today is the official last day of summer, for me at least.

tomorrow i have to report back to school full time, and while the students don’t show up until the 27, gone are the days of laying in bed until 9:30…

with the start of the school year come many endings and new beginnings. i almost feel like this is the start of the new year more so then january.  and since i did not have my shit in a pile back in january (heck i did not have it all within a 10 mile radius) i am taking to now to start my new year resolutions!

while i will not be sharing my resolutions with you, i will tell you their theme.  i am on a quest to be more open and loving and free.

very bohemian of me. 

truthfully, while watching girls on HOB i realized that i saw way to much of myself in uptight marni and self absorbed hannah.  that is not who i want to be.  i want to be free like jess, i want to shed my uptight layer and become less judgmental of everyone, INCLUDING myself.

ie this moment:  (credit)

so along with the usuals of be more organized, make my bed, don’t snap at people, i am adding be less judgmental and more open loving and free.

to help me on this journey i am reading (at the suggestions of B) When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön.  it is a very far cry from most of the literature i read and the first self helpy book i have been able to read more then a page of.  perhaps because this time it was i who decided to go on this journey.  for the first time it was not at another’s suggestion, or under anothers forceful hand.  regardless it talks a lot about balancing the good and bad in life and how you can not know the beauty of the good without knowing and acknolowing the pain of the bad.

exactly the message i need to start my new year.

i am also going to get my charka’s balanced.

because why not?


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