sorry i have been absent.  i actually wrote like 10 different posts but then thought that you probably do not want to hear me complain about how i am A) still single  B) about ready to commit harry carry on my family members and C) sick of people getting engaged who have known their fiance shorter then the life span of my current running shoes.


oh and i have also been knee deep in gramps poop and pee as he had decided that the apartment is his personal toilet when i am at work.  thank GOD for natures miracle

we cannot really blame bailey as they are building out the store fronts below my apartment and scardy dog cannot handle the noise.  i feel him as i heard the noise and it sounds like someone is bulldozing into the front room.

REGARDLESS, i have to go rent a steam vac today and be super butch and clean the carpet.  WAMO.

in other news you can get very excited for these coming posts:

  • painting the kitchen table
  • cases for my ipad
  • how not to murder your dog when every day he does something that makes you really ANGRY
  • how i plan to find a boyfriend and get married all in 4 months or less



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