you have have seen this via twitter:

referencing this picture:

if you were ever concerned with where my life is going/why i am single this picture should explain all of it.

to add to its greatness it was taken at 10 am.  before i started drinking for the day.

i would just like to say if you like this, JUST WAIT.  if this makes you question why you read this blog/are friends with me/where you went wrong as my parent then i am sorry.  well sorry i am NOT sorry b.c i had a great time.

if you like where this picture is going then hold on to your seat.  more of Liz Lemon’s bachlorette weekend is on its way.

if you do not know the glory of liz lemon here are some memorable quotes:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i cannot find the clip i want and i have wasted 30 mintues and am not gonna be late for work.

as always life is hard…


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