decided to cut it my self this time.

this is what i cut off:some poor little cancer kid is going to shit her pants when she gets this awesome hair in a sexy new wig!  i think this is the best option.  while i would love some custom made extensions, i think that helping out a poor little girl is much better.

so now my hair looks like this:i love it.  it is not perfect.  perfect for my life right now.

after chopping my hair i texted AMC and let her know.  her response “should i be concerned?”  my response “no i love it”  and i do.  i love it b.c for the first time in a while i took control and have total control over my outcome.  while i can not have control over getting a job, having a home after june 25, or knowing my future i was able to take control over my hair and i love it.

originally i was going to go have it shaped at a salon, but i think for the time being i am going to keep it how it is.  NO FEAR AMC i will get it shaped before i visit but for the week or so i want to live with my chatoic hair to match my chaotic life.  perfect harmony.

(its better then pulling a britney)

please forgive the photos again they were taken via black berry b.c i am still without a camera.  HINT LISA HINT HINT

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The anniversaries of good ole willy’s death was a few days ago. Some say it was also his birthday. Regardless in his honor I will now discuss the tragedy that is my life.

Perhaps willy would write it as a comedy. The ending is still up in the air I guess. For a few years now little AJH and I have joked about our family becoming a movie/TV show. I think there is a lot of money to be made if anyone would like to buy the rights.

On this topic I was pondering who I would have play me in the true and unabridged version of this path I call life.
this led to a great twitter convo between lil’ AJH and i!/abbyjeann/status/62343356084256768

While I do see Blake lively, I am quite unsure about miley or maggie.

I posed this question to the people that held me captive in a vehicle close to 8 hours on Easter.

K$ chose the kid from parenthood who has aspergers, Max Burkholder, He has recently become very obsessed with having Austisim and aspergers and loves this kid.

Lisa chose sally field. I veto this and will not discuss it further. For her I pick Claire from modern family. I could also see heather mcdonald playing my mother. One has to get her sense of humor. I don’t think sally could take “give me that candy BITCH” with a laugh the way lisa can.

Pathug was very upset when I chose bruce jenner foe him. ajh chose Dennis Quaid and I agree. He wanted to know which Dennis Quaid.
Obviously the one from parent trap
He then chose tom hanks, and Tim Robbins.

what a collection of individuals we would be!

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since i have been dating quite a bit lately (ok well a bit for me!) i thought i would share some of my prep rituals/rules.


well they seem to bring good luck AND i have little else to write about at the current moment.

1. ALWAYS paint your nails.  if you do not paint your nails you will not get a new husband/boyfriend.  this is certain.  a wise manicurist once told this to my good friend HP and well it is true.  when ever i have a fresh coat the boys are DRAWN TO ME.

2. Shower.  I am the queen of oh i showered this morning and did not do anything all day so i really don’t need to get my hair wet AGAIN game but come on if you are serous you will shower.  (side confession i usually don’t shave my legs but that is a whole other personal issue for another time).  along with this if you are serious you will DO your hair.

one can always tell how serious i am about something by if i do my hair or not.  sorry loves but most of you are not worth the 2 hours of blow drying and fighting with this hot mess.

on a side note it is totally acceptable to wear a shower cap and put your hair up in rollers if it was washed that morning.  THAT IS WHY DRY SHAMPOO WAS INVENTED!

3.  EAT.  because you will most likely be downing the vino once you get to your local and well lets be honest no one likes a drunk chatty cathy.  I always must eat b.c any of you who know me personally know that i LOVE to drink.  i also love to make up stories, lie, tell secrets, and become socially inappropriate when i have had too much to drink on an empty stomach.  none of this is appropriate on a first/second date.  also, no one likes someone who SHOVELS food into their mouth the second it arrives. (another thing i am quite found of but have found then men do not think is very sexy!)  perhaps that’s why i have not found mr. right!

4. Stay one drink behind your date.  This is so he will be more drunk then you and you can then judge him more clearly.  this also means NO PREGAMING.  this is not your sorority mixer and you are now of age so NO predate drinks.  YOU HEAR ME NONE.  another rule i have gotten really good about keeping because i have to now drive to my dates.  i refuse to let people pick me up at my house, because i am afraid they will stock me BUT SERIOUSLY because i am afraid k$ will appear and well that is just awkward.  lets do a quick flash back to 2006 when my first serious boyfriend came to pick me up.  k$ met him at the door and offered him a beer.  mind you we were like sophomores in high school and right behind k$ were thug and lisa.  my poor date blushed and was like hmmm no thank you i’m driving.  i was mortified.

another time lisa pulled out the pictures of me from the 3-5th grade when i weight approximately 120 lbs and was 5 feet tall.  she claims she was just so proud of how i had grown up but i think she just secretly wanted me to live with her FOREVER and did not want any boys taking me away.

5.  dress for your expectations.  i remember when i was first starting to go on dates after my debokcal with the ass-hole.  it was so much different then dressing for the bars of oxford, ohio.  AMC gave me this advice such as do not wear a crew neck shirt he will think your not into him.  while i would love to say that i always heed this advice that would be a HUGE LIE.

6. have a back up plan.  when going on a first date i always prep my date for my hasty departure.  this is quite easy as i am a teacher and oh i have to get up so early for school but now that summer is coming i will need new excuses.  with piety date i did not aways follow this rule and well that got me into alot of awkard situations.


i am serious about that last one!

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today is the first day of spring break!  and it could not have come a day sooner!

i knew it was going to be a good day when i woke up to this guy on my cellphone:

i just love how everyone i know KNOWS i am dieing to get a gooldendoole.  i e-mailed a breeder on sunday about a few pups they had on their website but have not heard anything back. I have been asking doodle parents at the dog park about where they adopted their pups from but they are so secretive.  maybe they see that i already have two dogs and do not think i should own another.  little do they know that both bailey and dusty are going to texas while i stay on the EC.  well bailey might stay with me because we dont think he can make the air plane ride but even so i NEED MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLET to keep me company when the unthinkable happens to grandpa (my newest nickname for bailey)

so anyway AJH’s BFF JENIFER (if only you could hear how k$ says it) sent me the pic becuase her sister just adpoted the pup.  JENIFER is also the same person who gifted me a airline credit so i can go to AMC’s engagement party so right now i basically LOVE HER.

today is all about me.  i am only doing things that make me happy.  so besides searching for potential MISTER BELEVDERE GIMLETs i gave myself a little mani pedidon’t be so j. of my awesome pictures (and fat feet) i am still in need of a new digital camera, and have always had fred flintstone feet. hence my love of mens shooes (story for another day).

next up on my day of me: BAKING!  now that i am on a gluten gorge (getting a scope done on june 1) i am consuming gluten out the wazzo.  while i was in pain all weekend, today i am shitting up a storm so who knows what the next 5 weeks hold.  all i know is i am going to indulge!

first up:



CROISSANTS from my julia child book.  and if i get really creative pain au chocolate.

sorta really makes me miss urbn explorer and our parisian adventures!

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Sunday (our last day in Houston) we YES WE ALL 5 OF US went house hunting.

I have only been house hunting one other time in my life. When Mr.match took me to see the house he was going to buy in Norfolk before he had to move. I was not well behaved that time and have decided to keep my opinions to myself this time. Because let’s face it no one cares.

This is very hard. VERY HARD.

Aparently as in most things my parents and I have VERY DIFFERENT opinions of acceptable houses. Good thing I will not be living with them… The past 25 years and this vacation have been plenty!

Lisa has decided she wants a small old home. I.e. a mini version of our home in Charlotte. Or perhaps just transplant the home from ft.lauderdale.

When I hear old small home I think of a home from the early century (1900 not 2000) Reminiscent of my college home or the homes of my relatives in the Chicago suburbs.

Not a late 1990 prefab home that’s only difference from the others in the neighborhood is the facade. Like seriously who thought this was a good idea?

But again I’m not gonna live here and aparently they are only living here for 3 years. I remember the last time I heard that. 1996. We move to Charlotte. Believe it was 13 before we moved

But I digress.

Lisa and pat want a home in a ‘hood. K$ wants his own bathroom and ajh wants to move in. I want to get my nails done. Out real estate agent wants to find her brain. So as you can see at least we all have a common goal…

Lord help me for when I have to find a house because from what I see they don’t build houses like I would want.

Now do not get me wrong. Any of the living spaces would be fine if they were gutted.  ALL the houses come with really nice things like this texas star glass door:

And really nice pink tile. I have an extreme hatred as in I DETEST tile. This pink tile made my skin crawl.

Also interesting about homes in Texas: they all have fireplaces. Seriously isn’t the all time low here like 60? and again with the pink tile and carpet.  WHY??

About this house:
We walked in and out. Ajh’s comments “no. Fuck no. I’m not going in. You will not live here”. “there are snowmen on the WINDOWS”.

Conclusion: I don’t care because I’m not moving in.

I really just want my nails done.

And a pack or two of emergen-c.

And a xanax.


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