the past two weeks have been CRAZY.  its almost as if bailey knew that my life was going to take off and that i would be ok without him and he chose the perfect moment to move on.

my BIGGEST news is that i am moving!  i am not going very far just 5 doors down into a new apt and moving in with this guy:  (facebook)

which brings me to my

first obsession: MBP my new roommate, well house mate i guess.  we are bff’s and that is neat.

obsession 2: KOMBUCHAlike most things i refused to try this at first.  i looked into it a few years ago because bethany frankel was drinking it on her show.  then i saw the words fermented tea and i thought i would check myself.  i am currently in love with mystic mango and have tried cosmic cranberry which is a bit more vinegary and special than the mango.

OBSESSION 3: new sunglasses.  i have had the same sunglasses for about 2 years.  i left them at school on friday and had to drive ALL THE WAY TO SOUTH CAROLINA without them.  now i have to convince g-ma to take me to the mall (45 min away) to get some new ones.
thinking about getting these:seeing as i have to go to sunglass hut because the nearest nordstroms is back in charlotte and ill be DAMNED if i have to drive anywhere after the 9 hours it took me to get down here.

obsession 4: STRIPES

and yes i may just own all of these items (including the zebra) in the next few days


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