this is an open letter to west elm:

I love you.  you are my newest addiction.  i cannot help but buy everything that you put on your website and send me in your catalog.  this being said we need to break up. my latest binge:

has made my new apartment amazing.

and while your products are reasonably priced and make my life look beautiful i think that after this i need to stop.

will i?

no, probably not.

and when i get those design dollars you promised me,

will i use them? yes

will i like it?  DOUBLE YES.

but the list of things i need is running low, and we are only buying for need right now.  so if you want my money (and i know you do!!!) please add a white kitchen table bench to your inventory line!!!  i will buy it and LOVE it forever i promise.

xoxo forever and always,



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