remember that time when i ran away from my grandparents over Christmas break because yet another one of my cousins was getting married to a guy she had know less than a year.  and her father announced the impending engagment well before it was planned to go down?

well at the time the only way i could make my exit swiftly was to promise to be back for spring break.

well here i am, those 4 months moved quickly and i am back at re&yo’s.  ALONE.  ALL ALONE.  that’s right i am spending 9 days alone with my 75 year old grandparents.

that means 9 days of Fox news, 9 days of defending my lifestyle (being 26 and unmarried with no viable prospects), 9 days of defending what i spend my money on, 9 days of pure JOY.

it also means that i get back to my house sunday night which gives me like 5 hours to pack before i have to move down the hall.  anxiety at an all time HIGH.

so how does one cope with 9 days of re&yo PLUS high anxiety and no xanax?  ill tell you…

day 1:

90 year old’s surprise birthday party.  i’m 26.  the youngest couple there has been married for 28 years.  everyone was very impressed that i was a teacher and that i was in fact 26.  granted i had just driven for 9 hours and not washed my hair but still…

day 2:

30 minute discussion where i had to relive bailey’s death and defend the fact that i paid $200 to have him cremated. 

then my ordeal was compared with all the pets re&yo had lost and other family members.  clearly my trauma was lost on my lovely g-rents.  oh yes and i cried (time #1)

1 hour conversation about weddings.  A. i am not getting married.  B. i dont have a bf or a finance.  C. i don’t have to be married to be happy.

so why did we talk about this for so long.  FUCK if i know.  i then had to defend my ideas of weddings and why i can justify going to a high school friends wedding on a Saturday but not a family members on a Friday.

you may remember that i REFUSE to go to any wedding on a Friday that is not a national holiday, out of town weddings on friday nights are selfish and gauche.  it makes your attendees take a day off of work.  i am a huge fan of flying in on saturday morning flying out sunday morning and will do this for any wedding i am invited to.  CAN’T do this if your wedding is on a friday. grandma does not approve of these views and we had a tif (cry #2).

later in the car:

g-ma: “how does it feel to almost be done with your first year of teaching?”
me: “like i have 29 more left until i can retire”
g-ma: “well if you every got married you could quit.  i got married at 20 and never worked a day”
me: silently sobs (cry #3)



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