you may not know this but i have been a large phoebe philo fan ever since she was first at chloe, and i was 12 years old.

did you belive that?

you should have.

not that i own any chloe, or can fit in the the famed high wasted jeans i so dream of wearing.  i mean perhaps some people think $595 is a bit much for jeans.  but this is happiness people.  there is no price for happiness.

i know about all of this from one of my favorite beach reads:

i think plum sykes is amazing and i devour everything she writes in vogue.  but i digress.  back to phoebe philo and my love for her.

she is no longer at chloe but at celine.  and she is hawking the most amazing bag i have laid my eyes on; the luggage mini.

while i am not crazy about this color combo the shape and the details are pushing me over the edge.

i love this nice nude but would like a little contrast with the detailing: the £1,550.00 price tag is not deterring me from lusting over this bag.  clearly my chosen career as a public school teacher allows me such luxuries so the only thing holding me back from owning this bag is the fact i live in rural bfe Virginia and there is not a Celine boutique in the near vicinity.

so i am going to drowned my sorrows in the coach willis.  i first spoke about my need for this bag here and since i chose to sell my soul to the devil this summer, aka teacher summer school and tutor kids, i have EARNED this bag.  (in my mind i really earned the luggage mini, but apparently the economy undervalues me and my work…)

i am torn between the mahogany or the brittish tan.  mahogany

brittish tan

i am also a little peeved that again, because, i live in BFE virginia i have to order the bag on-line and wait for it to come to me.  unless i go with the brittish tan then i can go pick it up in arlington tomorrow…

decisions, decisions…


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