did you start singing the song?  you should have.  you should still be singing it actually.  i hope it is stuck in your head for the rest of the day, neigh eternity.

ok off of that.

on to this.  buy it for me now.  if you loved me you would.

except if you buy it for me i will bake more.

like this amazballs breakfast:the america’s test kitchen new york coffee cake.

this will cause my ass and thighs to get even bigger.  this could make me sadder and then i would bake more and need this.  causing my ass and thighs to grow again.

leaving me all by my seeeeeeeelf for eternity.

perhaps i should just be asking for a garmin running watch.  since the other day i went for a nice long run and my nike+ said i went .1 mile and ran at a rate of 1.56 miles an hour.

plan 2: find someone who will help me eat my food.  but that would require effor in to my look and stop me from leaving the house on a regular basis in outfits akin to this:

what you cannot see is the black leggins i have on and my tennies.  yes that is correct.  this was the outfit i sported all day yesterday.  classy.  plain classy.

i am beginning to think i need to give @ManRepeller an actual lesson in how to make people of the other sex (and the same for that matter) scared of speaking to you or acknowledging you.

but whatever, that’s my jam.  respect it or don’t.

video that wont embed. go watch it.  can’t embed it so go NOW.  YOUR STILL HERE??!?!  GO


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