Originally this post was going to be about the wild success of my st. Patrick’s day party.

Then tragedy struck.

Bailey’s stomach filled in the early afternoon. This is also called the bloat. If you remember the movie Marley and Me it happens to him and they are able to save him via surgery. Due to the severity of baileys condition and his old age I had to make the most difficult decision of my 26 years and end the life of my constant companion and Roommate.

Bailey is was my child. I spent 90% of my time with him and taking care of him and having to say good bye to him today was beyond difficult.


The day started like another, he woke me up by blowing air in my face. We went for a potty walk and came back for breakfast. I went back to bed and a few hours later we went out for a poop. This is when trouble started. He started trying to vomit in the corner of the family room. I quickly ushered him onto the hardwood but nothing came out. For the next few hours this seen played over and over again in the house and on the porch. Then he tummy started to swell. At the same time I was realizing that he had not laid down or napped since our potty walk. I took to the Internet and identified the situation as bloat.

Leaving bailey I ran two doors down to get j and her opinion of the situation. She was not home so I called b, crying. Nothing like calling a friend balling on Sunday afternoon. He came over to go with me to the emergency vet.

I Was actually starting to thing bailey had turned a corner and we would be in and out all my worries assuaged. This was not the case.

When the women at the front desk saw boo boo she called back for a triage nurse STAT. Saying there was a canine in severe distress. I began to cry again as they whisked him away to a back room. I was then given a bunch of papers to sign. B and I had to wait about 10 minutes doe the nurse to come out and tell us that he was not doing well and that they could not get the swelling out and would need to keep working. When the room was ready B came with me and everyone kept trying to get him to sign the sheets as I was a crying mess.

The vet finally came in and showed us the x-ray of Bailey’s belly. The stomach which is usually half a fist was the only thing in his abdomen. The vet explains how his bloat was pushing all the other organs out of the way and that he was in a lot of pain but they put him on medicine and that it would be $7,000 to open him up and try to get his stomach right but that there was no guarantee there would not be other complications and a 60% chance he would make it though the surgery. I asked he was in pain when I brought him in and he said yes a lot, his heart rated was at 220. I again started to ball and told the vet that it was his time to go. The vet agreed that was the best decision and again poor b was left in the room alone with me sobbing.

I asked to see bailey and they said I could. It was about 15 more minutes and the tech came in with more papers and said something as going wrong and that she was not sure if we could see him. At this point I was beyond crying and just sat there, finally they led us into a new room that looked like a nursing home room. I hated everything about it. B agreed. All I wanted to do with get up and walk bailey out of there, They finally rolled him in on a cart. He looked so sad. His little tongue was sticking out and his eyes were more droopy then usual. They had his bottom half covered with a blanket from where they tried to puncture his stomach and get the gas out. My happy puppy looked so sick and sad. I rubbed his ear and foot like I would at home and spent a few minutes with him. Suddenly he tried to jump up. It was very scary and you could tell he was in pain and not happy. I called down to let them know it was time. B stayed with me in the room as the vet put the medicine into his IV. I rubbed baileys ear and foot as he took his last breath.

For a dog that hated human touch I feel like I was able to make his last moments better by rubbing his eyes and ears. I will never forget the feeling in the pit of my soul when the vet said he had passed. After 13 years of giving me so much joy I hope that in those last minutes I was able to repay him.

Every time I was sick bailey was always next to me, he always knew. When I had to move to a new city where I knew no one he was there. He was there to make sure no matter how lonely I was I was never really alone.

In his passing I again knew I was not alone as all my friends rushed to my side. N, k, j, and b all came over to sit with me as I cried. B cleaned up the kitchen and put baileys bowls away. N finished my laundry and k and j made sure I ate. The 5 of us went to a bar and had a drink for bailey.

even now I have to stop my self from reaching over the side of the bed to rub his ears.



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  1. so so sorry. cheers for a wonderful pup.

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