by now you have heard that bank of america (you know the same company i tried so hard to work for and they kept denying me) is up shits creek again.

not to say NANANANNA but i mean maybe if you had hired me i could have told you that the best way to get your company back on track is not to start charging $5 for debit cards.

oh also, its not my fault you paid a sucky CEO way too much money, made bad investments and did not hire me.  so you can take your $5 fee and shove it.

the best was today when i called bofa and talked to customer service rep Casey (who had just come back in from being a cowboy in texas, or so i am guessing from his accent).  anyway he kept trying to feed me all this crap about federal regulations and people who make fraudulent charges and how the bank paying me interest is very expensive.  UM HELLO.  sounds like a personal problem bank of america.

also casey, not to make you feel like a bumb ass but i know a bit more about banking then you do and the interest the bank is paying me is not what is putting them under.  also neither are the “fradulent” debit card charges.  what is putting you under is your bad business practices, acquisition of country wide, quest to be the largest bank in america, and the over payment of CEO’s who drive your bank further into the ground.

NO to get on my high horse but i am sorta already saddled and in full cantor so i will continue.

just because you are a bank and you have to follow the rules and regulations set up by the government DOES not mean you can try and use them to con me out of my money.  Just saying words like FDIC, federal regulation and new laws and expect for me to roll over.

IN CASE YOU WERE UNCLEAR ABOUT THE LAWS they are charging you more money because you are making errors all over the place.  My students have more number sense than you clowns.  the LAW and the FDIC (who by the way is in charge of you and has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME except to protect my money when it is in your hands) are making you pay fees b.c encase you forgot the government and MY tax dollars had to bail you out recently.  OH you forgot about that.  silly me to remember.

so its been a good 25 year run, first with nations bank and then in 1998 when you merged with bank america and became bank of america.  personally i think we should go back to the pre-merger days and warn Hugh McCall of the trouble he is getting him self into. he prob would have also picked someone other than that jerk-off ken lewis to be his successor.

i will stop however bc you don’t come here to hear how smart and educated i am you come here for my comedy.  well just have to tell you i think these crack-pots over at bofa are pretty funny if they think im gonna give them $60 a year for a little debit card.

that’s more expensive then an AMEX.  and you get lots of free things and points with an AMEX!


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