Today is a day like no other. Not only have we Lots a very important hour of sleep but I have agreed to go hiking.


Yes my new friend b. has invited me. Last weekend we went to dc and I lost my dignity, self respect (puked in an elevator filled with a young family) and most notably my wallet. He took care of me. So I am guessing hiking cannot be so bad.

Once while living in Luxembourg Jess and I went hiking in Switzerland. I believe I finished off two bottles of red win on the trip. i have a really awesome picture that proves i went hiking here is one:  there is a better one of me in action but i cannot find my cd with all the pictures on it…

I am wishing gramps was a few years younger because I know this is up his ally

here are two pics of me at the top of the hike (yeah i walked all the way to west virginia)
and to prove it was me, me in my tennies:

and if you follow me in instagram you can share your shock:

yeah… i hike!


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  1. it was vin blanc. i’m sure i can dig up the pictures of us posing in front of a water trough on the mountain. also, that crazy cart ride suspended from a wire!

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