hi,  my name is ms. happy and i am a horder.  seriously i am 1 dead cat and 28 lbs shy of being on the show.  WHY???

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i mean perhaps it is in the teacher in me but WHY are they throwing out those files!!!  they are SOOO expensive at staples ($5) and i mean she might need those drawings.  oh i feel for her!  OH VIVIAN!

i really want to throw out my iphone box and my ipad box and that set of stationary where they missed spelled my name but i mean what if i need it.  WHAT IF I NEED IT?!?!?!?!

one day i might really need the 13 rubbermaid containers i have laying around my house, and the bubble wrap that came in the package i got 5 months ago.  what if i need to ship something really fragil?!?!  or if a flood is coming and i need to box up all my possession so they do not get damaged!?

and i totally need every birthday card i have received in my whole life.  what if one day i am really sad and think that no one loves me and then i stumble on these cards and they make me soooo happy!

and i mean what if we need to prove that baliey was put in doggie jail, i will need to find that paper work and PROVE that he got a doggie mug shot.

so i hoard.  and i hoard, and i hoard.

in reality i am not that bad but need to clean house.  so that is what i am doing.  MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. would be so proud this is how i am spending his weekend!

but i mean i might keep some of the bubble wrap…


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