i quite frequently have no idea how old i am.  i was born in october 1985 so i have yet to have my 2012 birthday.  making my exact age 26 and 10 months.  I recently told someone i was 24 and followed it up by making a remark about how 2010 is going.  clearly i have no idea what is going on in the real world.

i live my life in lala AMH land.

along with having absolutely no idea how old i am or what year it is; i look like i am about to embark on my junior year of high school so i can pull off any age between 18 and 24.  over 25 and people ask questions.  yes at 26 i still get CARDED EVERY time i order a drink (even though i drink at the same 3 spots religiously). perhaps its my indecision that causes me to get carded as i have moved on from my go to vodka gimlet (i was getting a bit too hammered) and have been better able to stomach beer so my options are wide open.

regardless of my youthful looks and lack of beauty routine need to change as a inch closer to 27.  we can blame my poor beauty routine on growing up a swimmer and having such bad acne that make up hurt my face but truthfully that was like 9 years ago… someones got to grow up.

and i have been TRYING!  i recently got my first set of highlights.  BLOND.

finished product:and again with the no makeup…

but now that we got the hair situation under control we (me and myself) are about to get this makeup situation under control.

so i have been following PIPMEGAN lead and watching lots of youtube videos on how to use my new sultra and how to do my makeup.  most of the bittys on youtube doing these tutorials seem to have been rejects from Real World and Teen mom; however, they know what is up on the make up/hair front.  perhaps that’s what they were doing while i was studying finance and getting my M.S.ed.

regardless hopefully this new me will bring me in to my 28th year a little more adult!



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