no i am not going to rehab.  i recently rehabbed a table from the ikea damaged discount bin.

yes that really is how cheap i am (and how much i like a home improvement project)

this is what i started with

decent but nothing all too special [good bones as AMC would say]

that dent made it really ugly.  so i got me some wood putty and like the lesbian in training that i am i did some magic

and it turned into this:and it sat and looked real UGLY like this for a REALLY long time.

then one day i went to lowe’s and bought paint and primer just like they said to here.

after one coat it was mad UGLY

so i smacked on 3 layers of the perfect grey.

(ignore my crap in the background, life is hard for me)

not too light, not too blue, and NOT TOO GREEN!  so many were green and UGLY

somun’ mad ugly just became my favorite piece of furniture ever and with some nice ascents from target and ikea its bea-t-ful



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2 responses to “.ikea.table.rehab.

  1. dayum when did you get skillz?

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