today i crawled out from the rock i have been living under for the past 12 months and did some serious internet perusing.

i also sat at my desk for the first time EVER…

during college, my first job, and grad school i was constantly on the internet looking for new blogs, products and things to be interesting in.  then last year happened.  i finally had something that was all consuming and challenging and everything else in my life fell by the wayside.  yes i still read blogs, but i did not look for new ones.  i read the huffington post articles that caught my eye on twitter but i rarlely linked to new articles.

then SUMMER came.  basically the opposite of my new favorite show (well third behind girls and new girl) game of throns tag line “winter is coming”

summer has provided me with NOTHING to do.  this is more nothing than i am usually accustomed to because that nothing is me procrastinating on this things i have to do.  I LEGITIMATELY have nothing to do but blog, watch the Olympics, shop, and drink.

whatever your only 27 once!

do you have any idea how much CRAP is out there on the internet.  seriously i have having a severe FOMO attack (so much worse then a shame attack) over all the things i have been missing out on.  today i lost my self for 2 hours looking at shiz on the world wide web.

like a coke fein searing for her next fix i greatly cobbled up every link from every article bouncing from huffington to twitter to you tube to buzzfeed and back again.  seriously did you know there could be SO MANY INTERESTING articles about nothing?!?!

i was on such a high from all my interesting finds i thought i would venture on to facebook and see if i could conquer the beast.  its been over a year since i really spend more then half a minute on the website and i thought well perhaps i could go back.  since reactivating my account back in march i have spent probably all of 10 minutes on the website all from the safety of my iphone.

well lets just say that the facebook train has left me high and dry.  i’m about as clued in to it as my grandma.  i went on to actually delete some people who keep coming up in my news feed, you know when im really board and twitter isn’t doing it for me and i check it on my phone.  i thought i had defriended them LONG ago (i love nothing more then defriending people) and i guess you cannot do that on the iphone app?

regardless i could not even figure out how to find them let alone defriend them when i signed on today.  so then i spent a good bit of time goggling how to defriend and if there is a service out that that i could pay to go through and clean up my facebook life.  and i came across this little article.  heck yes!  i hope these people know i have moved on with my awesome life and they are no longer apart of it.  no press release?  there should be!

and seriously that moment when you want to re-friend?  does that happen?  if it does you need to check yourself.

other exciting things i found on the internet:



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