i have been wanting chevron pillows ever since i started planning on moving out of lisa and pathug’s crib.  well that might be a lie, maybe since chevron really got big about 2 years ago.  funny thing is chevron (or zig-zag as it is know is by some) fabric is tres hard to find.  i initially saw a tutorial on how to make your own and tried really hard and DESTROYED my favorite navy stripe fabric while trying and failing miserably at making my own.

on friday (you know pay day is it is known in the working world that i am now a part of) i beeboped into Michael’s to get my new LOVE poster, a house-warming gift from AMC, framed.  apparently i have never had any thing framed b.c i thought it was gonna be like $50 and i had a 50% off coupon so i could afford it.  well after i picked out the plainest white frame and white map the girl told me it was gonna be $198, after the 50%.  i about shat my pants and probably would have if my stomach had not been acting up again.

so i told the girl behind the counter that i would have to talk it over at home b.c we were not planning on spending that much.  its always good to make up a fake boyfriend/husband to get you out of a sticky situation.  and i did come home and discuss it with bailey who did not really have an opinion.

feeling a little dejected, i walked over to hancock fabrics to pick up much needed sewing machine needles.  while there i was temped by the fabrics and that is when i saw it.  YELLOW CHEVRON!

are you obsessed with the fabric.  the BIG KICKER it was 50% off.  i only got 1.5 yards and im kicking myself i should have gotten 2 or 3.

so you want a pretty pillow too?  well i am using the new lighting in my apt and my new camera (thanks again mom and dad)

  1. decide how big you want your pillow.  then add 1 inch to it and cut out a square (unless you have a rectangle blank then you add an inch to each side.  (i.e. my pillow was 18 inches.  i cut out an 19 inch square)
  2. add 4 inches to the length of your pillow and cut out a rectangle (i.e. for my 18 inch pillow i cut out a 19 inch wide by 23 inch long rectangle)
  3. cut the rectangle in half so now you have 1-19 inch square, and 2 19inch wide by 11.5 inch long rectangles.
  4. surge the bottom of one of your rectangles and the top of another.  (i do not own a serger so i just run it though the sewing machine on the zig-zag stitch.
  5. fold over and sew a 1/4 inch hem.
  6. place the square print side up.
  7. lay your two rectangles on top of the square (print side down)  you should be able to match them up so the pattern matches
  8. pin around the edges
  9. measure in a 1/2 inch and trace with a pencil so you know where to sew.  (if you are talented enough to use the guides on your machine go for it.  yes that is correct a 1/2 inch.  this will ensure your pillow fills out the case and looks fluffy!)
  10. stitch it up. (i go over the joint of the two rectangles twice for reinforcement)
  11. clip the corners, turn right side out and stuff in your pillow!if you make one let me know how it goes!!!  or if you want me to make you one i can create an etsy listing!

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