my life has been crazy.  seriously crazy.

little ajh came to visit and spent the whole weekend with me.  this was SO much fun but also left me ZERO of the alone time i love.  tuesday was my last day of summer school.  i had to turn my lessons, my nuggets and my grades over to a stranger as she guides my little friends though their last week of school.  wednesday i started my new job.  i have about 3 weeks of orientation before my new nuggests show up.  what do i hate more then my black berry?  MEETINGS.  more specifically orentation meetings.  if i have to hear one more person tell me some common sense i am gonna blow my lid.  SERIOUS.

did you notice i said i hate my black berry.  here is why.  IT IS BROKEN.  with a capitol and BOLDED B.  the lovely little POS turns off when ever it feels like it, without warning.  it holds a charge for about 25 minutes, and best of all it errased all my contacts.

well in full disclosure i errased my contacts b.c the man at verizon told me to do a factor recall after backing it up to my computer.  well i did the back up, and the factory restore.  THEN THE PROBLEMS STARTED.  macbook would not recognize the black berry.  have you ever seen a crack addict when you take their crack away.  well this has been me since saturday.  thats right almost 6 full days of limited phone access.  my beloved twitter has become a distant memory.   while the lovely people at verizon were kind enough to order me a new phone the DUMBASSES sent it to texas.  odd seeing as i went to a verizon in virginia!!!!

so i brought my broken phone to verizon and they were able to get it back to a semi working status but i have limited contacts.  as in i can NOT view my address book and when people call me i only the number comes up.  but i can still see my last 3 months of phone calls and access peoples numbers that way.  this makes it really hard to text snarky messages to my friends during stupid meetings.  it also makes it really really really difficult to tweet snarky coments.

thankfully lisa and pathug bought me a real camera for graduation so i was able to document ajh and i’s trip to dc.

we were super classy:

in other sightly upsetting news i shared the SAME EXACT NAME as another teacher in my district.  my name is like the LEAST common name in the history of the Irish catholic girls and i have NEVER in my LIFE ever met another one of me.  this has caused the district to neglect giving me an e-mail account and thus i do not have e-mail and am sharing my identity with another person.  in other news i accidentally “hacked” into her e-mail and was very confused as to all these emails that were to a different me.


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