so glad you asked.

i’m a twenty something just trying to find my way.  I moved to costal virginia to live with my parents and go back to grad school.  where did i used to live?  oh just the AMAZING city of chicago.  having spent my childhood moving about, a majority of my life was spent in charlotte, nc.  i left to go to maimi university for college and pledge alpha delta pi.  during those 4 amazing years i was able to spend a semester in luxemburg that sparked my love of europe and all things french.

for any of you that have just packed up your life and moved you know the transition is NOT easy.  neither is living with your parents in your twenties.

I am also the proud owner of .a.splash.of.happy. a shop on etsy that sells coffee hugs, and other things i think up.  soon it will be selling stationary that i create!  while i love teaching and math i am super creative and my li

After taking a few months to acclimate to my new environment, i have found a great rhythm and started some amazing new adventures.

one new adventure is my etsy shop: .a.splash.of.happy. where i sell coffee hugs and other things i dream!

i am also gluten intolerant.  for awesome recipes and a look at my struggles with going gluten free check out my .gluten.free. tab

How am I making it all work?  Every day I make sure I add .a.splash.of.happy. to my life.  Won’t you join me?


4 responses to “.who.am.i?

  1. cute stuff on etsy, your blog is adorable! nice work 🙂

  2. cute stuff on etsy, your blog is adorable! nice work

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