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the past two weeks have been CRAZY.  its almost as if bailey knew that my life was going to take off and that i would be ok without him and he chose the perfect moment to move on.

my BIGGEST news is that i am moving!  i am not going very far just 5 doors down into a new apt and moving in with this guy:  (facebook)

which brings me to my

first obsession: MBP my new roommate, well house mate i guess.  we are bff’s and that is neat.

obsession 2: KOMBUCHAlike most things i refused to try this at first.  i looked into it a few years ago because bethany frankel was drinking it on her show.  then i saw the words fermented tea and i thought i would check myself.  i am currently in love with mystic mango and have tried cosmic cranberry which is a bit more vinegary and special than the mango.

OBSESSION 3: new sunglasses.  i have had the same sunglasses for about 2 years.  i left them at school on friday and had to drive ALL THE WAY TO SOUTH CAROLINA without them.  now i have to convince g-ma to take me to the mall (45 min away) to get some new ones.
thinking about getting these:seeing as i have to go to sunglass hut because the nearest nordstroms is back in charlotte and ill be DAMNED if i have to drive anywhere after the 9 hours it took me to get down here.

obsession 4: STRIPES

and yes i may just own all of these items (including the zebra) in the next few days


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when i transferred to catholic school in third grade (because i could not read or spell from my public education, the same education i now give to unsuspecting children) i had to get penny loafers.  it was penny loafers, saddle shoes or buster browns.

FLASHBACK: i was a FAT child.  you can ask AJH, Lisa or any boy i dated in highschool that was ambused with the photos when they came to the house.  i was very large.  thats ok.  i’ve recovered with therapy.  like 100 lbs in 4th grade large.  anyway this only make my normally fat feet ever wider.  i really wanted the pink saddle shooes, they did not make them in EEE so i had to get black and white.  when i wanted penny loafers the only ones in my size where with a heal.  inappropriate for third grade so we settled on buster browns.

well now i want penny loafers, the ones without the heal.

any of these (all available from zappos) will do!  (HINT HINT BIRTHDAY HINT)

Patricia Green: Katherine

Cole Haan: Air Tali Keeper Moc

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy Driver I would buy these right now if they had them in a darker color!

Lacoste: Concours

Frye: Otis Penny

a little trip over to the cole haan website brought me to this:

Air Penny Tantivy Driver

I MUST OWN THESE SHOES!  they are perfect for my birthday.  shiny and comfy, AND ON SALE.

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy

all my will power is going into not buying these!

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Today I am feeling great! We will call it the post hangover self loathing induced sudden onset anorexia.

Aka I was unable to really consume anything or do anything yesterday. Causing some serious dehydration. Thus I am looking nice and thin today.

Downside or UPSIDE looking at breakfast this morning made me want to crawl back into bed.

No picture but I have on my super cute pink j.crew skirt, black slightly sequined tank from target (it was $6!) and white sweater.

To make today EVEN better I was 15 minutes late, forgot my work and am still at school.

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another one of my IRL bffs has started a BLOG!

there is nothing more i love then when i have irl friends blogging!  i will use her first name here as she uses it on her site so no need to hid it (although i DO love coming up with nick names).

kelly, who also went to miami and is sorority sister to AMC, lives in chicgo, has impeccable style and has now decided to share it with the world!

chicago has style too

i mean how cute is her header.

her tag line is also to die for : Proving the fly over states have fashion sense… one photo at a time.

kelly is also in the mist of the 30 day challenge: you know where you pick 30 pieces of clothes and remix them for 30 days!

you should deff add her to your google reader!

also have you entered the give away????  do it, everyone is!

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I got this top and skirt at target for $13 that’s right. 6 something for top and 6 something for skirt!

Hit up the clearence at your local target. There is some great stuff!

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have you been wondering how to get your hands on an exclusive cole b. outerwear scarf?


for valentines day i am teaming up with nicole of cole b. outerwear to give away a red scarf and a caroline coffee hug backed in red!

here is the scarf you will get!and the lovely nicole, of cole b. outerwear modeling it!

here i am wearing my blue cole b. outerwear scarf:
i also have an ivory one that i was going to wear to school today but since it is a SNOW day!  i am still in my pjs and makeup free so no picture YET!

who is nicole of nicole b. outerwear?  she is the mother of a adorable 7 month old, a pr genius and an expert crocheter (is that how you spell it?) .  she was also one of the inspirations for me to start my own etsy shop!  she is the daughter of lil deb cakes, and a true friend to me.  she had to recently move with her husband from charlotte to louisville, ky.  to say it was a big change for her would be an understatement.  but she put on her big girl panties and has made the best of it!  she even sells her scarves at a local shop and has become a local gem!

this is your chance to get a highly coveted scarf for FREE!

while nicole does not have her own etsy shop you can e-mail her at colebouterwear(at)gmail[dot]com.  she has an amazing color palette.

hopefully i can get some more pictures of the exact scarf we are giving away but due to my recent loss, it had been hard.

Contest rule:

for initial entry: leave a comment about your best/worst valentines day on this post.

after leaving a comment you can get additional entries by


the winner will be picked on monday at 5pm using


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Today (well yesterday as I never published this, oops) I have on my trusty j.crew wool trousers, a target striped top, target shoes, and my cole b.scarf.

Are you loving my cole b. scarf? Well check out my give away and you too can have one!

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i have been mia lately, SORRY.  i know that i bring happy to many of your days and when i am mia the sky just is not as blue, the sun not as bright etc.

well i am back.  at least for today!

besides student teaching which has been kicking my A$$ i have been doing a little designing.

so for the grand reveal here are some of the newest products for my etsy shop!  do you love them???

designed with all my tennis friends in mind this is perfect for the tennis lover in your life!  color and text can be customized for your favorite player!

inspired by my cousin, sara.  she is getting a pack for her birthday but they can be individualize by color and by name for anyone special in your life!made with cole b.’s baby daughter in mind this is perfect for baby shower notes, a child’s birthday or any occasion,  text and colors can be customized!inspired by AMC’s recent engagement to her long time love JPC.  this is the perfect every day stationary!

i also created some fold over cards! 

inspired by little AJH and her job search this is the perfect, classy and preppy way to thank interviewers!  and a sure way to get the job.what can i say about this?  its plan amazing!  both amc and her mom (also amc) are getting a set!

there is nothing as classy as a thank you note and i am always on the hut for the perfect one, so i created some of my own!  done you love them?  they come with matching blue envelopes that just scream i really appreciate you and what you did for me!


the other great news i have to share with you is that i am teaming up with cole b. outer ware for a give away!  details to come on this week!  but stay tuned you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  ps.  her wears have been features in WDTWT? and are a regular in lisa and i’s winter wear!

i have also been working in my very own coffee hug sweat shop!  i love making them although me and my sewing machine and have been fighting quite a bit.  i hate to admit that 4 letter words have been flying but the result is amazing.  a very special valenties day coffee hug is also apart of the give away!  so get excited!

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Today is the start of a new quarter for my students. I am also making it a new start for me. Starting today me and month are starting a new quarter in our lives. We are going to hold eachother to working out 1 hour a day 6 times a week.

But back to my outfit: wool trousers (j.crew), sweater (gap). Loafers from ugg

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Mom, I don’t want to go to school today!
But I have to
So I put on my big girl pants, jcrew wool trousers, sparkel flats (to add some happy) and my favorite gauze bow t from gap and a boyfriend sweater from banana republic.

Thank god I spent those8 months working at jcrew and I have 4 pairs of wool trousers. Other wise I don’t know what I would be wearing.

Great news tomorrows Friday!

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