2 years ago if you had told me that i would live in a city where i know NO ONE, in an apartment by MYSELF, with no family in a 300 mile radius i would have laughed in your face.  if you would have told me 1 year ago i would probably laughed in your face.  but here i am and i must say everyone is right.  life has a plan and it knows whats best better then you.

i did take may baby steps to get to this place but now that i am here i am so happy all the crap i went though to get here happened.  i remember the fist time i had to eat at a restaurant alone in Chicago, the first time i went to see a movie by myself, all my lonely weekends in Norfolk hanging at home with my parents, they all prepared me for being an adult.

this weekend was my first weekend in my new groove.  i worked all week, got a pay check and started really getting sick of the boxes in my apt.  this is a good sign because it means i am starting to feel at home.  With my new paycheck in the bank i set out to get a desk, two end tables, and two bed side tables.  i figured this would cost me $300.  Well, let me tell you that i live in fantasy land.  Before i started i got to have a surprise target run with ames!  she was on her way to pick her girls up from camp and went right though my town!  this was a wonderful surprise and got my weekend off to the RIGHT start.  after getting a few things for school at target i went off to find my furniture.  let me just say that 6 hours, 90 miles and 15 stores later i had NOTHING.  i found out that unless you want particle board/laminate from target/walmart you must pay AT LEAST $150 for a night stand.

thankfully AMC reminded me about world market!  on tuesday i am picking up this desk!i wanted something that was light and had clean lines.  i thought my only option was a parsons desk but i am SO happy i found this.  i am going be getting one of these chairs from IKEA and making a slip cover/reupholster it.

i really wanted to find some cast offs with good bones that i could spray paint, and put new hardware on and make my own.  i hate to say it but there was nothing.  all the used/consignment things cost as much as new and looked as though i threw it out when i moved out of tipsy back in 2008.  i have also been looking on craig’s list but i just don’t think i have “the eye”.

i would love any help!

moral of the story.  christopher robin was right…


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