oh i am just so sorry to have been absent lately.  my life has recently become ridiculously glamorous.  my budding status as one of l-burgs must eligible has had me so busy with many suburban Friday night happy hours and my status as one of virginia’s must amazing teachers has had me busy as a little bee.


oh in reality




been doing?


drinking a lot with my newest gal pals kk, nf, and js (who is ALSO a miami grad), and crying while grading the papers of 13 year-olds who can not add, subtract, multiply or divide.  and not working out.  word.

oh and cleaning up dog shiz b.c grandpa got into the closet where i keep the dog food and 15lb box of milk bones from costco and while i was at work he decided to eat about 2lbs worth.  THEN SHIT ALL OVER THE NEWLY CLEANED CARPET (b.c i a v.lesbian move i rented a carpet cleaner and showed Stanley steamer how its done).

in other news…

i’ve been taking this extra class to improve my classroom management (because i cry after school every day and some times during the day) and we watched this.  and it made tears come to my eyes because he is SOOO right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

anyway you should be crying right now and if you are not well you need a soul.





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