my last day of teaching summer school was tuesday.  this was a bitter sweet day b.c that was my FIRST class of students ever.  they will always be memorable even though i only had them for 5 weeks.  they were my first.  you always remember your first, right?

on my last day i felt compelled to answer some of their personal questions.  normally i deflect them, b.c the are highly HIGHLY innaproprate, but seeing as it was my last day and i was handing them over to someone new, i answered a few.

here are their questions and my answers:

  • ms. h you married?

answer: no i am not married that is why my name is ms. h.

  • why arn’t you married

answer: b.c i have not found a man lucky enough to spend all his time with me.

  • ms. h you got a boyfriend?

answer: no i do not.  NOW get back to work.

  • you EVER had a boyfriend

answer: yes he cheated on me in law school and i got rid of him.  (shut most of them up, one child perked up and said MS. H you went to law school too!?!?!)

  • ms. h you like to party?

answer: that’s none of your business.

  • ms. h why you leaving us?

answer: i got a full time job and i need to be able to buy bailey McDonalds ice cream.

  • ms. h can we be facebook friends, twitter friends?

answer: if you can find me on there i will accept your friend.  this is a bold faced lie.  i would never accept their friend but i also do not think they would ever be able to find me.  i like to believe that i am pretty securely hidden on the world wide web.  also, me being back on facebook is a fluke so do not get to excited.  a student told me he friend requested me and i freaked out.  he in fact friended someone else with my name and once me 3 day waiting period is up i am deactivating my account again.

  • ms. h you watch the jersey shore?  you should move to the shore and get yourself a gorilla juice head!

answer: yes i watch the jersey shore.  thanks for the suggestion but i do not think that the shore and i will get along, and i would not be able to bring bailey.  also i do not think i want to find a gorilla juice head.

part me of is very concerned that these questions come in to the students heads and the other half feels good that they care about my personal life.  while they are really off on what i do in my personal life it is still funny to hear their thoughts.


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