this is part one.  aka the Tupperware before.  you know, since i barely have enough money to pay rent and have not bought any new furniture because the lovely school system thinks its ok to pay us a whole month behind.

yes, i know,i will be VERY grateful for this in 2 weeks when i get double pay checks but now its a HUGE BUMMER.  thank GAWD i have the bank of last resort out there in houston and they love me enough to give me really nice loans and allow me to exceed my debt ceiling.  you see mr. obama its really easy you and boehner (his name is really bone-er right?)  just call lisa and pa-thug.  they will help you out of this debt crisis.

also i really miss saturday night live.  esp since i have no friends in the suburbs and bailey is not allowed in bars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

anytime i hear mr. obama this video pops into my head.

BUT I DIGRESS.  the real reason you are here is for my apartment tour.  so let it begin:

i have tried to crop out the tupperware.  its a disaster and i would like for all of you to believe that i live a REALLY CLASSY life.  please notice how i

  • don’t have a desk
  • bailey enjoys standing in my “desk” space
  • bailey REFUSES to go out onto my really nice deck and sits and stares at me from the door.
  • susan has gotten HUGE  this is what that little nugget cactus used to look like:

i will update with more (read: better) pictures as i get more furniture, hang pictures, get a desk, and if bailey ever makes it onto the deck!

if you have any decorating suggestions i would love to hear them!  esp if they involve free improvements.  and yes those are mason jars holding my matches and my q-tips.  i cannot wait to show you all the ways i am incorporating them!


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