i love vodka.

like alot, sorta like i wish it was water and i could drink it all the time.

this morning vodka like most things i love, rebelled against me.  true to form i abused my love of vodka last night.  and like any boyfriend/lover vodka saw that i had an addiction and used it to its advantage.  what a selfish bastard.

last night i ventured out.  SURPRISE!  it was my friend k-10’s birthday.  we are work friends but becomeing real life friends.  she is also very into my husband hunt.  she herself just won a husband this past summer and is eager for me to join her exclusive club.  i am very eager to join, like freshmen during sorority rush desperate, but i digress.

back to my abusive relationship with my clear liquid love: VODKA.

as i sat down to dinner, 11 people: i knew 2, i saw that everyone was drinking heavily.  Since i am not one to stick my nose up at something like this i joined right in and got myself a dirty blue cheese martini.  that baby went down smooth and i was still a tad uncomfortable in the presence of 9 strangers so i ordered a gimlet.  this made me the belle of the ball as apparently all the 80 year old grandmas, me, and the men at the table enjoy this wonderful amrita.  i felt so sure in my choice of drink until it came.  i had told the waitress i wanted it on the rocks but aparently she did not care what i wanted and brought it straight up; a vodka gimlet straight up? how betty drapper of me!  i have to say that i loved it stright up and might (not really) order it stirght up again.  (it was good i just really like the high ball glass)

back to my love affair with the aqua vitae.  after dinner i was still on my feet and had publicly proclaimed that i am only allowed two vodka drinks a night before switching to burbon.  (and yes i mean bourbon not wiskey, don’t make me explain it to you!) and lets be honest again it better be makers mark and if you really want me to be happy get the 46!

so upon moving our party what did i get myslef to drink?  oh a cape codder.  yes that is right, i made a poor life choice.  but lets me honest it was either more vodka or bud light.  and while i am not above drinking beer i would rather be hung over then deal with what beer does to my belly.  so i indulged myself in to the fire water with 2 more (ok ok it was 3 more) drinks.

i hang my head in shame.

this could also be why i took a cab (in the suburbs you cannot hail a cab as you leave a bar you must call hours in advance!?!?!) home at 2 am and am finally fully functional at 4:30 pm.  THANK GOD ancient aliens is the marathon on history channel today.

[and to be honest with you fully functional means i finally am not wrapped up in my red plaid blanky, nursing a red gatorade on the couch, in a pool of self piety]

14 days until my birthday ass-holes.  tomorrow you will see what i want.  think of it like i’m marrying myself and you are obligated to get me something.  i mean i am going to be 26, single, and a dog lady… the least you can do is buy me something shiny!


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