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today is the official last day of summer, for me at least.

tomorrow i have to report back to school full time, and while the students don’t show up until the 27, gone are the days of laying in bed until 9:30…

with the start of the school year come many endings and new beginnings. i almost feel like this is the start of the new year more so then january.  and since i did not have my shit in a pile back in january (heck i did not have it all within a 10 mile radius) i am taking to now to start my new year resolutions!

while i will not be sharing my resolutions with you, i will tell you their theme.  i am on a quest to be more open and loving and free.

very bohemian of me. 

truthfully, while watching girls on HOB i realized that i saw way to much of myself in uptight marni and self absorbed hannah.  that is not who i want to be.  i want to be free like jess, i want to shed my uptight layer and become less judgmental of everyone, INCLUDING myself.

ie this moment:  (credit)

so along with the usuals of be more organized, make my bed, don’t snap at people, i am adding be less judgmental and more open loving and free.

to help me on this journey i am reading (at the suggestions of B) When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön.  it is a very far cry from most of the literature i read and the first self helpy book i have been able to read more then a page of.  perhaps because this time it was i who decided to go on this journey.  for the first time it was not at another’s suggestion, or under anothers forceful hand.  regardless it talks a lot about balancing the good and bad in life and how you can not know the beauty of the good without knowing and acknolowing the pain of the bad.

exactly the message i need to start my new year.

i am also going to get my charka’s balanced.

because why not?


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last week via twitter i promised to share my amazing success with gluten free bread.  well this weekend was way more jam packed then i anticipated and i never got my blog done.

for christmas AMC gave me Artisanal Gluten-Free Cookingi truly feel if you have to get one gluten free cookbook this should be it.  Kelli and Peter (yes we are on a first name basis) spend pages explaining gluten free and then give you their flour mix.  its AMAZING.  i think it is the addition of potato flour.  This was SO hard for me to find and i had to have the local health food store order it for me.  But TOTALLY WORTH IT.

it was from this book that i made my amazing bread.

Right now i am making their pizza crust.  i let the yeast proof a bit to long and it was all over the counter and ON MY BOOK. they made pizza on their blog last friday and you can read all about it over at no gluten no problem.

The other other great thing about this cook book is that it is not all about making your favorite dishes gluten free.  It shows you how to make dishes that have always been gluten free!  along with a WHOLE chapter devoted to drinks!  while the gimlet was not featured a lime rickey was, its like a gimlet for beginners! and a little caveat about the dangers of gluten in alcohol.

if you are gluten free or know someone who is YOU NEED TO GET THIS COOKBOOK NOW!

they are coming out with a cupcake book too.  if you were looking for a valentines day gift THIS IS IT!

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for anyone who knows me personally they know i love to read.  not as much as i love trashy tv but reading is close behind.  right now i have 5 books i received for my birthday and right before that i have not finished (two are started, i know i know one at a time!) but with school and life getting in the way i have yet to complete any of them.

on my bed side table:

(image from

(image from

(image from

(image from

(image from

i am currently heavily involved with Hotel New Hampshire.  Mr. Match gave it to me for my birthday and he said my family reminded him of the family in the book.  At first i did not know to take it but after seeing so many of the striking similarities i might just take it as a complement!  i was involved with Devil in the White City but then thug took it to read on the flight to the marathon and i have not touched it since.

I have been turning to True Prep whenever i need a chuckle or a little preppy inspiration and cannot wait to get into The Art of Racing in the Rain.  AMC gave me both of these for my birthday and just LOVED The ART.

I have also decided that since i read oh so much and HAVE to buy my books (its an issue but hey its one of my only pleasures) i have made these little stickers to go in them so that others know they are mine when i lend them out!  they will be for sale in my etsy shop soon!

do you just love them?

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while i am loving living the “college” lifestyle i fly back to reality tomorrow.  in honor of this i will share a few things i am LOVING right now.

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  i cannot get enough of this.  i am listening to it on CD and have, on multiple occasions, just sat in the car not able to turn the book off.  I am NOT a fan of books on tape but the oration of this book is magical.

2. lazy weekends with AJH.  there is nothing more special then curling up on the couch with the only person who knows you as well as you know yourself, your sister.  the special bond we share is something i cherish more then life its self and i feel so blessed to have learned this at the age of 20 and been able to form such a great relationship with her.

3. warm weather.  even in ohio the weather has been great.  as i type this its starting to spit outside but for the past 2 days it has been warm without being stifling.  yesterday was perfect beach weather if only i was not in land locked dayton.

4. greek yogurt.  if you have not tried this you MUST.  i have been holding out for so long.  i am a very picky eater and texture is everything for me.  AMC and mr. match have been telling me i have to try greek yogurt and i have been afraid.  i am very loyal to the trader joes brand low fat vanilla.  while i will not switch completely to greek yorgut it is a great change up for my yogurt addiction and can be bought places where there is no trader joes (i.e when i visit amc!).  i also love the variety of flavors and putting the honey on it.  i love honey!!

5. fresh berries.  while i do not like for my fruit to touch (another weird food issue)  i do like to have mixed berries.  black berries, blue berries, raspberries and strawberries YUM.  at the grocery i got an amazing mix of them fresh!  mr. match has told me he is going to take me berry picking and i cannot wait!  also when i go down to the g-rents for memorial day we will be able to get fresh SC peaches!  YUM YUM YUM!

what are you loving right now?

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this summer i plan on getting back into the habit of reading 1 or more books a month.  So far this month i have read 2 and am hoping to get at least 2 more in.  My summer course loads are going to be heavy in reading as i am take 3 classes all having to do with research and children’s lit but i hope to still do my own reading on the side.

my recent reads have been

Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger
are you there vodka? it’s me chelsea by chelsea handler
la candy by lauren conrad
as you can see i have moved fully in to beach reading mode.

as for my to read list:

1. girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson
both amc and mr. match are reading this and i feel left out/was going to steal mr. matches but he is going to slow

2. tipping point by malcom gladwell
i have been “reading” this for 3 years now.  i just go a chapter or so at a time.  it’s intresting but i get sidetracked from it easily.

3. the carrie diaries by Candace Bushnell
AMC pre-ordered this and we are going to have book club about it.  EVERYONE is welcome maybe i will blog as i read it!!

4.the help by kathryn stockett
i am actually going to listen to this on tape when i drive to see ajh on thursday!  it will make the 10 hour trip SOOO much better!

5. the devil in the white city by erik larson
its about my fav place chicago and a murder at the worlds fair.  i hope to read it over fourth of july when i am in for a wedding and a week of play at the lake!

6./7. my horizontal life and chelsea chelsea bang bang by chelsea handler
do i even need to tell you why these made my list… i think i will wait to read then so i can just steal AMCs copies and read them both while at her house this summer…

what are you reading?  do you have any suggestions for me?

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