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i read a lot of blogs.

most don’t touch me.  most provide entertainment or a glimpse into a different life, or a link to quality things.

this one made me cry: i accidentally saw a picture of you

who has not been there?  i mean its totally one of the many reasons i have quit facebook in the past/defriended all mutual friends.

I think joy is so brave for writing things and putting it out there.  we all feel like this, weather its an ex or a friend you’ve lost touch with.  that pang of nostalgia, not negative, not positive just honest and raw.  i love how she was able to put all those feelings down in words.  for more on joy you can follower her on twitter, and make one ALL of her recipes, you won’t regret it.


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are you on pintrest?

you should be.  it is amazing and my newest obsession.  well i have been obsessing for a while but due to my tennis issues, sewing projects (post on that tomorrow), and all over life issues, i have not posted about it yet.

anyway pintrest is great.  you can pick up a picture from anywhere on the web and ‘pin’ it to your idea board on pintrest and share it with all the other pintrest people.  you can also have followers and follow people or just following their specific idea boards.

while i would like to pretend that this site adds lots of value to the world, it does not.  it just brings all the amazingness out on the world wide web and brings it to one place so i can more easily waste hours of my time.

if you are not on pintrest and want to be leave a comment below and i will invite you.  you have to be invited, and lucky for you, you know me and i will invite you.  i am that big of a deal.  (as if you did not know)



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i am like a modern day marvel.  i know that you think the same thing to yourself every day so lets just lay it out here.

This weekend i put my domesticity to use and made a new type of gluten free bread AND HOMEMADE OREOS.  oreos have been a guilty pleasure in my family for as long as i can remember and i must say that after bagels they are the thing i miss the MOST now that i am gluten free.

thanks to a few of my internet/blog friends i was finally given the kick in the a$$ i need to made these!  first, i saw the recipe on gluten free girl and chef.  she bakes in weight so i put it to the side until i got myself a scale (actually Lisa got me a scale and we went cheep and it does not give exact measurements but i digress).  i again saw these suckers pop up over on whit’s amuse bouche. (Side note: whitney also went to miami and is a sorority sister of AMC, so we are like IRL by like 7 degrees of separation).

you can click to see the gluten free option from shauna or the gluten filled version from whit.  either way you need to be making these little suckers at home.

so now is the time where i put in all the pretty pictures of my bread and cookies right?  WONG.  i still don’t have a camera and don’t want to talk about it.  so i will make you dear reader who i love so much SUFFER along with me and you must now look at pictures i took from my blackberry.

makes you feel sorry for me, doesn’t it???

and the tweet of my oreos pre-filling (the are still not filled as the day got away from me and i am throwing myself a pity party (i’ll talk about this later)

and here they all filled and calling my name… do you hear it?

ps do you see how GREAT my black berry picture taken has gotten??

here is the tweet you may have seen about my bread:

i got the recipe from gluten free cooking school.  there are pros and cons of this bread.  Pro: it had great texture, looks like bread and is easy to make. Con: it tastes like corn, it crumbles easily and is a bit dry.
i will be making it again and adding a little potato flour to try and get some moisture into the bread.  i LOVE the way it rises up and has large air bubles.  it is light and not dense at all.

now is the time for all of you to comment about how you want to by my goods on etsy and the go purchase a coffee hug or some nice stationery.  b.c seriously your enough of an a-hole for waiting this long do you really need to keep killing trees by using those awful horrible UGLY cardboard sleeves.

oh and my pity party… well you will have to check back tomorrow!

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i am petrified of goats.  in kindergarten i went on a field trip to a farm or goat heaven, not really sure BUT i was attacked by a goat on that field trip.

the goat monster attempted to eat my clothes and then sent out a goat message to all other goats that from then on i should be the target of their mouths.  Every time i am near farm animals these little creatures seek me out and attempt to relive the original attack.

apparently i am the only little girl every attacked by a goat because when i did a google search to get a video or a picture of what my attack was like there was nothing.  so i leave you with this:

now that we are all clear on the fact that goats and i do not get along i will get to the point of this post… DONKEYS.

if you already read farmgirl fare then you know all about the daily donkey.  if not be prepared to be WOWED.for the interactive one that i worked so hard on but could not figure out how to upload click here: donkey LOVE!  you will not be disappointed.  (all pictures were taken from farmgirl fare, because i don’t own and donkeys… SAD DAY)

i will be absent until sunday.  sorry.  i have my comp exam on saturday, a observation at school on thursday and well i just can’t do it all.  maybe ill get a post in, but don’t get your big girl panties all bunched if you don’t see my until sunday! xoxox

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another one of my IRL bffs has started a BLOG!

there is nothing more i love then when i have irl friends blogging!  i will use her first name here as she uses it on her site so no need to hid it (although i DO love coming up with nick names).

kelly, who also went to miami and is sorority sister to AMC, lives in chicgo, has impeccable style and has now decided to share it with the world!

chicago has style too

i mean how cute is her header.

her tag line is also to die for : Proving the fly over states have fashion sense… one photo at a time.

kelly is also in the mist of the 30 day challenge: you know where you pick 30 pieces of clothes and remix them for 30 days!

you should deff add her to your google reader!

also have you entered the give away????  do it, everyone is!

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last week via twitter i promised to share my amazing success with gluten free bread.  well this weekend was way more jam packed then i anticipated and i never got my blog done.

for christmas AMC gave me Artisanal Gluten-Free Cookingi truly feel if you have to get one gluten free cookbook this should be it.  Kelli and Peter (yes we are on a first name basis) spend pages explaining gluten free and then give you their flour mix.  its AMAZING.  i think it is the addition of potato flour.  This was SO hard for me to find and i had to have the local health food store order it for me.  But TOTALLY WORTH IT.

it was from this book that i made my amazing bread.

Right now i am making their pizza crust.  i let the yeast proof a bit to long and it was all over the counter and ON MY BOOK. they made pizza on their blog last friday and you can read all about it over at no gluten no problem.

The other other great thing about this cook book is that it is not all about making your favorite dishes gluten free.  It shows you how to make dishes that have always been gluten free!  along with a WHOLE chapter devoted to drinks!  while the gimlet was not featured a lime rickey was, its like a gimlet for beginners! and a little caveat about the dangers of gluten in alcohol.

if you are gluten free or know someone who is YOU NEED TO GET THIS COOKBOOK NOW!

they are coming out with a cupcake book too.  if you were looking for a valentines day gift THIS IS IT!

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i have been blessed.  i am somewhat of a wiz in the kitchen.  not to toot my own horn by any means but i was giving the baking genes in the family.  from the time i was little i liked to cook and bake.  i can remember leaning how to make grill cheese and pancakes as a child and the joy i felt the first time i ever did it alone.

i can also remember the few failures i have had in the kitchen.  now i am not talking setting the stove on fire (done twice) or burning the handle of a pot, spatula or tray of cookies (countless times) i am talking about throwing out a whole recipe because it was REALLY JUST THAT BAD.  i can only remember doing this twice although for the sake of my memory we will say if happened maybe half a dozen times.

the first time was when i made baking powder biscuits out of my samanatha american girl cook book.  i mistook the teaspoon for the tablespoon and baking soda for baking powder.  i will never forget lisa trying to choke one down.  we through the whole thing out and she explained to me the differences.

the second time was recently when i made a box tiramisu.  why i ever thought this was a good idea will never be clear but lets just say it was HORRIBLE.  ill stick to the home made from now on!

well this was until i became gluten free and started baking…

let me first state that i hold impossibly high standards for myself in the kitchen and will not settle for ok.  this applies to gluten free cooking.  if it does not taste as good or better than the original it is a failure.

cue christmas cookies.

my first batch was doomed from the start.  i just assumed flour is flour what is it made out of does not make a difference… WRONG!  i just subbed in millet flour.  on the label it said good for baking.  well it was the worst taking cookies of my life.  i mean BAD. vomit in your mouth bad.  take a shot of vodka and still not cover the after taste BAD.

this whole batch was tossed.  good news? after learning that you must combine flours i have remade them and they are delightful!

second failure: kolackys

i got this recipe from brittany’s love blog real sustenance. (she also has a recipe for english muffins that i am dieing to make).  brittany’s recipe was gluten free and vegan.  i am not a vegan and well am sorta INLOVE with dairy so i just subbed in my non-vegan products and ran with it.  FAIL.

no this was not the type of fail that causes me to toss a whole batch.  this was the kind that lights the stove on fire.  in her recipe brittany said the dough would be sticking.  well mine was STICKY.

oh why am i talking abut brittnay like we are besties?? BECAUSE we are friends, we e-mailed and tweeted back and forth over my need to perfect my kloackys.

i digress…

i knew there was a problem when i placed my kloackys on a silpat.  genius idea right?  WRONG.  due to the moisture in my cookies they decided to slip off the silpat and fall onto the oven floor.  this caused the oven to smoke, the alarm to go off and poor dusty to exile himself to the snow until i had the issue under control.  out of my frustration with myself for not having perfect kloackys i tweeted Brittany (@realsustenance).  she followed up with the sweetest tweets offering to help me.  i sent her an e-mail detailing my probs and what ingredients i used.  she suggested that i go for it and use full fat cream cheese and ONLY an egg yolk and then went even further and made them again herself to make sure the measurements were correct!

i rolled out the rest of the dough from the original batch between two pieces of plastic b.c even the parchment was causing an issue…

i just whipped up a new batch of dough this  morning and it is in freezer chilling.  the consistency was completely different with this batch.  the funny thing about gluten free cooking is  you have to trust the recipe as most of the time the dough/batter is not what you would have using a wheat flour.  this was another mistake i made with the first batch.  i added sweet rice flour until the dough was what i wanted… result: disaster.

this time they were much better.  i was a bit wary of adding sweet rice flour to the dough but finally found my rythm and the result?  GLORIOUS!

so thank you brittany!  i could not have done it without you!

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.friends in high places.

its no secret i LOVE my friends.  if you have friends and you don’t love them consider your self judged.  that’s right i judge you.

recently one of my friends who i talk alot about on this here little blog JM, wrote a little post for indie ball.  in case you still have not checked out jm’s blog get your bum over there or consider your self judged times 2.  also follow it on twitter @urbnexplorer

jm is currently crippled just like me, hence her talking about her arm in a shoulder cast.

she is an amazing writter and has GREAT taste.  be sure to check her out!

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.life: sunspired.

my very best irl friend has just launched her own blog.  she was the other half of the post college project and has been blogging over at room it up for years.

she gave me the HONOR of designing her header, icon and background!  this also motivated me to finally finish the make over here (minus icon which should be up before noon!)

amc was a great first client for my new venture of creating custom blog headers, backgrounds and icons.  She had a very clear vision of what she wanted and after a few tries we got there and came up with this:

with this icon

when you go to her site you will see it up next to the title and next to the url!

she sent me to Luxe +lillies which was the inspiration for her background and one of the runner up headers.  i just loved her use of trefoils (obsessed and not just because they are my favorite girl scout cookie!)

i have now listed this service on etsy and would love to also work with you via e-mail: asplashofhappy[at]gmail[dot]com.


have you signed up for my give away yet.  remember it closes at 7pm EST on monday!

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the darkest age of my life time was the early nineties.  while i was only in grade school the lasting effects of the ‘grunge’ error will forever mar my life.  while thankfully i had a mother who dressed me in cute outfits (would insert pics if i had access they are in storage) the mere fact that i once aspired to have a belly button ring, be on the real world, and like nirvana haunts me daily.

thankfully, i was enrolled in a parochial school and quickly learned to love the head bands, tartan, and the saddle and suede buck shoes she shoved my fat feet into.  I will never forgive these fat feet for not being able to fit into the pink saddle shoes i longed for.

to this day i long for these shoes.  if i ever have a baby girl she will get these shoes if i have to find a cobbler to make them for me.

this all beings said i get to my point with the turn of the millennium came a resurgence of something close to my heart.

.Preppy Style.

i am not the only one reveling in the fact that this has become main stream but i do long for the days when it was not in your face.  having attended the mother ship of the preppy child, miami university, i was finally able to find others like me and meet individuals who made my love look like a summer fling.  now on the verge of the next decade we have a new hand book to lead all of us preps in our never ending search of classic and timeless apparel.

i know many of you have lost as there has been no guide for our lifestyle as the The Official Preppy Handbook went out of print over 15 years ago (why my 10 year-old-self did not request this i am unsure!) Lisa Birnbach has come to the rescue with a new book True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World.

here she is discussing it on the Today Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.
you can also read an interview with Lisa Birnbach that Preppy Princess had on the preppy princess blog

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