so lately i have been getting a lot of these e-mail:

really pottery barn.  you want me to come back?  come back from where?  i have never been able to buy your over priced home-goods.  i have wanted to and dreamt about it and tried urging those who buy my things to purchase them for me but seriously telling me to come back produced a bit of rage in me.

this is the 6th email in as many days from the retailer pining for me. i have not left.  how about this pottery barn.  STOP putting really pretty expensive things on your website.  or let me be and STOP reminding me about how poor i am and how i cannot buy EVERYTHING from your website and achieve my goal of having a pottery barn house on martha’s vineyard right next to chelsea handler’s family house.  HOW ABOUT THAT POTTERY BARN???

in other news its a teacher workday so i get to wear sweat pants to work.  and go in at 8:30.  DOUBLE SCORE!


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