this weekend, you know like in 6 days, i am the first brides maid in my bff wjk’s wedding.  no fear, since my life is currntly a sece pool, i am 100% certian my dress is not going to fit over my thunder thighs and xl ass.  like most normal people i am worried about this, so worried in fact that i spent yesterday hung over and eating cinimon raisin bread dipped in egg and fried, chocolage and eddy’s ice cream.

i also have told my dilemma to every/anyone who will listen because we all know talking about working out is the same thing as doing it.  what really irks me above all else is a year ago i was getting ready to run the chicago marathon with a fractured hip, this year i cannot get my life together enough to go for a run.

back to my dress.  it does not fit.  so i will be working out for an hour every day this week (SERIOUSLY) and buying some spanks.  i cannot let wjk down.  and i mean this pictures are going to be around for FOREVER so i have to look good.

also, i know i said i would have things i want for my birthday but right now all i want is to look like this:obviously its gonna happen since right now i look more like this:

off to eat another pint of ice cream and think about working out.


buy me this: if everyone i know donates a few dollars it can be mine (only not in pink, i like blue, grey and black).

i cannot think of anything else right now.  just by me crap.  i just love things.  LOTS AND LOTS OF THING!

oh and a new tv, a dresser, a kitchen-aid mix master, and new clothes to wear to work b.c as i said above i’ve become a bit portly!


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