this weekend i did a very adult thing and flew to columbus for 28 hours to attend the wedding of a very good friend.  We went to lux together and that is just a bond no one can break.

yeager-bom (yep thats her nickname, well besides dancing queen) got marriend and i got to spend time with urban explorer. as well as a few other choice luxie friends.

i want to put it out there that i was tres well behaved and if you were on twitter saturday night you know how much fun i was having (via my twitter war with jess and patrick)

i drank my burbon and gingers and ate and danced.  i might have stolen the brides nick name.  on and 5 minutes into the reception my camera died.  joy!

regardless i had the best time ever and was not the drunk who wiped out on the dance floor!  but i did feel the need to stand over the poor lady and yell LOOK ITS NOT ME!! I’M NOT THE DRUNKEN MESS.  i think she really enjoyed that!

in other news OSU had a football game and when we headed to the bars later that was very prevelent.  it made me very happy that i did not attend OSU or any other really lame college that cares way to much about foot ball and not enough about just plain drinking.

oh then i face planted on the street.  apparently it is important to stop walking when trying to take off your shoes b.c your feet have swollen 2 sizes and they no longer fit in your amazing Micheal Koors nude stacked heal mary janes.

you can now imagine lots of pictures of me dancing and looking hot.  i have none to document how amazing i was not looking.

also the husband search is still at ground zero.  ODD.



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  1. don’t worry all, i have documentation! so sad amh is no longer on the fb…check my albums, there are some choice shots!

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