hanging out with this guy:

and obviously cleaning up that sicko pit of a room.  we were in the middle of redoing my closet so everything had been pulled out and put on the bed/floor/desk.

some of you may know my nick name: hurricane.  this was coined by WJKs husband because every time (eery time) i visit i am a whirlwind of fun and entertainment.  my drunken patters also closely follow those of a category 5.  strong wind, waterworks, strange calm, strong wind, disaster.

well i have met my match in my new roommate.  and i am finally getting the post college experience that every young adult hopes for.

plus the pool is now open and while i did have a horrible run in with skin cancer earlier this year the world is ending in December so what the hell why not.  i could also quote YOLO but that is just my favorite restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.

regardless i have been TRES busy living a life so full of splashes of happy that is perhaps a happy flood brought to you by hurricane AMH and her roomie B.


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  1. whitney

    I love hurricane AM!

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