when i transferred to catholic school in third grade (because i could not read or spell from my public education, the same education i now give to unsuspecting children) i had to get penny loafers.  it was penny loafers, saddle shoes or buster browns.

FLASHBACK: i was a FAT child.  you can ask AJH, Lisa or any boy i dated in highschool that was ambused with the photos when they came to the house.  i was very large.  thats ok.  i’ve recovered with therapy.  like 100 lbs in 4th grade large.  anyway this only make my normally fat feet ever wider.  i really wanted the pink saddle shooes, they did not make them in EEE so i had to get black and white.  when i wanted penny loafers the only ones in my size where with a heal.  inappropriate for third grade so we settled on buster browns.

well now i want penny loafers, the ones without the heal.

any of these (all available from zappos) will do!  (HINT HINT BIRTHDAY HINT)

Patricia Green: Katherine

Cole Haan: Air Tali Keeper Moc

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy Driver I would buy these right now if they had them in a darker color!

Lacoste: Concours

Frye: Otis Penny

a little trip over to the cole haan website brought me to this:

Air Penny Tantivy Driver

I MUST OWN THESE SHOES!  they are perfect for my birthday.  shiny and comfy, AND ON SALE.

Cole Haan: Air Penny Tantivy

all my will power is going into not buying these!


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