as a child of the 90s i often reference great 90s hits.  while my students normally do not get the reference and think i am crazy (i am) the other adults in the room always laugh.

well as you all know i recently made a HUGE change in my life.  i moved 5 doors down and got a new apartment and a human roommate.  yesterday all my lovely purchases from WEST ELM came and today i am going to be putting the finishing touches on my room (cleaning it up, removing the rubbermaid containers, hanging pictures, etc).

I am in L.O.V.E with the new place.  its big, its clean its adult and its cheaper then living alone.


every time i walk down the hall i have to pass the old apartment.  where i first lived on my own.  well it was not my first time living on my own but it was the first time everything was all mine.  no roommates (we wont count grams).  it was the culmination of a huge life change, leaving the city that i love (chicago), going to grad school, breaking up with the asshole, moving in with lisa and pa-thug for 2 years.  it was the reason everything happened for two years.  i picked it out, i paid for it, i did it.  it was all mine, rubber maid containers and all!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i would not trade my new situation for anything, it is so nice having a built in partner in crime (except for when we take tequila shots at 2 am on a Thursday when we have school on Friday) but than again what else are your 20s for??

while the lyrics of the song really have nothing to do with my new or old apt, the sentiment of the song rings true.

plus who does not LOVE a little BNL on a sunday morning?


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